Bigg Boss 10 13th December 2016 Written Episode Update


Bigg Boss 10 13th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 59
Inmates wake up with uncertainties to ‘Duniya Re Duniya Very Good’.

Bani is sitting in garden, Gaurav passesby her and says i am sorry and leaves.

Priyanka says to Manu that i wont meet anyone outside house, Swami is telling everyone that he did everything on my sayings, i asked him to say ill words, this is the way he is paying back my love? i wont spare oldie now, Manveer ask me to thank Niti for making me captain. Manu says Manveer and Niti are sharing cakes now, its Niti who insulted Manver most, he says we have to make friends inside to survive in this house. Manu says Gaurav’s true colors are shown, he is not going to be long survivor, Bani is with him thats why he has guts now, Priyanka says show will be filthy if i remain till end, Manu says crush anyone you want and be friends with anyone.
Gaurav says to Rahul that there is no response from her but she wants response from me, i have to step back because there is no balance. Manu and Priyanka watches them and says they talk in suspense. Gaurav says to Rahul that its difficult to understand her.

Lopa reads task. Bigg Boss introduces a luxury budget task – BB Democracy which will have an effect on the subsequent captaincy task. Based on situations given by Bigg Boss, the contestants will need to take decisions by selecting options from a voting panel. With just a minute to vote, the contestants will not be allowed to discuss their choices. Adding a twist to the task, the final decision will rest in Priyanka and Manu’s which inmates dont know, inmate would think that they took that decision. Bigg boss says to Manu and Priyanka that you both will rule house. We will ask inmates to take decisions, they will decide but you both will take those decisions in real. Excited about the power to make contestants dance to their tunes, Priyanka tells Manu “Hum dono ek aur ek gyarah hain”(one and one is eleven). Swami says to Manveer that we will strategize decisions, Manveer says i will do what i want.

Swami and Bani are in kitchen. Manu says she always cook paratha, even if storm is coming, she would be cooking her paratha, now Swami is trying to talk to her. Priyanka says he is a snake, he says he never got love, its because he would bite anyone who gives her love.

Buzzer plays. Task starts. priyanka says we can turn this whole game. the first situation requires the contestants to choose ‘Which contestant will make food for everybody’, you cant help him in anything. Theya re given options a) Rahul b) Swami. Priyanka says to Manu that we should Rahul, Swami cant cook. Manu writes Rahul’s name, choosing him for cooking. Inmates go for voting. Bigg boss says to inmates that you all have chosen Rahul to cook. Swami says congrats Swami.
Niti says to Manveer that its good, we wont have to cook now, Lopa and Rohan will tell him what they want to eat and he will have to cook.

Rahul is cooking in kitchen. Priyanka says i am feeling pity for you bro. Rahul is cutting veggies. Manu jokes that he must be thinking to cut onion nicely or else onion might feel bad.

Swami says in camera that they know i am winner so they can try to irritate me, i am ill, i cant stay in jail, Priyanka used to give me food but they would make me starve in jail, dont put my name in options for jail punishment.

Buzzer plays. bigg boss says The second situation requires the contestants to vote if Bani should stop using the gym. all inmates select from yes or no thinking their decision will be final. Swami says she has already used it. Manu and Priyanka takes that decision and bans her. Bigg boss tell inmates that inmates have decided that Bani wont use gym, Gaurav says what? Bani thinks that inmates took that decision and gets upset, she leaves from there. Rahul says they are making inmates fight. Priyanka says i wont let her use it.

Swami says majority is against Bani? this is miracle, Manveer laughs and says you are clever, i know you voted for no and made surprising face, Swami says my decision is last.
Rahul says i dont understand who voted for no.
Swami says audience you know inmates want Bani out house.
Bani is lying in her bed, Rohan and Gaurav comes to her. Rohan says we will bring dumbells here, Gaurav says we will bring other equipments here too, Rohan says dont feel bad, they leave.

The third situation requires the contestants to choose which two contestants from amongst Lopa and Swami, and Mona and Gaurav should use the jacuzzi for half an hour every day. Inmates laugh seeing options. Mona puts hand on her face. Priyanka says we wont give anything to Swami. Lopa says why this with me? Manu and Priyanka chooses Mona and Gaurav. bigg boss tell inmates that they have chosen Mona and Gaurav, all cheer. Bani says lets go. Manu says Gaurav is himself happy.
Gaurav says to Mona that water is cold, Mona says they want us closer, Gaurav laughs and hides his face. Priyanka laughs at Manu seeing it.
Swami says Mona must be most happy.
All come to restroom. Bani puts flowers in jacuzzi, Lopa says Bani is smiling. Swami says you must be feeling good, Mona says you must see water is cold, Swami says Gaurav’s energy would turn it hot. Gaurav is shirtless and Mona is in bikini, they enter in jacuzzi, Guarav jumps in it, Mona screams as water si splashed over her. Manu says to Priyanka that it would be fun with Swami as it is now. Mona is shivering in jacuzzi. Manveer gives flower to Gaurav. Gaurav splashes water on Mona. Manveer puts shampoo in jacuzzi and says i understand Gaurav my brother, Gaurav says your other brother will beat you(talking about Manu), they laugh. Mona holds Gaurav’s hand, eh asks what? Priyanka says she wants him to hold her hand. Inmates start singing song, Mona starts sensually dancing in pool, Gaurav turns away from her. Manu says see he is guy and is not looking at her, guys are innocent, Priyanka sas nothing like that. Mona is singing aaj phir tum pe, Gaurav laughs nervously and says i will just work with expressions. inmates enjoy it, Priyanka comments that she is doing this now and she will different seeing you, buzzer plays as they go out of jacuzzi.

Priyanka says to Manu that how many answers you gave in four days? when did you meet your mother last? Manu says maybe 2.5months, i was not feeling good at home so i cameback here, i will move to another city now, Priyanka laughs, Manu says i dont want to fight with my brother over money, i dont care about money, we dont have much either.

Bigg boss gives situation that from now on Lopa will only use jail washroom, options are yes or no. Inmates take their decision. Manu says it wont give any benefit to us so no, Priyanka says write yes, he says why? Priyanka says lets see if she can do it or not, Manu says it wont benefit us, Priyanka says okay then write no. They take decision no. bigg boss tell inmates that decision is No means Lopa can use house restroom. Bani walks away and says i want to know who said no for my gym. Lopa says to Bani that i said no for gym but i had other reasons. Bani says i should said no too for you, Lopa says i didnt know if you would be banned for whole season, i thought it was about man power in task only. Bani asks Rohan, Rohan says i said yes, why would say no for you to use gym? Lopa says to Rahul that i try to do something good but happens something else, Rahul says nothing like that, Lopa says but she would think like that only. Manu and Priyanka laughs. Bani asks Rahul, Rahul says i said yes for you to use gym, Bani says i am trying to figure out who said no, Lopa is sitting there with her face pouted. Bani says i saved Lopa two times. Priyanka says say something silent girl.

Mona talks to Gaurav. Mona says water was too cold, Gaurav says to make task difficult and to make us come closer, Rohan laughs hearing it. Manu listens it and says Amitabh got chance. Gaurav says if water is cold then you will come closer and it would look better, Mona looks on shocked. Manu says why she is shocked now? she started it. Gaurav says you gave them god footage by giving them dance. Manu says she acts like she is innocent and doesnt know anythin, i didnt know it before. Gaurav says this task is not too difficult. Manu says now she will give him naughty smile. Mona says i wanted it to rain so i could dance in white saree, Rohan laughs. Priyanka sys Gaurav is enjoying, Manu says Gaurav is a flirt(he calls him flirter :D).

Gaurav says Bani is feeling bad for everything, she felt bad for gym because its important for her and she is upset for Jason going to, i couldnt fulfill expectation she wanted from me, she wanted me to nominate someone, Mona says who? Gaurav says it doesnt matter to her, i asked her to nominate so she asked me to nominate too, Mona says its love power now, Gaurav says no power will work on her now, Mona says i would melt, Gaurav says you are different from her, i said sorry to her, Mona says you said sorry just passingby her, it wont work, Gaurav says how you know i said like that? Mona says you said like that right? she asks him to go and sort with her.

Niti says to Swami and Mona that if Rahul thinks he is entertaining then i dont have problem getting evicted. Mona says what was game in Bani not using gym? Niti says i dont care if Bani use gym or not, Mona leaves. Niti says to Manveer that if she asks me one more question, i would punch her, Manveer says you should understand, Niti says why she is asking me questions? Manveer says do it, i am not stopping you but you should not do it, Swami says Mona instigated you against me earlier too. Manu says i dont want to listen anymore, he takes off his headphones. Manu says Manveer was good dont know what happened to him. Manveer says to Niti that she wouldnt come here, i wont let her. Niti says she doesnt listen, Manu and you used to make her understand, Manu says i used to make her understand, very good Manveer, he is childish now. Niti says Mona gets confused easily listening to everyone. Manu says Mona is most sorted still. Manveer says celebs working in bollywood is Amitabh for her, she has celebrity influence too, leave her. Manu says Manveer was her friend whole time, used to eat fodo with her and now he doesnt understand her words against Niti? he thinks Mona is bad now? Priyanka says Manveer is playing double game.

Bigg boss give situation to inmates that which inmate should give his or her whole luggage and personal items to Bigg boss, options are Lopa, Niti, Rohan and Manveer. Inmates think about it. Priyanka says should i write Lopa’s name? he says no, she says you saved her earlier too, Manu says we should write Rohan’s name, she says dont spoil game, dont save her all the time, Manu says guy can give his personal things, Priyanka says let me do it, give me chance, Manu says why taking bad decisions? Priyanka writes Lopa’s name, Manu says i dont agree with this decision, i wont go in house with allegations. Bigg boss asks is this last decision? Manu says i dont agree. Priyanka writes Rohan’s name. Bigg boss tell inmates that they have chosen Rohan to give his things, Rohan nods.

Rohan packs his stuff. Priyanka asks what he has? Manu says he is guy, even if his items are gone, he would manage, Priyanka says i can stay in two clothes, Manu says its my thinking. Rohan brings his items in store room. Priyanka says its no fun, girl would have shook house if it happened with her, Manu says Rahul was right, you didnt feel bad for Bani too, made Mona go in cold jacuzzi.

Swami says i write decision first then it is chosen by all. Lopa says this man’s confidence is too much, Manveer says he can repeat. Mona says you said many things which were not true, Swami says i was acting. Mona says you kept bed empty for Manu, why he didnt come till now? Swami says he will come soon, i am worried, why he didnt come till now, what work he has? Manveer says there might be something we cant see, Swami says nothing like that, Manu has convincing power, he can convince anyone. Manu laughs hearing it. Manveer says why didnt Amir’s magic work on me? or you? Manu says Manveer is just playing game, he doesnt care if anyone is there or no, he has forgotten everything and wants show to end, he should know that 50days are remaining, he thinks show is ending.

Bani is sadly sitting in gaden, she silently weeps. Manu sees this and says i feel pity for her, i think she is going crazy, her nature is her problem, Priyanka says she was playing game and was nice to Lopa for her not to nominate her, Manu says she is about to cry, Priyanka says no one is with her now. Manu says she made wild cards on her side and started acting like inmates are dogs but her game ended as they all left.

PRECAP- Bigg boss give situation to inmates that Rohan’s punishment of not becoming captain again should be forgiven? Priyanka says no, Manu says there is no harm if he becomes captain, Priyanka says it wont benefit us. Manu comes in house, Manveer and Mona hugs him. Manu says i met your family, i have message, its not good so i wont say it infront of all. Priyanka says to Swami that i have never seen dirty man than you, Swami says i am, Priyanka asys shut up.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. What the hell is this? Almost everyone outside hates OM yet bigg boss doesn’t let him get nominated. That man is pure shit and needs to get evicted. Priyanka is a bad player and Bani is too, she is good at heart and different from the rest inmates. Sge should win the season.

    1. its shameful he is still in BB house. TRP is not always important, and saying greatest hero obviously is helping him to stay in , surely Salman is not hungry for cheap publicity that this guy is giving him – i refuse to say his name or call him with respect – he is oldest of all and yet is disgusting. he should be kicked out of BB

    2. i hope salam is given copy of all these comments made on the old man

      1. sorry greatest hero should be SALMAN

  2. Adishu

    heyyy guys welcome me…. I m new here though I m watching big boss from many years…. I m a huge fan of big boss…..last year was too horrible….the best season was 9 no doubt…. love you gauty….
    I never commented but this year babaji forced me to do so…. really what type of person he is…. totally unbelievable….. horrible… h
    nautanki….. sorry babaji fans…. I hope there r none so…. just joking….
    then manu woww… hats off to u man…. u r soon sweet…. n that priyanka totally selfish…..
    Rohan u rocked today….. u gave ur things that too with a smiling face…. soo sweet….

    1. Welcome adishu oh so babaji forced you also to comment here yes everyone hate that pakhandi even myself also but plz don’t say anything wrong towards baba otherwise by using his urja shakti he will vanished you hahaha joking

    2. no need to ask sorry from omji’s fans as there aren’t any

  3. Maveer become two faced now.. ..he’s supporting nitibha over mona….where he’s d only one to create havoc wid her on navin’s elimination….hate manveer me, Mona was flirting with gaurav, priyanka as usual Showing her ugliness by revenging on lopa! !!!
    Manu rocks!! ! He was such a solved minded today trying to save lopa and rohan! ! He should stick to his own decision and lesson his back b*t*hing * bit…should stay away frm manveer,jagga,mona….!

    1. sorry to say but is epi.. m many ne rohan ki koi help nu ki jabki WO many hi tha jisne personal saman dene k tym priyanka ko force kiya wo evil jagga daku toh lopa ka name likh rhi thi.

  4. Jagga…u pakandi…bhagad billi…tadibaaz..tereko kya hai bhai????agar tereko inmates se dosti karni hai toh yeh double game kaiko khelta hai tu???yaar iss om and priyanka ke bina ghar mein kitna raunak hota hai…aur haa….jab yeh sab secret room ka footage saturday ko dikhainge na..toh dekhne laiyak hoga inka chehra

    1. ShriyaT

      I think u r watching ishqbaaz too?…btw its correct…priyanka is playing double game..she is instigating manu against mona and manveer and when she was in house she was taking swami’s side in everything but now is talking against swami

  5. is episode me kewal teen hi bnde nevative dikhe…in decreasing order..jagga>niti>manveer….jagga se to jitna marxi gand udwana h udwa har jgh apni thinking ka level dikhati h..lopa se makeup chheen lo..bani se gym..huh.coming on niti..bndi ke to hav bhav hi bdl gye h..manveer ke sir ps chdke chuhiya ke bhi pankh nikal aye.”mai phod dungi”..hahahah..bndi kse keh skti h ye..isko to bs footage chahiye..she knws well ki iska end kareeb h ab..and jse hi niti jaygi manveer firse mona and manu ke pas aa jayga..coming onto apna real face dikha rha h..baba ke sath abbi bhi lga pda h…he too wants hst footage ..

  6. Agree with sandyzzz , Love and vote for lopa

  7. Wtf…!! Is going on …why priyanka not evicted from show two times…now she was in secret room …
    Bigg boss want worst people in the house like om and priyanka …for trp..why jason directly evicted from show..because he was say about katrina kaif…on weekend ka vaar salman says to homemates whats jason say about katrina kaif ..pagal hai kya wo these words was say by salman khan…now the show was all mo*h*r f*ucki*g….!!

  8. Love u bani

  9. hy all bb fans . now I don’t need to prove that I am bb fan . bcz today is my exam on 1:30 and I am commenting hehehe . coming to the epi.. episode was intersting . priyanka is ful of evilness but manu is better than her bcz he helped lopa to not to use jail washroom. rohan is best for me
    guyz I am voting for rahul dev not bcz he will get saved but I am voting for him bcz I want nitibha to get elimnated

    1. Hello simran omg you are big fan of bb and best of luck to you for your exam my friend and nakal mat karna exam mei hahaha

    2. hii simran…hope ur paper was good…today was my exam also….n ssly u r biggest bb fan…exam k din b phle comment kia….n mai toh tb tension me ghoom rhi thi??…

  10. Hi frenz hi kp ,shazna Nim hkf
    Samjh nhi a rha k gaurav acha hai k bura ?? Ya acha bnne k chakkr mein bewakoofi kr gya nominations mein usko niti ka balloon phodne bolna hi nhi chahiye tha ya to khud phod deta phr if it doesnt looking nice k admi aurat ka phode ye kya bat hui mona bhi aurat hi thi jb isne bani ko kaha k niti k bad main uska phod sakta hu simple as that aap nominate bhi to kerte ho na chahe samne karo ya peeche se chahe wo lopa ho niti ya bani ya mona i think thats not fair on there behalf ab mona se bhale dosti ki shuruat ho he should stick to his words idher bani sahi lagi mujhe but sorry mangne ka treeka sahi nhi lga gaurav ka koshish kr rha hai pr ego hai ya jo bhi atleast jb tk dono ho tb tk to ek dusre k sath itte don nikalne k liye ek dusre ka sath nibhao mujhe lgta hai ye jason k ane ke bad se jo inki understanding badli hai aur jo mona se dosti hui hai gaurav ki ab jason chala gya pr ab ek dum se to sab bani k according bhi xhange nhi jo jaega pr ego chod kr inko dostvbn jata chahiye sorry kerke wat u guys say ?? Wese kl mujhe mona ka kehna acha lga apne wo initiative liya hi nhi hoga jaiye ja kr manaiye warna mujhe ye bndi pasnd hi nhi shuru se
    Baba ka to boycott kiya tha ye sab phr ggus gye us mein lopa manveer niti inka to koi dhrm iman hi nhi hai abhi kuch keh dega to aag bhi foren lgegi niti kitne weird faces banati hai zejer lgbe lgi hai or zada

    1. Hello simple first of all very good comment and i almost agree with you on matter of lopa nitibha and manveer but gaurav is good and i am not saying this because of i like gaurav but he is doing good simple is that and sorry but may i ask you the meaning of word “zejer lgbe” hahaha in the very last line bcz i didn’t get those words otherwise you wrote Gajab in hindi

    2. agree simple..gaurav must stick on his words i felt bad for bani..bcz bani juz directly nominated niti without even a valid reason juz bcz of gaurav told her..n later what he did was not good n hez asking her to nominate can she nominate him she will never do that as shez considering him as her best friend….i dint liked the way he asked sorry..i mean seriously while going near by he said sry what kind f sry..being a matured person he shd hav sorted out this in a better way..m disappointed wid gaurav as i loved their frndshp..

  11. Rohan is a silent warrior

    No sympathy gaining
    No fake fights
    No b*t*hing
    No complaints
    No demands
    No victim cards
    No fake love angle

    Took stands when its needed

    u r so pure and genuine…love u Rohan

    1. totally agree….what a description u gave abt rohan….loved it….he is same from the first eps…..not at all changed… loved the way he is playing

  12. I dnt know y manveer wants 2 degrade rohan character.. in live feed he s saying wrong things abt rohan 2 lopa, bani… bt in voot video rohan tld 2 lopa mona dat manveer has saaff dil bt ppl manipulating hm

  13. Nw manu will play smartly as he knows whatz going on outside bb..that v can observe from his last night behaviour while taking decisions..but oly one thing hez juz insecure of bani oly in d house..tats y he said yes to bani’s gym ban…he thot bani will react impulsively n ll create drama..but she did nothing drama silently gone n she felt bad as al HMs are against her..

  14. Right shazna

  15. As of now I am feeling the strongest contestant is rohan. Baki Gaurav NE bhi apni aukaat dikha di. Bani was really playing good but she is pure at heart isliye vo bahut weak lag rahi hai. Aur akeli padh gayi hai isliye shayad vo ab nai kuch kar payegi. Aur Manu NE lopa ko do baar bacha k apni respect badha di hai general public mein. And I think swami om and Priyanka jagga na nominate honge aur na hi jeetenge. They are not in game but still in game.

    1. Yes bb viewer i also think rohan is strong contestant now actually i like your line that they arn’t in the game but still in the game bhai yei jagga daaku and pakhandi feku (mei water pe chal sakta hun, mei hi yei season jeetunga, mei modaa hun, meri beti blah blah my foot) dono k dono bakwaas only evict hone k baad bhi nahi jaate ghar se bhai hadd ho gayi yaar

  16. Good to see, manu is back to his form once again. He is trying to make a new come back, forgeting the outside turmoils. I felt really very sad hearing about his mother’s death. But really, nothing could change priyanka. She is a real witch. She felt pity for no one,even not manu, but she pretends to be.
    And Nitibah is a makeup malequine. She thinks by polishing her face, and using no brain would make her best entertainer. Do not know how she survived for 9 week onwards. hope this week she gets evicted.

    Mona always plays behind others and pretends to be dumb, actually she is a good game planner.that must be accepted. All inmates are ignoring her as weak but she is strong contender.

    Gaurav, rohan and bani are still playing well. Hope they all remain united along with rahul. May rahul get saved.

    Lopa is not getting footage without rohan. May be Ro- Dra frienship is having cracks. Hope they mend up again.

  17. jus read sum of t above comments.. i gues swami might hav himself joined in t grup convo of lopa,manveer & niti.. & how much eva they boycott.. thy r tis only people thy cud interact wiht.. so may be,, they cudnt ignore him here.. its natural.. they r still trying to be polite.. ab baba bich me ghus jaae to kyaa kare. no body is going up to him & talking..
    & Bani yaaar,, plis dont cry.. & Rohan hope they write yes.. i want him to b captain of t house back again. but ye jagga ko v cant trust,, she can influence manu..
    & lastlyy,, thankwww soooo much Manu.. u saved lopa.. respect..
    Luvvv uh Lopaa..hope u win t show. luvv & suppprt alwys

  18. Yeah swami and jagga are so negative ppl….lyk mandana karimi …such ppl dnt deserve to win…even manu and lopa hve only motive to irritate bani ..poor little girl bb walon ne to uski waat laga di yaar ….I hope she wins…..she is perfect winner…controversial yet strong minded

  19. I hate bani j when she is nominated she acts like a cry baby and this stupid priyanka is like if bb pays me1.5crores lol then y u r in the BB go take care of ur kids bb always have drama every season like imam dolly and it’s all pre planned that’s y she was evicted twice bb just want to gain trp by keeping physco in every season

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