Bigg Boss 10 12th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 10 12th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bigg Boss 10 12th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 88
The housemates wake up to the song ‘Sala Main Toh Sahaab Ban Gaya’.

Manveer says to Lopa i was scared first how to attract audience but now i have confidence, i will feel bad to leave this house, if you have lived in this house then you will feel lonely outside, Lopa says weird.

Manveer tells Manu that Nitibha reaction to their win was something very unexpected and it came across as if she was envious of them. Manu replies in affirmation and says that its Bani who is drilling all these thoughts in Nitibha’s head.

Niti says to Manveer and Manu that you people are having important conversation, Rohan says Bani is backbiting about

people, swapping words from here and there, Manu says she was doing this since start, Rohan says i have realized now, she was backbiting about Lopa to me too, now i am seeing things, Manu says we will know after coming out of house what she talks with camera.
In luggage room, Bani says to camera that i feel like cutting my hair, should i cut it to bangs? say yes or no.

Bigg Boss introduces the luxury budget task BB Call Centre wherein the housemates are divided into two teams- call centre executives and customers. While Manveer, Manu and Lopa are given the responsibility of the call centre executives who have to patiently listen to their customers’ complain, Bani, Rohan and Nitibha are asked to be the cranky callers. While the executives have to maintain their composure and try to give a suitable solution to the customer’s problems, customers have to make sure that they irritate the executives and instigate them to disconnect the call. Mona will be referee and there will punishments whoever loose task. Lopa says to Manu and Manveer that speak less and keep smiling while they are calling, Manu says to Manveer that if they taunt you then keep saying how may we help you. We just have to listen, Lopa says we have been speaking in season but we will listen now. Manveer says i will try to my full level to keep my calm.

As the buzzer rings, Rohan makes the first call to Manu from a phone booth placed in the garden area. Rohan says you are king of Jaipur? Manu says i cant answer personal questions, Rohan says you said that you can do anything in Jaipur and nobody will file FIR, Manu says i will tell you about that later, Rohan says says you couldnt even become captain once in whole season, you keep saying big words but cant even perform in tasks, you are zero in tasks, Manu says i will try harder, Rohan says you keep bragging about popularity, but lost to Manveer, Manu says you have studied me, i love you, Rohan says i have to bear you, you think you are winner of this season? Manu says i am sorry, Rohan says you call backbiting as entertainment, it was once said by Andy that you go to real jails too, what connection do you have with jails? tell me truly, Manu says these allegations hard to be used to, Rohan says jail in house is not real house, Manu says i will try to rectify my mistakes, i will help you, Rohan ends call. Manu says thank your for calling. Niti says to Rohan that you cant hang up.

Manu says to Manver that what Rohan said to me, i couldnt expect that from him, it was worse than Priyanka’s words, this is task but it should be healthy, we have patience thats why we are given this job.
Bani says to Niti that this is chance to ask her things which i wanted to ask, i will talk about our problems.
Manu says to Lopa that Bani will try to provoke you, he says to Lopa that whole conversation would look negative on Tv. Rohan comes there and says sorry to Manu, Manu says its work, Rohan says this is not good.

Bani calls Lopa, Lopa says how may you help you? Bani says why you dont talk in english, Bani shouts on her, Bani says how can you call people as roadside people? you want to show this on TV? Lopa says i wanted to give you taste of your own medicine by talking in english, Bani says you dont know my prescription. are you doctor? Lopa says have you some problem? Bani is talking in high pitch, Lopa says i dont feel bad for calling you roadside, Bani says you put wrong allegations, why you love me so much Lopamudra Raut? Niti and Rohan laughs, Bani shouts to answer her, are you scared? Lopa says iam not scared of anyone’s daddy, Bani says we are not talking about anyone’s daddy, we are talking about real things, you just talk to Rohan and he follows you but you keep treating him like puppy, Lopa says i respect Rohan a lot, you are elder so i want you to be more mature, Bani says you are talking to real person, Lopa says i have worked hard to come to this stage, i have listened to people taunt’s with calm, have patience Bani, Bani shouts to not tell me about patience, Lopa says you need to have medicine, Bani says dont say dialogues, tell me 5good things about Bani, Lopa says Bani is disciplined, you are neat and clean, organized, Bani says this is disappointing, you cant even tell few things about me, Lopa says i cant praise wrongly. Call ends. Bani says i didnt get one real answer, Lopa says if you keep shouting then how will i answer? Bani says i am frustrated customer, listen to people, Bani leaves. Lopa says to Rohan that you are my best friend and i respect you, Rohan twirls her around and says i dont care what she says, it doesnt matter.

Niti calls Manveer, Niti says i wanted to talk to you, Manveer says you have made my day by saying this, Niti says you know who i am? Manveer says i have seen your photo, you are beautiful, Niti says i am confused about what meaning friendship have for you? Manveer says leave it, i want to listen more than friendship, Niti says you think Niti is good friend of Manveer? Manveer says Manveer is good friend of her but i am not sure about Niti, Niti says do you care about me and respected me? Manveer says i respect you most in house, Niti says then why did you say that i didnt do anything in whole journey, Manveer says i didnt say it like that, you will be my friend, Niti says you never sort out things, Niti says why you are not answering me? you think i am garbage bag that you can throw and pick as per your convenience, Manveer says dont say it wrongly, this is not in my mind, Niti says what is in your mind? Manveer says Nitibha, Niti is silent then says what kind of answer is this? Niti says i dont want friendship like that even in charity where i am not respected, Manveer says you want me to put phone down? Niti says i am reacting because of your actions, Manveer says what these words mean? Niti says dont fake, you know english, we all know you are desi so dont pretend to not know english, i am desi too but i know english too, you cant justify everything calling yourself desi, Manveer says you are getting friendship of Manveer for life, tell me how was my journey, Manver says you have reached to 13th week, you thought you would leave soon, call ends, Manveer dances in happiness and laughs. Lopa gives hi-five to Manveer. Manveer dances with Niti, Niti says you were pissing me off, you were not answering me, Manver says this was not time to discuss our problems, Niti says honestly i would never say all this, i would never talk my heart out to person who never respect me. Manu says to Niti that some friends act like friends but they are not friends in real, sort everything calmly.
Manveer says to niti that it would look bad if we sort in open, Niti says if we can fight in open air but cant sort out in open? Manveer says you fight infront of all but dont love in open, dont know what you think.

Niti says to Bani that we can talk to Manveer. Rohan calls Manveer. Rohan asks if you think dabang person should have clear heart? you call Manu your friend but he sacrificed for you because he was scared that you might get aggressive on him, you keep saying money and game dont matter to you but why you didnt ask for votes for Manu, Manveer says i asked for votes for him only, Rohan says you could have made him captain, Mnveer says it was not in my hands, Rohan says you could have made Manu win igloo task but you didnt. Lopa asys Rohan is unstoppable. Rohan laughs.

Manu says to Mona that when did Manveer need Niti?
Bani says to Niti that he doesnt want to solve real matter,
Bani shouts on her that why you were not picking call? you had hopes from him and you told him about it but he is not even trying to justify.

Bani call Lopa, Lopa takes call after sometime, Bani shouts on her that why didnt you take call? were you making prickle? Lopa says how may i help you? Bani says i dont think you can help me, can i question you now? you think your whole value revolves around your looks? Lopa says some people are beautiful from outside and inside, you need beauty tips? you are frustrated, Bani says who are you tell me that? you are in call center, you have no work? Lopa says why you are shouting? Bani says would you want to marry no so good looking man? Lopa says if his heart is good then for sure, Bani says you dont care about heart, will you marry seeing his bank balance? Bani says you like to do shopping, Bani says your salary is pocket money given by your daddy? Lopa says i earn myself, Bani says you wont get husband like this, Lopa says i think i might have someone to marry me, Bani says marry ATM machine, how many times did you do true love? Lopa says i always loved truly, Bani asks what was most sad moment of your life? Lopa says when i was in fifth standard and my grandmother died, Bani says i am close to my grandmother too and i know it must be difficult for you, Lopa says yes, i wanted her to attend my wedding but i couldnt fulfill it, Bani says you dream to marry? Lopa says i like marriage and i love kids so i want to kids after marriage, Bani says dont you think you are undervaluing yourself? call ends. Bani says i was asking good question.

Bani says to Rohan that you irritate her daily so tell me what should i ask her, Rohan says you are her enemy, you can say anything, Bani says you are not helping, Rohan says i am not stopping you from saying anything, Bani says you didnt give me chance to ask anything, Rohan says you asked her personal questions, you were talking about her looks and all, she doesnt take hours to do makeup, why you keep asking me about her weakness? Bani says you asked me to go for irritating Lopa by calling Lopa, Rohan says i have competed more than you in show and tasks, Bani says you have ego now? Lopa comes there, Rohan says she is blaming me that i am not helping her and that i should call Lopa, Bani says i never asked you call Lopa, Rohan says i dont want to call her then why she is forcing me? Bani says he is saying wrong, Lopa asks Rohan to calm down, Rohan shouts that Bani keep saying i dont contribute in task and what she did? she just made Lopa laugh, what she was asking? whom you will marry and all, Lopa says talk with sense Bani.

Mona says referee doesnt have must work, i am not confused about my sides in house. Manu comes there and asks what happened? she says nothing.
Bigg boss announces that today’s time of call center task has ended. Bani playfully hits niti with pillow and this task will continue tomorrow too.

Niti comes to Manveer and says are you sad? Manveer says its time to go home, Niti says you are in finale week now, Manveer says there is nothing to talk, Niti says why did fight? Manu you both fight without reason, Niti says if you thought i was doing wrong, you could have calmly explained things to me if was angry.

Niti says to Bani that Manu is more expressive and has understanding, Bani says Manu has seen a lot in life so he has experience, Niti says Manveer has many secrets too, he has seen a lot too in life, i understand why he gives reactions to small things.

PRECAP- On the second day of BB Call Centre task, Bani is executive of call center now. Lopa calls her and says you have put Botox on your face. Lopa makes remarks about Bani that she uses her mother as a weapon to gain sympathy from everyone. Bani loses her cool and try to bang the phone several times. After then end buzzer will ring, Bani blows up and gets into a brawl with Lopa. Bani charges at Lopa and pushes her away, she asys dont you dare say anything against my mother, Lopa says you use your mother like weapon this way, Bani says stay in your limits, Lopa says you cant even reach to my nose, you character is short like your height, you make people look bad, Bani attacks her, the fight get so intense that Bani chokes Lopa’s waist with her hand while others will try to stop. But the two girls refuses to budge and even start exchanging blows, Bani is shouting at Lopa while Lopa is pushing and trying to get out of Bani’s grasp. Later Lopa says to camera that i want immediate action against Bani otherwie i dont want to be in show anymore, i cant stay in this zoo.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. ravin

    bigg boss ke precap me dikhate kya h amd hota kya h…uff tored of all this..i mean ki kl ahow kr rhe ths jse bani intentionally uski beauty pe bol rhi h..peraonal bol rhi h..but aj ke episode me wo sb cheezein normal lagi..itni bhi persnal nji thi jitna kl ke precap me claim kia ja rha tha..but aj ka precap..omg…lopa hil gyi h kya..task to ye team wse bhi har gyi jb rohan ne phle hi phn disconnect kr dia..kyu rohan itna chamcha ban rha h lopa ka..kyu..apni image khrab kr rha h uske chkkr me…aj lopa ne bhi gand dikha dia show me…charcter ki batein…uski mom ko jan bhoojh ke bolna..i mean ki ap ek cancer stricken lady ko jeene kyu nhi de rhe..jbki wo to show ka part bhi nhi h…wse ap bht cancer peedito ke ngo me jake social service ka dikhawa krte ho.but ab bani ke real emotions ka bhi mzak kr skte…or apne fyde ke lie use ozar ka nam de rhe cheap man…i wud not aupport agr bigg boss bani ko saza hr cheez action ka reaction hui h..and fir bhi rohan lopa ke aupport me..chiikk man rohan se expect nhi kia ha..serisly

    • Lopa❤Rohan

      Watevaa bani said to Lopa,, was reallly rude on her part.. but Lopa maintained her calm & responded fairly.. dont u think t “pocket money” thingy & abt luks was tooo overboard.. it seeemd ok,, cox lopa dint over react like bani..
      Lopa dint say anythin to bani’s mom. She said t fact,, wich evn manu questiond her during court task.. & bani cud hav calmly explnd tat no,, she didn’t. But agn,, she do’s it.wat she does t best. QUIT T TASK. Hangd up t calll. & i wasnt surprised..
      Hope u r sensibl enuf to c thru t situations mr.Ravin..!! Dont jus blindly folllw,, jus analys t situation proprly. Its cald maturity..
      & Stop kiddddin arnd fr tat overactin ki dukaaan bani..
      &Soooo luvd Rohan today..♥♥♥ fnllly he understood.. & i wish his fans evn do.. cox t bond Lopa&Rohan share fr each othr is far bttttr than wat Bani shard wid Gaurav.. & i feeeel pity fr thz fans,, who think rohan shud be-frnd bani. Evn i’m a huge Rohan fan & v.happpy fr t company he chose. But he’s not visbl & bb is to b blamd fr tis. Cox thy alwyz promote M3bonding & GaurBani’s tooo. Butt nevaa paid attention to lopa rohanz. Cox obvs,, thy r folllwn tis “victimise Rohan” policy..

      • ravin

        who are we to decide ki bani make trp out of her mother…it is viewers perspective…and also of other house mates…others can only guess..and i dnt think people can be betr judge of a is the person himself or herself..

  2. shree

    man what s happening in bb house? this s all irritating. i don’t understand these people. i mean last week rohan was all about supporting bani and now he s against her. he wants to prove he s a good friend of lopa? and lopa she talks so much abt humanity and the way she used bani s mom to piss bani off is that humanity? and bani should not shout always yaar and getting into fights? the people in that house never care of anyone so its better to be silent than to shout and make a fool out of herself. people say bani s using her mother as weapon but she never spoke of her mom at anytime. first swami started then manu that in court task to piss her off and now lopa used her mom again to get to bani. so i think everyone s using bani s mom to get to her but they tell bani uses her mother to gain sympathy
    also mona s one waste contestant.
    and i dat think i want to watch this show anymore bcoz i m sure salman will take class for bani or through her out and lopa will be like “thank u big boss thank you salman i m so obliged”
    if they really want to do justice then salman can give bani piece of mind for getting into fight but lopa should also be condemned for bringing up bani s mom
    i thought rohan was good but i dot think so anymore

    • ravin

      absolutely ryt…pta nhi kyu apna standrd gira rhi h lopa..itna envious kyu h bani se….rohan poora chamcha ban rha h..akhir bani ne kchh nji kaha tha use..usne jst bola tha ki bhai tm uske bare me.zyda jante ho..ladte bhi ho…to tu(rohan) hi tod skta h lopa ko..iame kya glt kaha bani ne and rohan ne ispe scene bna dia…and lopa bht shatir h..sahi me wo.vamp bnne layak hi h…rohan ke pas ati h and jis chal me ati h..eyes ka reaction deti h.omg..saf dikhta h ki rohan ko bewkoof bna rhi h..filthy woman to lopa hi h..serioualy..

    • Veronica

      Totally agreed with shree Swamj Om ke Jane k baad se ghar me fights badh gayi hai because of falling TRP of the show . Lopa ki akal uske ghutno me hai, pehle harketen karegi fir “Nyay ki Devi” banegi aur 1000 bahane degi apni baton ko sahi prove karne k liye aur apne aggressive acts ko justify karne k liye. Itni fake kyun banti hai. Ek toh khud insecure hai aur ulta Bani ko logon k saamne galat prove karti uski short temperedness use karke ….very cunning girl. Honestly mujhe iss show me koi bhi pasand nhi hai koi bhi jeete mujhe koi farak nhi parta but yeh kamini lopa nhi jeetni nhi chahiye …..warna yeh HUMANITY K KHILAF HOGA…😁

    • Lopa Slays

      & agn t insensible bani k chamchas r speakin here..😂😂😂😂😂😂
      May God grant u wisdom..
      Btw r u stilll in t primary schoool..?! u guyz Soundz so..

      • Blue phoenix

        And you are always a junior to us Lopa Slays 🙂 Be grateful that your seniors are kind to you 🙂

      • Lopa Slays

        Hiii Blue phoenix..
        Thkww fr being so polite Mr.Senior…
        Glad to know tat u dont flllw bani foootsteps.. i wer sooo scared,, wat if u start cursin or bashin me around.. *sigh of relief*😝😝😝😝😝😝
        Hi6!!✋ Suman kumar..
        & i dont understand bani’s logic.. she kips sayin to her mom in cameraz to b strong,, but isnt she herself being over sensitive on t topic.. evn she gottta b strong enufff. Wat mite hr mother b goin throu,, seein her daughtr breakin down at t vry thought.. run sum horses of ur brains dear chamchas..
        Hope she recovers soooon..

    • suman kumar

      For all Bani Chanchas till such time Rohan supported Bani, whether she was right or wrong. Rohan was very good, if he continues to support his friend Lopa, he is bad. Gaurav never supported Lopa or anyone else. he was Bani’s pet dog, therefore he was very good. You guys are like Bani – totally fake. Bani could speak ill about Manu when he lost his mother but oh my God no one should say anything to fake Bani. Lopa did not speak any ill of Bani’s mother. She only said that Bani’s uses her mother as a shield, which is true. If Bani is so worried about her mother, why is she not with her, instead of sitting in Big Boss House.

  3. Aarti32


    |Registered Member

    Nitibha: Kya h aapke dimag mein?
    Manveer: NITIBHA..
    N then Nitibha’s silence.. Uff!! I’ll go crazy..Wat an amazing reply by manveer. Maniti’s convo was d best part of today’s episode..How many of u agree?
    PS: love MaNiti

  4. Sid

    Why the hell Bani is over reacting now!!! She can say all the crap she wants and make personal remarks about people, but she can’t listen to the TRUTH!!.. GOOD JOB LOPA!!. Lopa is absolutely right that Bani just uses her mother to gain sympathy. Also, this remark was targeted towards Bani NOT her mother. So why all this over acting!!! She did that in the court task when Manu raised the same point. Kick this stupid Bani out of the house!!.. By getting physical with Lopa she has broken the most important rule of the house. Bani needs to go!!!

      • Lopa Slays

        Sum1 soundz to b “burnin out of jealousyy” 🔥🔥😂😂😂😂
        Wayyy to Go Lopa..😘😘😘
        Tummmne dushmano kii jamkrrr lgaae hii Waaaaaat..😷😆
        watelse v wantt.. proud of u..♥♥♥

  5. Vinod

    Lopa and Manu are Om in disguise.. at least Om used to say in crude words.. but you guys are worst than him…. If Bani wanted to use her mother as a weapon, she would have used it from starting.. but the whole house and nation came to know about Bani’s attachment with her mother and the reason why she is so sentimental about it after Om cursed her mother and now Lopa used it because she knows how sentimental Bani is about her mother and Lopa knows she has no chance to go to Finale now until Bani is here , so she used Bani’s mother’s topic to make her angry and attack her, so that Lopa can reach the Finale… such a cheap… I hate to say she represented India in a beauty pageant….. SO CHEAP LADY.. DISGUSTING… SHAMEFUL…

    • ravin

      ekdm.mast anaysis..lopa and manu are one..fir bhi kai log yahan lopa ki tareef kr rhe j..btao kya zamana aa gya h..ghor kalyug h bhai ghot kalyug(in bani’s style).

    • Lopa Slays

      Dear chamchas,, cudnt bani had explnd tis herslf.. by atttackin lopa,, she provd t point.. lopa wasnt wrong & bani def. Is an sympathy seeekr..
      But telllin u guys is nothin more sense than tis👉 “🐃 k ⏩🎺🎶” ifkwim kiddddos..😂😂😂

      • Lipika Tasnim

        It’s very clear you are Lopa’s chamcha or dying on her show of. That’s why you can’t see the real picture

      • Lopa Slays

        Hellll yeah.!!!
        I’m a proudd Lopa’s chamchiii & Glad suppprter. U know T bestt part,, i’m content to b 1. Evn my username is her..
        Unlike bani k chamchas,, who find it an insult to axpt..😂😂😂😂i neeeed not justify any further..
        Lopa Rocks, haters shockss..

    • Vinod

      Lopa Salves … even you don’t have the guts to put your real name in comments…. that shows how insecure you are…. thanks for your fake response…

  6. Godbless

    average episode.. especially I liked Manveer-Nitibha’s conversation.. Bani and Lopamudra’s conversation was very funny.. lol… Rohan asked all thinks to Mannu what I wanted to ask him, best one was if he thinks backbiting as entertainment….

    precape was very interesting… very serious condition.. waiting for next episode…

    I heard about some midnight eviction or something like that, can anyone explain me, what is that???

  7. Vinod

    I would be happiest Bani fan if she is evicted, because I don’t want to see Bani getting targeted by such loose guys like Manu and Lopa.. Please BB evict Bani…. let her go back to her mother instead of such heartless who can target a cancer patient also for winning the show and horrible piece of s**ts here in this house….

    • Shazna

      agree wid u..even i want this to happen..but bb wont do tat as shez having huge fan following..n bb want her till finale for trp n money as bb10 income z bani fans voting..n then thy ll make manveer as winner..

  8. Bhavana

    STOP TARGETING ROHAN especially Bani bhakts.

    Gaurav,Bani friendship cute
    Rohan,lopa friendship waste

    If Rohan supports bani he is so sweet,if not puppet.shame on morons…illogical thoughts.

    ROHAN never commented on bani’s tattoos,lopa’s looks,mona’s character,nitibha’s fakeness.He always respected his fellow female contestants.

    in todays manu call he didn’t say a word abt manu’s equation with mona.This shows his upbringing.

    Rohan always supported Gaurav never interested in m3 gang,where Lopa hates Gaurav always maintained friendship with M3.

    beep gaali in bb
    rohan gaalis – bandhar ,gadhe yes he is childish to use such gaalis.

    yes he is immature to never used fake love angle with nitibha/lopa.

    yes he is overreacting – all the punishments and the bashing sessions reserved for him.

    He never passed any psrsonal comments and never dragged family members,proud of mr.Mehra
    pls bani/lopa/m2 fans stop say ill words abt Rohan…still you want to do so than you are nothing but f ***ing morons.

    • Angel

      Agreed… I used to b a Lopa fan. But not anymore. C is crossing her limits bcz of insecurity. Bt Rohan is a real gentleman. At least not lyk other fellow inmates Luv u Rohan. I wish dt u ll win ds season.

  9. Sameera

    Lopa and bani both did wrong according to my opinion 😕
    I like bani more but she could’ve played more smartly today… She could ask about a lot of things but she made personal comments.. WRONG!!
    and precap! This time Lopa was doing the same thing but she became more personal 😑
    Seriously Lopa? Botox? 😕
    And she said bani always wants to gain sympathy by using her mom’s issue? WRONG!!
    as far as I have seen the show, I noticed Lopa is just insecure and she keeps saying rubbish about bani, and bani is really impatient and expects a lot from others…
    I like bani more but at this stage I don’t think any of them are playing well… This season was full of bullshit….day by day I am completely losing interest

    • Blue phoenix

      True sameera….botox thing is okay, mom thing is wrong….and it is very clear that she never used her mom card for sympathy…..lopa and manu are manipulators…rohan mehra as a person appreciable, but for game, bani and then manveer…

      • avi

        By your logic even the ‘Dad’ thing shouldn’t have been said. There is a reason people knew about her mom before Om mentioned it. It’s because she had mentioned it to the contestants in the house. Not everything is shown in the episode. She must have mentioned it again and again, and that may have irked the contestants to a point that they think she is playing the sympathy card. Nevertheless Lopa wasn’t pointing towards her mother rather it was about her.

    • Sameera

      I have clearly said both are wrong!
      Koi bhi task itna important nehi hota k usme ghar walo ko mention karke personal attacks ki jaye…
      So avi, I am not taking anyone’s side but lopa back bites about bani way too much and that seems irritating sometimes…. So among them, my personal favorite is bani..
      But in this situation, both were wrong

  10. Roby wolverine

    Oh… God…! Rohan yaar.. Killed it… So cool and so calm yet so smashing and curt.. I loved you more than ever.. Played the task well yet supported the friend .. I just love you… Decent, hot, cool, cute, innocent, etc… I don’t know why they call you not manly enough.. You’re “The Perfect Man”

    Rohan team played very decently.. Lopa shouldn’t have included bani’s mother in this.. Anyway I love you Rohan… never been a fan for you before this show.. i really really hope you win this show

  11. Love u ROHAN

    BB’s target – Rohan
    salman’s target – Rohan
    M2 target ‘ – Rohan
    Swamiom target – Rohan
    jagga target – Rohan

    Bani vs lopa fight,bani fans / lopa fans target – ROHAN

    Stop targeting ROHAN,one n only decent and genuine contestant in that shit house.

    Bani/lopa fans they are not always correct where as Rohan is always correct.

    ROHAN always stands for right,for that he goes against lopa/bani/m2/ even biggboss.

    Bani and lopa both were wrong ,for a task dont involve family members.

    Rohan never passed below the belt comments….so f**k fans we don’t need ur f***ing conduct certificate for ROHAN.

    #proud to be a Rohan mehra fan,f***k beep fans(in their language)

  12. Laasya

    Rohan bang on points

    in manu convo – mona’s issue not raised
    in manveer’s convo – his papa’s issue not raised

    all points are related to bb….no personal attacks/family members dragged.

    we ROHANS fans are so proud that he never goes wrong and he always made us proud.

    ROHAN – calm,patient,sensible,dignified,classy

    Be a ROHAN MEHRA fan,never let us down

  13. Lila


    |Registered Member

    The girl who talked abt humanity is saying that to Bani… wow lopa mudra u have fallen just like priyanka and om… no difference between u and them

    • avi

      First realise the difference between whom the comment was targeted at. It was not at her mother but rather at Bani. You must have watched a different video, because from what i saw, she didn’t talk ill about her mother. Instead she was the one who started with the ‘Dad’ comment. Support your contestant, but not blindly.

    • Lopa Slays

      Atlst make sense of wat u speak..
      Each & vry bit u said implyz to bani frst.. cox she’s t 1 who started..
      kuch to logical bolo baccccho.. lila,, btttr dont make fun of urslf thru ur insensitive commnts.. i feeeel pity tat u cant realise t diffrnc btw ppl..
      Khn lopa👸& khn jagga & swami🚮..

  14. sunny

    Why Bani is talking to Manu where he also said the same thing in court task that sge does that for footage?

    why Bani alaays prefers Manveer over Rohan ?

    where as M2 clearly hated by Gaurav,her best friend.

    we ROHAN fans never begged /expected things from bani…so please stop saying non sense abt Rohan.

    Rohan has his own point of view…he is so smart and intelligent ,he doesn’t expect anything from others..He fights alone and always stands for right.

    Love u ROHAN MEHRA…u r the only gud thing that happened in this worst bb season..

  15. RANdomfANCreationz


    |Registered Member

    Once again bb portrayed Bani negatively through the precap , yaar now I think it’s makers fault they r portraying Bani negatively they showed bani provoked Lopa but actually nothing that sort of happened she just did that as a task and fun. Loved Bani-Lopa convo in the later parts. It became friendly in the end. I think bb makers don’t Want things to be fine between them that’s why they deliberately give tasks bani vs Lopa both r never in same team 🙁 bani looked wrong in the precap yesterday but once again she is not wrong. I feel bad for Bani when she asked if she should cut or not to the camera shows how lonely she was . From the precap I will again say won’t judge Bani Lopa from the precap they always misguide viewers all this time i thought Bani was wrong but when I read the full detailed episode I get to know what actually happened. People are saying Bani is endemol’s fav but it’s wrong because she is being portrayed wrongly in precap. Now feeling bad for Bani. And ya she should control her anger. Would Love LoBa friendship enough of dushmani between them

    • RANdomfANCreationz


      |Registered Member

      So Bani and Lopa fans just chill and see tomorrow episode then we can know what actually happened and went wrong don’t trust precap especially bani fans if one saw only precap of yesterday and today bani is wrong if one saw this epi Lopa is wrong but who is wrong to know that stay tuned and watch bb10 at 10.30pm tomorrow 😂

      • Lopa Slays

        u seriously think so..??😐
        Dearr,, wateva bani said was rllly sillly. She evn targtd her self respct by pockt mony thingy.. but Lopa maintained her calm & replied.. so it didn’t apppear to b negative..
        But upon lopa’s question,, bani disconnectd = quittin again.. (not judgin any furthr cox t pre-capx r misleadin) but 1thin fr sure,, bani cud also hav explnd calmly tat she neva did it.. i rllly want salman to giv hrr a reality check tis weeeknd..

      • Blue phoenix

        Lopa slays..keep calm and wait for today’s episode…precaps are always misleading like Fatarajo said.

  16. Aisha

    Nitibha is so butthurt about manveer coming on finale and also is so needy of his friendship. Bani is jealous of Lopa”s beauty and brain. Rohan is fine and is being real to his friend Lopa. Manu is feeling disappointed for not having enough votes. Mona is sensiable and hence why shes still there on the show, Mona is also the only one that did not show any bad manners .. I hope to see Manveer and Lopa on one of the serials cos it looks like both will get far in life.

  17. Aisha

    Bani Lopa was right about Bani using her mothers illness as weapon, she also tried her best to bring Lopa down since she came to the BB house. Bani expects Lopa to also tell her that shes also beautiful but Lopa knows no one looks more beautiful and classy than her in that house 😂😂😂😂😘😘

  18. Mahima yadav

    Ravi plz dont call Rohan chamcha , Wht evr he did was right
    He is not ehshaan faramosh like bani , usne bani ko hamesha support kara but bani ne to un m3 se rohan ke liye bura bol rahi thi …..GC Ke jane ke baad rohan ne lopa n bani ke beech sb short out karane ki koshish bhi ki thi n lopa se bani ke liye ladai bhi ki ……but bani apne hi zone me h
    Jo kuch hua usme Lopa n bani both did mistake ……sorry agar aapko bura lage but ye bani kisi ki ni …. jb Rohan washroon me gaurav ko bulaya to bani ko luxury buget n rules ki jyada fikar thi …………….

    • ravin

      ap sahi keh rhe hom.but tell me one thing…who is seen bavkbiting more ..lopa or bani…they make fun of bani whenever in their zone…it is a reality check tht others do not lyk persons who are mai manti hu ki bani kisi ki game show ka to format hi hi yhi h…u have to play for urself

  19. lopa fan

    bani first raised the personal question . when it turn to her she become aggressive . she is worse .selfish

    • Mahi

      Am not supporting bani in any way, nor am I supporting lopa. But I would like to point out that bani did not insult lopa”s dad,sheasked her if ahe is going to live on her dad”s money which is wrong as well but it has got nothing to do with the topic lopa raise.I have no issues if lopa want to insult bani on personal level,which lopa has done and am fine with it. But saying that she is using her mom for sympathy is stooping far too low than bani.If ppl believe that bani is using her mom for sympathy then we need to question our ethics.

  20. scripted bigg boss show

    Bani Ko winer banoge hinsa krrahi ha Wo
    Ye bani chahy kuch v bolay
    Ya hinsa kre is k liye big boss ka mu band hojata hai
    big boss Ko elimin8 krna chaye bani Ko but Viacom ki source wali pr Koi actn nhi lega
    Ab is bani ko bachane k lye kya kya krenge ye log
    Ye bani, kutta om aor pryanka k dost big boss apne dosto k lye koi actn leta nhi phr
    ye log bahar nikal kr is big boss k khilaf jhoota case bna kr actn lete hn jse k baba lerha ha jhoota actn

  21. RANdomfANCreationz


    |Registered Member

    Now moving to Rohan he nailed it and rocked it in task he couldn’t say bad about Manu anymore and knew that that’s the only way to irritate him he choose to stay in his limits hats off to Rohan yaar too good and also the way he apologised to manu so sweet Manu also couldn’t backbite him further later on. Manu he backbites Abe yaar ab thoda Kam Kar backbiting. If not all is fine

      • Facts

        “bani being potrayd badly”??? U mean thy r not witnesssin t facts themslvz butt watchin t misleadin pre-caps on tv…😂😂😂😂😂😂
        So funnnnny..

    • RANdomfANCreationz


      |Registered Member

      😂😂😂 u r that Lopa slays right? I mean that there must be something happened which Rohan felt Bani was bad and wrong. Yes they watch it on TV, myTV 😜 happy? 😂😂😂😂 btw i read ur comments I agree with ur comments but only sometimes sorry 😜
      Where is ur BFF hrithik ka fan 😄😜

      • Lopa Slays

        Evn i’m misssin him..thode bani reltd quest krnii hii.😝 But i guesss vo kall aygaa,, to bash lopa..😂😂😂
        nywayy,, Glad to.know k u agree at tims..
        & JBH,, i find u to b fair enuff critique here. Buttt u favr a lottt on bani.. fr instance aaj ka ur review..
        Butt agn tatz ur POV so no offnc..🙊
        Mayy t bestt win..
        P.s : u got gud guesssin skilll..😜

    • RANdomfANCreationz


      |Registered Member

      @LopaSlays haha thank u well I was favouring Lopa seeing the precap and now favouring bani after reading the written updates now Watching the episode now let me see who should I really favour 🤔🤔🤔but both were wrong but both didn’t do so wrong that they r getting physical and I also feel those who say Lopa r worse than baba and jagga are totally wrong Lopa can never stoop that Low even though she hates Bani. I remember how she supported bani when baba said bad about her Mom and bani didn’t in Lopa and Priyanka fight but the reason why I say Lopa is more of insecure to bani compared to bani insecure to Lopa is for instance the ranking task I try to be fair but i also have some fav
      Would love to see Bani, Lopa, Rohan and Manveer in finals

      • Lopa Slays

        yeah sure,, plis enjyy t showw..
        lets continue our bickerin in t tomorrwz update.. Loll

        & abt favz,, jus fr ur info. i startd off watching tis season supprtin Bani,, thnx to Gauhar..!! but then sooon,, for obvs reasonz.. i found lopa more sensible than Bani.
        & I love Rohan tooo..fir Manveer is also Goood. 😀

  22. RANdomfANCreationz


    |Registered Member

    Manveer-Rohan convo Rohan was funny 😂. And moving to Manveer-Nitibha convo that was the best part for the episode today. Just Loved MaNiti Convo, love this pair a lot for some reason and also their sweet nok-Jhok mall mein bhi ek ladki Manveer ko bola Niti se dosti karma manu se nahi. For some reason I love MaNiti as a pair more than GaurBani but contestant wise other way round 😂. When Niti say what’s in ur mind and Manveer say Nitibha loved that part flimy types but very cute I could sense their chemistry since the royal task where Manveer was Prince and Niti his Wife in the task 😂 love MaNiti as friends more than M3. I think as a Friend Nitibha is really good but not as bb Contestant.
    Mona is innocent good hearted and enjoys. didn’t like her in between but now I like her looks like her meeting with her Bf worked and showed the actual Mona. Don’t know what is so special about Manu , Manveer aur Mona both behind him. But Manu is not bad as a Friend but he gossips a lot. Usually in mid eviction I want Nitibha to be evicted now I Want Mona to be evicted
    Firstly because she will happily leave from this house and secondly can get to see more of MaNiti 😂

  23. Preet

    Why target bani always I think this bb wants to make her image down by using such crap words bcoz of huge fan following of bani ..i think Salman wants Manveer to b the winner..shit yar ..totally scripted show..I think all the inmates are given script to make the wrong image of bani but janta is smart enough.l;)..if Salman khan doesn’t support bani in this weekend ka war..then its bye bye for bb..

    • suman kumar

      Hello where is this huge following. Where was her following when she participated in Roadies and Fear Factor and lost. She is here because of Viacom and if she wins it will only be because Viacom and not so any called fan following.

  24. Karan

    lopa should be kicked off from show, i dunno y such diplomatic people n 3rd class people are still in. how cheap someone cud be, talking about someone’s parents name just for task. Even if its not task, I dont think somebody will take anything on his/her family. especailly when bani’s mom suffering from disease. mannu n lopa are two diplomatic characters in this show , both do anything for task n cheating is their first priority. I think most of the tasks lopa did with cheating. she got captainancy by cheating manveer, cheated in money task. Manveer and Bani are two very straight forward characters. Both deserve to Win. but I like Bani

    • Adakar

      I guesss u r watchin any othr show..
      Pliss tune in to colors,, mon-fri 10:30 & weeknd ka vaaar at 9..
      Plis watch it,, & thn commnt wen did lopa cheat..!???
      Enjyy t showw..😊

  25. moni

    Guys pls vote for our bb10 hero ROHAN… he is a good he has always showed his true friendship to lopa…but lopa does’nt deserve his frndsp…..he is a good human calm n very understanding…he is very mature as i dnt understant why sum people including bb10 contestants think he is immature…ss he has proved many times dat he is not….handsome n intelligent…yet targeted all d time…i guess he is a winner so nobody can digest dat….i will be supporting him till d end….still hoping dat bb10 is not going to take any stupid decision by making any fool a winner.

  26. radika

    What’s wrong with bani fans, yes Rohan is childish n does not want to fight with lopa even for task, I think if gaurav is there in lopa’s place bani would have done the same thing like Rohan. Even she accused him as lopa’s puppy in task, what about that? Hah ….. He didn’t expect anything from her in return after that om incident, So stop targetting him, bb has already punished him unfairly.

    Coming to task, both bani n lopa are wrong to bring family member’s in to the task. I guess both need class from Salman, especially lopa, how can u use those words like witch n characterless towards Ur co contestant……, I am sorry I am not going to vote anyone this week.

  27. aman

    Scripted winner bani k against action nahii liiya jaega kya
    Rohan he se bigg boss ki dushmani hai
    I hope Salman sir action lain aur bani Ko evict kerain
    Pehle Salman sir se bhi badtameezi kerr rahii thi bani
    Aur om puri sir ki death bhi sun kerr apni immunity ki pari hai bani Ko selfish
    Salman sir kitnay calmly baat kerrahay thay but bani unko bhi misbehave ker rahii thi
    Aur aaj violence kerr rahii thi
    Rohan Ne kia hota to us Ko ab tak evict kerdia hota but ab scripted winner bani aesa kerrahi hai bigg boss koi action nahin lengay
    Han Salman sir lesaktay hain strict action


    OKAY! I DON’T GET WHY THE HELL BANI IS OVEREACTING! Like Lopa just said you use your mom as reason to fight. She never said your mom should die or something bad about bani’s mom infact this statement was directed towards BANI. 🤐

    I won’t say that Lopa’s perfect in the recap she makes comments about BOTOX too.😕


    God, everytime I try to like Bani she messes up.😬

    BTW, the fact Rohan stood up for Lopa and said you are my bestfriend is CUTE.😍😍

  29. mahima yadav

    Rule book …..
    Under sec 12
    Punishment are reversed only for Rohan mehra ….others can do whtevr the want
    I request to all bani fans plz dont drag rohan in all this …….He always respect bani but bani un m3 se uski burai karti h

  30. Hayathi

    Manveer captaincy was worst still got extended as they want him to become winner to justify the concept of celebs vs commoners.

    Nitibha was not evicted as bb team using her to provide fake love angle to scripted hero Manveer.

    since day 1 bani is speaking in english,in call centre task both were wrong,no ninda pinda just warning bcoz bani is a viacom girl always gets motivated by salman every weekend.

    Gaurav-bani there was no friendship at all highlighted like they r doing with manveer and nitibha.evicted Gaurav to provide faje sympathy footage for endemol/viacom girl.

    Gsurav,karan,Rahul,Rohan always treated them badly ,tried to project them as selfish to make manu/manveer as heroes.

    shame on bb team always targets ROHAN,all the punishments in the house are dedicated to him and all the love /affection for your scripted winners bani/manveer

  31. Aakashi88

    dude it was clearly shown tht bani asked rohan her weaknesses and theb rohan went on to accuse her of telling him to call and all that…bani never told nitibha to go and break her frendship with manveer…and ya bani dint say tht lopa uses her dads or moms situation as a weapon..but lopa went on to say abt banis mother..and still bani started the fight after the buzzer ended…manu is simply blaming bani for poisoning nitibhas mind….i dont get the show at all….coz they cut soo many parts of the day…confused wid who is right and who is wronh

  32. evict stupid bani

    Bani kese lopa k baray main is tarah k personal comments ker sakti hai
    1. Itna makeup lagati ho
    2. husband nahin milega tumhay
    3. Papa k paiso Ko salary samjhti ho
    Papa k credit card swipe kerti ho
    4. Not so good looking larke se shadi kerlogi
    5. Achay dil wala ho kya matlab k bohat paisay wala ho

    bani to khud butox kerwaker ayi hai butox per bhi makeup kerti hai
    Aur lopa Ko makeup ka kehrahi hai

    bani kya yeh entertainment hai ?
    Jab bolti ho to sunna bhi seekho
    Aur tumhari mother Ko to nahin lopa ne tumhay bola hai k tum victim card kyun banti ho

    Bani aapko apni mother ki care kerni chahye seriously ill hain to aapko un k sath zyada se zyada time spend kerna chahye

    May Allah bless your mom with quick recovery aameen

    • Lopa Slays

      Wellll said dear..!!
      Exctlyyy on point..
      &1 mor thin i wud say to bani,, wat if her mother is seein her on t show.. & seeein her gettttin over-sensitiv on her mattter. Dont u think,, she migt b feeelin her daughtrz concrn..
      If bani wud hav takn t point in a corrrct way,, (in her direction.wich was pointd) & showd her strong image,, evn her fanz wud hav beeen proud of hrr.. but again t sympathy seeeekr..
      Anyway,, v r supppppa proud of lopa,, t way she toook all t commmnts was Appplaud worthy..👏👏👏 & rohan..😍😍
      Luvvvv thm both..

  33. evict bani

    Personal comment shuru ker k lopa per he sawar hogayi bani aap
    Mom Ko nahin lopa Ne aapko kaha k victim card ban rahi ho
    But I’m sorry violence is not allowed

    I pray may Allah bless your mother with good health aameen

  34. kp

    Gd morning to everyone
    and i was laughing v hard when rohan aske manu kya aap king of jaipur bol rahe ho haha arey bhai manu agar aapne aisa bola hai ki aap jaipur me kuch bhi karoge aur ek f.i.r bhi nahi hogi toh aap king of jaipur nahi peon of jaipur ho bcz bhai rajsthan police maarti bahut hai hahaha
    and bani and lopa gajab ho gaya yaar dono k beech me koi personal dushmani hai kya bhai everytime doing fighting only

    and one more thing plz dont use some other person name for commenting here yesterday also someone took simran name and wrote rubbish comment actually that was not simran someone doing this delibratly so plz cmnt with your name bcz i dont know what will they get by doing this

    • good girl

      Oh my god that was my logo actually my little sister studying in 8th used yesterday and she told me today so mai maafi mangti hu simran and kp and ditya and preeti aap se aage se aisa nahi hoga aur mai study me busy hu thats why simran di i didnt cmnt yest. I hope you will forgive me and mai ab cmnt nahi kar payungi kyuki mujhe exams ki preparation karni hai

      hi simran di how are you

    • Shazna

      kp m basically from kerala but living in karnataka..i understand hindi well but i cant talk in hindi as my mothertongue z malayalam..

  35. Pari

    Guys bani is plastic face….see her pics from roadies den u wud get to know…..she even took treatment for fairer skin…n den say I dun use make up….she was not even proud of her looks dats y she went under knife…so wat if lopa asked her about botox…..
    N lopa jss askd if u drag ur mom for ds ….she never acusd or make harsh comnts like om…so stop comparing her with on n jagga….

  36. Rohan mehra Fan

    so BB took no action against bani and lopa for getting physical?


    Arre ROHAN is not involved na

    Punishments r reserved only 4 him.

    Bani involved Rohan also saying ki he is kutta….still bani fans wants support from Rohan?If gaurav presented also he never ever used that word for a task….That show his character.

    shame on bani andh bhakts….bani kuch bhi kare great..chi tu yucck….always targets Rohan for a characterless girl who keeps on changing sides from gaurav to sahil to jason to manveer.

    STOP TARGETING ROHAN ….bani f**k fans

  37. Faiza

    I think Bani went a bit personal with Lopamudra .But what the hell was Lopa saying in the precap? Ridiculous! She could have said anything personal like Bani said. What she said was really wrong…Last few days she is continuously b******g about Bani. Shame Lopamudra Raut! If you think yourself so much capable , then prove it by your work, not wrong words and backbitting 🙂

    • Pari

      I dun think she said smthng ridiculous….neither she cursed bani nor her mum….she jss askd simpl ques…if she is using her mum….
      Moreover bani jsss want to play victim.
      In pee Incidnt also she was more hurt for captainship not for all dat hapnd…she herself said I went thru ol ds jss not to b captain ..
      .waaaw man u r thnkng jss abt captaincy…here also when she said I dun use makeup to lopa…dn she shud have looked inside herself she got plastic surgery dn y vl she go wid makeup…evn she went to doc to have fair complexion ….dn she is talking abt beauty ….

  38. Shazna

    I agree both bani & lopa r wrong n gone personal but lopa crossed al limits..lopa shouldn’t hav used bani’s mother name into game but she knows tat mother z her weakness n she cant take a words in moms name definitely she will lopa intentionally took this mothers matter into can she say bani used her mother for sympathy..seriously..but the fact tat bani never used her mother for sympathy..if she wanted sympathy card she would hav used this from season begining..but she nevr shared abt her mother wid anyone in the HMs n viewers got to know abt her aftr tat swami said ill abt her mother..she stood 4 herself n askd bb to get her out of d house..aftr tat incident she nevr dragged tat matter nd instead she boycotted om completely..manu n lopa again dragged tat matter into game not itz clear bani nvr tried to get sympathy card..lopa manu done wrong allegation abt bani..

    Bb being a bani fan even i want bani out f ths show..simply torturing her in the name of trp..evict her..@least she will get some peace of mind..but i know bb wont do tat as bb wants her till finale for trp nd bb10 main income source z bani fans finale they ll make manveer as winner..

  39. pia

    It’s just that Bani has got a huge fan following and all other contestants are jealous of her and want her to b out of the show as it will be difficult for them so they are targeting her..
    And I m not understanding why BB has been become so partial towards Bani. But stay strong Bani we r with u.
    And that flop opps lopa always against Bani she tells that Bani is backbiting it’s she who always does that it’s time lopa to go out of BB house…

  40. Simran99


    |Registered Member

    hi everyone
    when rohan manu ki le rha tha , that was best part . and ya rohan is a true frnd of lopa bcz when bani was talking to lopa , nitibha was laughing but rohan did not do that.
    thank u so much kp . aapne mujhpe trust kiya and I hope baki frndz bhi mujhpe trust karenge.

  41. Niti

    Lopa is insecure.Bani never talk about her mom to gain symthapy !!lopa instigate her to behave in this manner.l just hate her.n thou she is runner up not a winner of any beauty peagent which she always hell with that Lopa!!!

  42. Navpreet

    Bani is reacting on mother’s comment because her mother is already suffering and ill. And that is the reason she is so emotionally weak in this show.
    Manu also lost his mother, but no one stooped down to his level except Jagga to bring his mother in discussion.
    What level this show is going… disgusting. Play fair, why to bring someone’s ill parents inbetween.
    Bani did talk abt lopa getting pocket money from daddy. Thats all. i hear many beeps entire season…and damn sure those are not any good words, manveer, manu, lopa, jagga, om, bani used.
    No action should be taken against Bani. Infact Lopa and Manu should be warned hard to not bring this topic ever again in further days.
    Rohan has lost his thinking power. No comments on him!!!

    Whatever wrong happens, everyone thinks its Bani. They are so insecured of her popularity!!!!

  43. Prettypreeti


    |Registered Member

    Hiii guys..surprise….happy 2 see my name.actually 2day is lohri so chuti..
    Gm kp bhai simu di aki di shriyo diti di sona di godbless shriyo shaznaa..jj bhai jo and all…
    Guys yeaterday epi was funny ..isnt it.jb manveer ne bola ki aapk talktime 2 hafton me khtm ho gya tha lekin recharge ke krn..i m laughing badly..rohan ne aachi watt lgai aur banii woh puri tara lopa ke piche..
    Guys ganna-
    Call cente call centre ka task khela gharwalon ne,
    Tang kiya rohan niti aur bani ne aapne sawallon se….
    Rohan ne manu aur manveer ko bnaya shikar,
    Lekin manu manveer ko lge woh sawaal bekaar…
    Bani ne sari frustration sd pooche lopa se sawaal,
    Macha toh hoga lopa ke mann me bawaal…
    Niti ne manveer se friendship ke liye mange jawaab,
    Answer kiya manveer ne niti ko like a nawaab..
    Aaj ke epi be ladhai hogi,
    Thori c pithai hogi..
    Bs guys
    Hapoy lohri..
    Wil come soon

    • Prettypreeti


      |Registered Member

      No bhai not harpuneet singh kaur ahhhmmmm…..its harpreeti singh kaur..😀😀😀😀😀😀😀btw harpuneet kaur…
      Simu di chuti mari….okayy…aachi baat nhi hai….joking..chuti mei hi toh majja hai

  44. Sunil Raman

    Hey guys,

    I think Bigg Boss season winner should be a genuine person i.e. with a pure heart, like a gentleman or women, in short a ‘PERFECT ONE’. In my opinion Rohan Mehra is the right guy. Rest all have gone down some way or the other. Fake people should never win. I will not talk much about the episode and Precap. Just want to say Bani became immature in this task as she was continously shouting and was looking like vomiting her frustration on Lopa. Dont know what happened to her as earlier she used to talk sensibly but now..????? Lopa is also nice but she is a bit overconfident about the fact that she can never be wrong. For example as she did to rohan by throwing his luggage, when being a friend he resisted her wrong saying i.e so called stand. Manu is cunning and therefore failed to win hearts of people. Manveer and nitibha are cute but they are not open up with their feelings. Manveer is supressing his feelings because he is on a TV show and may be afraid of his family.. LOL 🙂 but they are cute. Bani and Lopa both have been silly and drowned their images. Cocluding, that this should not had happened. That’s it.

  45. Amit

    Bani is really overacting ki dukaan hai, she does nothing except eeeee, ooooo, ahaaaaa.
    She must be in zoo not BB house.
    BB must take action & throw her out of the show, sympathy seeker bani.





  48. Love u Bani

    Hi guys…am a silent reader here…but whtever happened is not fair with Bani…wht the hell lopa thinks of herself…just act according to the show yaar,y to get the parents involved in a serious fight…and this lopa is so much insecured abt Bani..and as everyone knows bani doesnt have patience…so they target her…its like simply talk about something she is gonna piss off…being a bani Fan i would like to suggest bani not to react much to b****.am sorry if i hurt anyone,especially lopa fans,but BB this is just not done,if u take any action then take it on both….because lopa was also not correct…till now i just watch the show and come back to this page just to read the comment whatever it is shown in the precap i couldnt held myself back to come forward and support bani…this is not sympathy BB…it is how we relate ourself to the show,,even if some one comment on my parents i will not spare them…beacuse i know the value of loosing my father…so please stop this drama because the value of the show has already got down..

  49. Ruby

    Rohan is such a kid. Every time when somebody points his mistake,he starts to fight… kidzo..go to ur Papa Rahul.🐒🐒.!!!and this lopa is such a jealous bee..plz lopa grow up…stop targeting bani..u are nothing but a nagin..fake queen..!!learn some manners 1st..being such a feminist all the time and spoke about bani character and her mother… Bani has a single mother who is ill obviously she is protective towards her mother…but lopa is just a bigadi bacchi…!!so, cheap of you lopa .I hope u someday read this comment..and know that your are not even half of bani…!!

  50. RANdomfANCreationz


    |Registered Member

    Looks like some Lopa fans misunderstood me I m Not a Bani fan plus Lopa hater in fact I like both Bani and Lopa sometimes I like Lopa more sometimes I like Bani more and both have weaknesses. The way I read spoilers is that Bani said bad about Lopa’s dad and Lopa’s character but when i saw the episode Bani actually didn’t say anything about Lopa’s dad just about his wealth compared to Lopa speaking about her Mom’s health. So that’s why I said that Bani was portrayed negatively in the precap yes I agree she shouldn’t have said some things but i don’t think she crossed the limits like Baba and Priyanka so in precap as Lopa said about Bani using her Mom as a weapon I think Lopa was wrong but as I said precap are always misguiding. Sorry If I hurt any Lopa fans.
    I didn’t get to watch this episode so I said my POV based on the written updates . Now If I can see today’s epi I will have a better picture of the situation.

    • RANdomfANCreationz


      |Registered Member

      And yes forgot to mention from the written updates I think whatever Bani said to Lopa in the call centre task was in fun and sarcasm. And I loved their conversation in the end it became a big friendly. And as I said I didn’t watch this epi so I maybe wrong too. But this is my POV

  51. Johnnnn

    Bani & lopa both did wrong….. dnt support blindly guys…. Salman sir r bb take action both sides (both bani & lopa sides)…. yesterday is my last episode…. i’ll never c dis show at any cost….

  52. revealer

    Abi rohan hota bani ki jaga to big boss Ne evict krdia hota lekin bani punches mare lopa Ko mare itna violence Kr rhi thi but bani k against koi action nhi leta bani se to bigg boss bhi darte hn
    Rohan Ko to big boss foran target kre hn push krne per bhi
    Ab bani itna hinsa ker rhi uska hisab kon lega
    Evict bani

  53. RANdomfANCreationz


    |Registered Member

    Now i m reading news that after Bani and Lopa got physical Lopa didn’t say anything to bb like she didn’t demand an eviction of Bani and the precap is showing something else if it’s true that Lopa didn’t do anything that’s because maybe she felt bad by saying bani using her Mom as a victim and she knew she herself was also wrong then will support Lopa in that case but need to watch today’s episode to know what actually happened

  54. manveer gujjar best nitibha go

    Stop Manniti waniti
    Nikalo nitibha Ko
    Nitibha Ne ab tak manveer Ko use Kia hai
    Aur us din lar rahi rhi thi manveer k sath
    Kyun k usay pata tha k manveer gusay ka taiz hai to isliye manveer Ko provoke ker rahi thi
    Ta ke manveer kuch ker ker eliminate hojye
    Nitibha Ko pata nahin kab nikalege
    Yeh manveer ki image bhi is nitibha ki wajah se kharab Hui thi beech main

    • RANdomfANCreationz


      |Registered Member

      When I read ur ID name i thought u were Manveer and also nitibha’s fan 😂 Nitibha not good as a bb contestant i also used to think Nitibha used Manveer but now I think she was a true Friend. Whatever it is I think Nitibha proves to be a better Friend than Manu to Manveer

  55. manveer gujjar best nitibha go nitibha go

    Overconfident nitibha
    Manveer ki wajah se he yahan tak pohnchi
    Manveer Ko use ker rahi rhi rhi
    Ab dobara notanki ker rahi hai yeh nitibha sincere nahin hai
    Bahir jab dekhegi na k manveer per Is se zyada khubsurat larkiyan manveer per mar rahi thi,
    Jab manveer kuch ban jaega na tab maza ayega
    Nitibha Ko

    • kb

      nitibha ne koi use nh kiya usko..thk h manu k liye toh koi bolta nh ho..baat krne aagye nitibha fake h use krti 😡😐❌ in dono k dosti real manveer j. niti k sth tha tb softly tha bht acha tha na k niti kharab kiya..we all love to see bothz together.. #maniti smje..manveer n niti best in bigboss house

  56. manveer gujjar best nitibha go nitibha go

    Nitibha Ko nikalo bhai
    Yeh manveer ki image kharab kerwadegi
    Manveer inocent hai aur woh sincere tha apni feelings main
    But nitibha nahin
    Hum subko dekh rahay hain
    Aur bani Ko bhi eliminate kero hindsa allow nahin hai

    • Godbless

      you are wrong.. Nitibha is not using Manveer.. it is Mannu who does so… have you ever seen Nitibha talking bad about Manveer??? she is most trustable friend of Manveer, all know that.. even Nitibha supports Manveer most.. if you are following the show regularly you may have seen her conversion with Bani, what she told her… so stop saying faltu baatein…

    • Aarti32


      |Registered Member

      Don’t worry..Manveer is smart enough to know whoz fake..So plzz stop making everyone forcefully believe dat nitibha is not good frnd n has used manveer.. I don’t understand y u want to pluck a budding flower..May it be of love or frndship..Reading your ID name, I thought u wud support maniti..But u’re at an opposite track..

  57. Likitha

    bani and lopa both were wrong but bani andh bhakts are not ready to accept at all…illogical thoughts.

    BB show became very cheap.

    Thank God im supporting ROHAN who never gets personal for the game/task.

    i know bb doesn’t like genuine persons but still i vote for his fighting spirit and decency

  58. New one

    I don’t think anyone can use there parents just for the show like bb.. Bani can’t use her mother.. I know bani is most difficult person to understand.. But still whatever lopa said was not good or supportable.. No one is my favorite these season..

  59. David hauzel

    Bani taught me that u don’t always have to be strong, she allowed herself to breakdown but then she pick herself up and strive forward, even in her darkest hour she shows so much strength.
    The love she had for her family is outstanding, watching her interacting with her loved ones just makes me smile. she is so real and comfortable with herself. Love u Bani all the way from Manipur😘
    Thanks for this update and thanks to Bani again as she compelled me to write this comment😊

  60. Ashish

    Bani is a fool she shouldn’t have reacted like this instead she should have maintained her cool and composure as it was Lopa’s strategy to get her out of game. Lopa is a very cunning person she knew very well that her mom is her weak point and she attacked on her weak point so that Bani loses her cool and get physical with her and finally thrown out of the house and that Bani did what lopa wanted. All I have to say that both should be equally punished not just Bani but also lopa for instigating her

  61. manveer best hai go stupid nitibha go nitibha ko nikalo

    Manveer innocent hai
    Nitibha uski image kharab kerwaegi
    Nikalo nitibha Ko
    Ayi bari manveer Ko chamat marnay wali
    Ager bahir manveer ki fan following dekh Li na to behosh hojaegi
    Faltoo ki footage chahye is nitibha Ko to
    Bani ki burayi ki ab us k sath ghumti hai
    Bani Ko bhi nikalo hinsa kerti hai

    • Aarti32


      |Registered Member

      Haan bhai Haan..Nitibha ko nikal denge bas..Abhi shanti rakho na yaar..Do do baar comment kr k kya milega tumko Bhai..Jinko manna hoga manenge, jinko nhi manna hoga nhi manenge..Tum kyu apna blood pressure badha rhe ho

      • kp

        Hahaha aarti ji am laughing after read your comment no plz dont get me wrong actually i enjoyed reading your all comments today thats why i wrote in your post your all comments are solid

  62. manveer best hai go stupid nitibha go nitibha ko nikalo

    Task main bhi manveer Ko Dhaka derahi thi aur bolti hai manveer piche se Dhaka araha hai

  63. Ashish

    Bani is a fool she shouldn’t have reacted like this instead she should have maintained her calm and composure as it was Lopa’s strategy to get her out of game. Lopa is a very cunning person she knew very well that her mom is her weak point and she attacked on her weak point so that Bani loses her cool and would get physical with her and will finally be thrown out of the house and her plan succeeded as Bani did what she wanted so hats off to you lopa you are really a vamp. All I have to say that both should be equally punished not just Bani but also lopa for instigating her

  64. Shruti

    Maybe I am wrong, but what I can percieve is people used this task to get clarifications and strike at other’s game strategy. But Bani actually acted as a frustrated caller and did all the nonsense, which we often here on shows like Radiomirchi Bakra. So, if it was character of a frustrated caller then I really enjoyed it and loved her over the top acting. Actually, I really love RJ Naved’s show. So, I did not felt offended and would have loved more if Lopa would have answered equally wildly with the spunk.

  65. Anita

    Guys when bani was using lopa’s fathers name abt her makeup about her was totally acceptable..seriously u ppl are supporting bani??
    When lopa said the same thing or rather the truth about bani she reacted..guys pls sacchai dekho

  66. Neelam

    Bani is justufied….support u.darling..lopa stooped down real low..bano was funny in the task not so very personal.. bani cud have discussed Priyanka Jagga in the task but she did not… lopa..miss india …no way… support u bani alwayz..u r clean and a survivor

  67. Anita

    Dear c didnt commented on her mother..c jst said dt u gain sympathy..lopa is nt imsecure of her..sheknws that she takes a stand and mst of the tym she is r8..bani commented dt u ll nt gt a guy n mkeup ki dukann n hell lot of things n u thnk dt bani is justified??bani alws used gaurav was rude wid salman n c thnks dt c has a fan following so she can do anything@ neelam

  68. Asha

    whoever salman supports ( lopa) have never won the title. khali salman ki support milthi hai saturday’s ko to keep them motivated thinking they are on right track… its easily predictable now that Manveer ya manu will win the title

  69. aman

    Bani blind supporters k moo mat lago yeh blind hain ji, lopa nice by heart
    She is not like bani(who is herself a plastic surgery doll and commenting on others makeup , even after plastic surgery she also apply makeup)
    Bani doesn’t have right to comment on lopa that you apply makeup and all that.

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.