Bigg Boss 10 12th December 2016 Written Episode Update


Bigg Boss 10 12th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 56(continued)
Manveer says to Mona that niti deserves to reach till here, she worked hard. Mona says love start after arguments only, Niti says my friendship with boys start with fights only, Mona says you both are sleeping together too, Manveer when did that happen? Niti says we didnt sleep together, she puts hand on her face, embarrassed, Manveer says i was sleeping with Swami, Niti says Swami was crying so i asked Manveer to sleep wit him, my heart melts seeing elders cry.

Manveer says to Niti that i told Gaurav that i slept with Swami, Gaurav said that i slept on your bed, Mona said same thing, Niti says think about people hearing this outside, we dont have bad intentions, Manveer says cant girl and guy be friends?

says to Bani that all are talking to me about you since we started being friends because they cant talk to you, Bani says i dont talk about anyone, i didnt talk about Niti and Manveer too, Gaurav says they seem to have light scene, Bani says its mutual.

Day 57
Inmates wake up dancing to the tunes of ‘Kaanta Laga’. Manveer says to Rohan and Lopa that Priyanka got eliminated in funny way,Rahul says she shook house, Lopa says she was dropping filth. Manveer says she didnt even motivate in captaincy task, Lopa says she was giving swears on her kids. Priyanka is watching on tv and says Lopa you wont even get chance to play for captaincy, nobody voted for you.

Swami says in camera that Priyanka was great entertainer but these people eliminated her,Priyanka sees this and says shut up, dont talk about me oldie. Swami says to Bani that i did say those comments but i was asked to say all that by some people, forgive me,i have requested you a lot,i dont want to hurt you, Bani hums not listening to him. Priyanka sees this and says Swami would get slapped when i comeback, he is blaming a girl that she asked him to comment about other’s mother? you shameful man, cheap man. Swami says to Rahul that i dont care if i get eliminated,i dont feel like staying here after Priyanka left, what i had to do with Lopa and Bani,i was asked to say those words. Priyanka shows slipper to TV and says i am coming back, i will beat you with it,its for liars.

Bigg boss tell inmates that Jason is not part of show anymore because he is ill. Lopa says we hope he gets fine soon.Bigg boss asks Swami to come in confession room.
Swami comes in confession room, swami says how do i entertain when they are boycotting me? do something to end their boycott, inmates are listening to him seeing him on Tv. Swami says i wont use ill words again, i promise. Bigg boss says some weeks back, we gave chance to inmates to get immunity, you were not part of it so we are giving you chance to get immunity too. Bigg boss says you can get two weeks immunity but 10lacs will be deducted from show’s prize money, Swami says i agree to it, i dont want money, Bigg boss says so show’s prize money will become 15lacs, winner will get it, Swami says Bigg boss i am thankful for it, Bigg boss says you wont get that prize money, the winner will get that prize money so think about it, Swami says i dont care about me, i just want immunity then i will win in finale. Priyanka sees this on Tv and says he is filthy, he will give 10lacs to winner. Bigg boss asks Swami to leave. Swami comes out of confession room. he is oblivious to the fact that the housemates are watching this entire process through JIO TV and are extremely upset with his decision. Lopa asks what they said in confession room? Swami says i cant tell, Manveer says did you nominate anyone? Swami says i never nominate anyone, Rahul laughs, Swami says thank God Rahul laughed atleast. Lopa asks what they said inside? Manveer says Bigg boss dont you trust us or yourself? call me inside and offer me then i will answer you. Bigg Boss announces Swami Om safe from nominations as he took offer and now prize money is reduced to 15lacs. Manveer says are we playing for Swami? Swami says are you people above bigg boss? Manveer shouts him to shut up, you ate 10lacs, Swami says i didnt eat your money, it was my money as i am going to win only, i wont take 15lacs too. Lopa says its useless to argue with him because bigg boss offered him, others might have taken too, dont blame him this much, Niti says its 2weeks immunity, Swami says you got it too, Niti says i won it, Swami says i would have won if i took part in it. Manveer says we are earning for Swami here.

Manveer says to Niti that Swami was talking normally till morning and now yelling, he is chicken masala, i should burn his boxers, Niti laughs. Swami comes there and says you are miffed with me, that time Niti reduced prize money too, that time you didnt blame her. Manveer goes in jail washroom to avoid him. Swami says to Gaurav that even Manveer bid highest to get immunity, Bani says i want silence for 5minutes, Swami says nobody is letting me talk, this is not your house Bani. Bani says so much noise pollution, Bani and Gaurav leaves. Swami says they think they are superstars. Niti says to Mona and Manveer that he will make us run from house, Manveer says he is winner, Niti says i think so too. Swami says i am winner. Mona asks Niti what would you have done if you got that offer? Niti says i would have taken immunity, Lopa says thats why dont blame Swami. Manveer says i wouldnt have taken it, Niti says he never thought happiness of us earlier so why would he think about us now? Mona says he always said he is playing individually so we cant really blame him, we dont think about him too.
Gaurav says there will be twist in nominations.
Mona asks Swami to think above urine now, do something different, Lopa says dance naked now. Mona says he was dancing like mad man, Swami dances like it, Mona laughs.

Starting nominations for the week with a new task, Bigg Boss asks each contestant to wear a belt with a balloon attached to it. During the task, five buzzers will ring and after every buzzer, one contestant is required to nominate another contestant by bursting his/her balloon supported by a justified reason. Om Swami is made the sanchalak(referee) of the task.

Buzzer plays. Swami ask inmates to come in lounge. Rahul comes and takes pin to burst balloon. Rahul says lets finish game, Manveer says burst my balloon if you want, Rahul says this is trouble, Manveer asks him to think about some other options, Rahul says 4 are girls, one is son, one is brother, what to do? Swami says they wont leave even if they get nominated, Manveer says if you calculate like this then i will do same things too, Rahul says i have to start game, Manveer says i can see what you are doing, why you are nominating me? Swami says you have fan following, if anyone tried to nominate Amitabh then would it affect him? no. Manveer takes off his balloon and asks for pin, Rahul says you can burst your own balloon, Manveer says just say you nominated me, Manveer bursts his own balloon and says now announce that you nominated me. Rahul says nothing is in my hand, Manveer says you only found me to nominate?

Bigg boss says to inmates that we told you no inmate cant burst his own balloon, Manveer there is another balloon in store, wear it. Rahul says to Manveer that we have nominate 5people, its simple. Manveer wears another balloon. Buzzer plays again. Manveer takes pin and bursts Rahul’s balloon. He says Rahul is strong and i dont want him in house, Rahul is nominated.

Buzzer plays, Rahul takes pin and bursts Manveer’s balloon, he says Manveer compared me with Swami, i have good relation with him but i didnt like his comment. Gaurav whispers to Bani that if we want to save our people then burst Niti’s balloon on next buzzer then i can burst Mona’s balloon, Bani says true.
Swami says to Manveer that one inmate burst as many balloons as he wants.
Bani says to Gaurav that Manveer might burst balloon again. Rahul says be might target Bani, Gaurav or Rohan.

Buzzer plays, Bani takes pin and bursts Niti’s balloon, she says i have to nominate someone, Niti says this is not valid reason, Bigg boss says you have to valid reason. Niti says people dont understand things here. Bani says my reason for nominating her is that she get immature to understand things. Niti says atleast i listen and dont cry. Bani says i am fake, i cry and am rude.

Gaurav says to Bani that i will try to get pin on next buzzer but they will run for it and i am warning you that they can burst your balloon, Bani says how will i save my balloon? he says i will try to get balloon. he starts leaving, Bani mumbles something, Gaurav says dont talk behind my back, Bani says i can say anything i want, Gaurav says then dont ask me to not talk to others, Gaurav leaves. Bani says dude do what you want.
Manveer says to Niti that dont nominate anyone, dont become bad in anyone’s eyes, just see who will nominate who, niti says Bani is waiting for me to nominate her, Manveer says thats why i am asking you to see who is going to nominate who, Niti says you are so smart.
Bani says to Gaurav that did i say anything when you said you dont want to burst anyone’s balloon next because you want to look nice. Bani says i didnt want to burst Niti’s balloon, i wanted to wait but i did because of you. Gaurav says what is your point? Bani says to Gaurav that i have done this +for you so you get up, take pin next. Gaurav says why should I? Bani says you make it seem like you wont nominate at all, i tried to make you understand, Gaurav says i dont understand how to communicate with you, dont expect things from me which you dont do for me, Bani says i didnt ask you anything, you are going to other topic, Gaurav says i dont react like you do.

Gaurav asks Mona if you are taking pin or me next? i dont want to burst anyone’s balloon, Mona says lets see when buzzer plays. Gaurav says Niti will burst Bani’s balloon, we tried to save our team which includes you too but as we have attacked them, now they will attack our side, i tried to save our team, Bani said she nominated Niti on my saying but it isnt true, if you dont want to nominate then i will ask someone else, Mona says yes go ahead, he leaves. Mona says i didnt understand what he said?
Gaurav says to Niti that burst my balloon next, Niti says its my call, Gaurav says just in case, if you want to nominate, Gaurav says i and Rahul asked Bani to burst your balloon, she says why? Gaurav says we thought boys wont like nice doing it so asked her to do it, Niti says thats no reason to nominate someone, Gaurav says no one is following it, Niti says it was planned, that is cheap, Gaurav says yes it is cheap, Niti says i dont want to be part of it, dont advice me, i will do what i want, Gaurav says i am requesting you, Niti says if you had given me valid reason to nominate me then i would have take it sportingly. Manveer asks Lopa what Gaurav is doing? Lopa says i thought Bani would nominate me but when she didnt, i understood.
Gaurav comes to Bani and says situation is that you have to take pin and burst mine, she says why? Gaurav says i dont want to nominate Mona, Mona doesnt want to nominate me, Lopa and Rohan dont want to burst mine, and i dont want to burst theirs so situation will come on you and you will get nominated and i have hand in it so i dont want it, so think of good reason and nominate me, i will take is smilingly, Bani says i wont do it, i dont want to do that, i didnt even want to nominate Niti, you planned to nominate Mona after Nit then why did you change plan? Gaurav says she supported me a lot, i feel bad to play game with her, nominate me, Bani says nominate mona and tell her that you are playing game, you think i wanted to nominate Niti? but i did it, Gaurav says i dont feel like nominating Mona, i am being emotional fool right now, its fine, i am ready to get nominate, Bani says i dont want to nominate you, why should i do it? we cant all stay here as happy family, Gaurav says i understand, Bani says then stop being emotional fool and do it.

Buzzer plays. Bani says i will show that i will play with heart now, i will show you. Bani says i will nominate Lopa now, Lopa says you should have done it earlier only, i knew you would do it. Bani says i know, Lopa is strong contender and we dont get along, she bursts Lopa’s balloon and nominates her.

Lopa says to Gaurav that dont me what i should do, i am not Bani, i take my decisions, Lopa says i am not Bani, I am Lopa, you cant fool me like you fooled Bani, Gaurav says i am not fooling anyone, i wanted to take along everyone with me, i just dont want to nominate anyone, Bani was okay to nominate Niti, Rohan says Gaurav wanted to save you too, Lopa says Gaurav asked Bani to pick up pin and saved himself.
Manveer says to Niti that they dont understand anything.
Bani says to Gaurav that am i that stupid to nominate you? i am little stupid but not in this matter? Gaurav says just give reason that you are miffed with me and then nominate me. Bani says what are you saying Gaurav? actually let them nominate me, i want to see your face when they nominate me because its your fault. Lopa says Bani did what she wanted that was to nominate me.

Buzzer plays. Lopa takes pin, Bani runs here and there so Lopa cant burst her balloon, Lopa says till when she will keep running? Gaurav says Lopa dont do it.. Lopa says dont tell me what to do, Gaurav says be polite, i am talking to you politely, Lopa says dont tell me what i have to do. Bani is running away from Lopa, Lopa asks her if she should burst Gaurav’s balloon if she is not coming? Gaurav says yes, Bani runs away from her, Lopa runs behind her, Lopa bursts Bani’s balloon, Lopa says i told you, you can run much, sorry babe, Bani says its okay. Lopa says reason to nominate Bani is that she nominated mine and i nominated her.
Bigg boss says nominations are done. BANI, LOPA, RAHUL, MANVEER and NITI are nominated.

Manu surprises Priyanka as he joins her in the secret room. Priyanka gives him a tight hug. Priyanka says Swami is filthy, Manu says yes, Priyanka says he is blaming us for his games. Manu says you didnt tell anything to anyone of us, Priyanka says you used to not listen to me, i used to tell you to remove Mona, Mona got saved again, Manu says i am feeling bad now. You know why went? my mother died, Priyanka is shocked and says how? Manu says she had heart problem, Priyanka hugs him, Manu says everything is shown outside, i feel like i am still not in house. Priyanka says Manveer and Niti have become team, they dont want to bark.
In house, Mona asks if he and Bani are not on talking terms again? Gaurav says no one is talking to me rightnow except you? she says really. Manu and Priyanka watches them, Manu says full setting is going on between them. Gaurav says to Mona that i asked people to nominate me but they still thought i was planning something for myself, Mona says i am going mad, i am root of this, Gaurav says i am root cause of this, not you. Manu sees this and says to Priyanka that she is innocent, Priyanka says dont call her innocent now, i will punch you. Gaurav says i would nominate you saying that you are really nice and cook good food for me and talk to me with her eyes sometimes, Mona laughs and says dont say it, i feel weird, let friendship go away in this house. Priyanka says to Manu that this man is really clever.

Priyanka says we thought Mona is no competition so nobody gave her attention and she reached till her safely. Manu says i still Mona as my friend, she says even now? Manu says i didnt see anything wrong Mona did, but why she misbehaved with Manveer? all have gone mad in 7days, Priyanka says it seems like you have comeback after years, Manu says public is saying you have took on everything. Manu says everything has gone upside down, dont know what is happening, Mona and Manveer are separate corners, Niti has become Manveer’s voice, Gaurav is standing with Bani even if she kicking him, Priyanka laughs.

PRECAP- Bigg boss says to Manu and Priyanka that you both will rule house. We will ask inmates to take decisions, they will decide but you both will take those decisions in real. First decision is to ban Bani from using gym, all inmates select from yes or no thinking their decision will be final. Manu and Priyanka takes that decision and bans her. Bigg boss tell inmates that inmates have decided that Bani wont use gym, Gaurav says what? Bani thinks that inmates took that decision and get upset. Lopa says to Rahul that you dont have to look at me everytime. Swami says this is great. Priyanka and Manu sends Gaurav and Mona in Jacuzzi. Gaurav is shirtless and Mona is in bikini. Mona and Gaurav sensually dances in pool, inmates enjoy it, Manu bites his lip seeing it. Mona and Gaurav splashes water on each other, Priyanka comments that she is doing this now and she will different seeing you, Manu says everything has gone wrong with me.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Om Ji should be out of the Big Boss house. I just can’t understand why people find him entertaining and from which angle. He is loud, impolite, uses bad words, has no respect for any housemates either men or women, young or old. He lies all the time. He does not participate in any task- the most disgusting character in the show. Lately I don’t feel like watching the show because of him.

    1. rishi malhotra

      Mona kya kar rahi nude dance in bikni with gaurav

  2. People are not finding him entertaining, it’s only bigg boss who likes him alot, this om Baba and priyanka jaga are pieces of garbage and should be thrown out of the house seriously, very happy seeing Manu back, but lopa should be the winner, what a cheap game this gaurav is playing he made bani fool , what the hell with this gaurav, cheap mentality guy , he is getting worse day by day . I didn’t expect from him , first the captaincy task and now this task , that’s what his real face is ? .

    1. Bro shouldn’t he play his game? Others are doing that so what’s up with you blaming him playing his own game… just get a life n stop getting worn out

      1. Playing the game dosn’t mean
        – judgeing other people
        – disrespecting women
        – stealing
        – do mistakes and saying sorry
        – using ur age factor so u dont do acts
        Baba is the worst ‘thing’ that happened in BB house.

  3. Jason K. Shah

    Swami Om! Oh my lord. He is the greatest entertainer of all time. Love him so much.

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Haha hi Kantilal ? Jason not part of bb anymore he was the only new wildcard this Season who was at least doing something kinda missing Jason , hey kantilal oh u r also baba ki bhakth

  4. ohh….god.. what’s going on…it seem to be … big b is strting to play game… it realy. about to brk the frndshp btwn mona.. and manu…and ofcrse…that jagga strtng her chp..dvidng polcy…which she was tryng to do before… lets see the exprssn of mona manvr.. when they will see manu…

  5. U guys r jst telling dt bani is going well…..Bt her mentality is vry cheap dts why she did not want any1 to eat her protein cake nd she is really using gourav…..always wants help from gourav…now who thinks vani should win…tell me guys…tell me commenters

    1. I m not a bani fan….bt again protein cake topic….r u guys having only this topic to prove her mentality….nothing else…n here gaurav is using bani n vice versa…. n they both knew this…n I think there is no pure frndship between them…they are just trying to understand other’s game plan or playing game

    2. Hello mahi hope you doing good but my friend cake topic is over and that topic doesn’t describe the mentality of bani and if bani want help from gaurav than its ok they are friend and one more thing we commentaters can’t decide who is going to win may be that pakhandi baba but i hate him v much

    3. Mahi g…..bani is really doing well….bani and lopa are the most genuine and true persons in the house….i knw dey both dont get along well but they show it publically atleast not like others……and bani is not using gaurav…..gaurav is using bani
      even rohan also used bani…..she was the one who collected more gold for him in captaincy task and she convinced him to take care of safe…otherwise manu and lopa could have stolen the gold easily…
      bani has a very huge fan following….she will definitely win…

    4. Go watch unseen parts on voot app! She shared her cake with everyone except lopa and Rohan, who weren’t present there! Just to create a line of gossips, bigg boss cut that part out! Don’t judge someone before knowing the whole story!

    5. RANdomfANCreationz

      I don’t know why most bani haters are giving reason that she was bad in roadies. I never saw roadies but it’s also possible that she might have changed over the years people do angel so just chill, i think Gaurav tackled this nomination task smartly

      1. Dude i want her to win. Gaurav and Bani r good friends and as far as i know ppl need friends to survive in the house.

  6. more sneha…arre om bhai aur kitna travel karega sneha ki dimag mein????yaar like seriously iss gaurav ko huya kya hai????kabhi bani se ladta hai toh kabhi bani se dosti karta hai…wat was he trying to do in nominations?????he wanted to save bani ryt???so why does he simply pick fights in middle of the task????and priyanka…taaliya!!!!!wat is she trying to do???dividing and poisoning manus mind….and yes…our own swami ommmmmmmmmmm…..this guy knowing tht he wont win the prize money…just deducted half the money for a shit piece of immunity….dude wat ru????johnny sins???

    1. Hahaha i am still laughing aakashi as you said our own swami ooooooooom lagta hai pakhandi om tumharey dimaag mei ghuss kar tumse our own swami likhwa diya haha joking

      and don’t worry bani and gaurav are friends

  7. Debang said bani z using n now itz clear whoz using whom…gaurav dint xpected from u..bani lwayz doin according to him n supported him..bani itz high time u should take ur own decisions as gaurav playing clever game…manu n priyanka started plotting..mona how easily she get saved from nominations in every week..

  8. i don understand still the cake incident not sorted out..many viewers thinks that she dint evn shared her cake except gaurav bczbb aired the epi like that n edited..but in reality she shared caked wid everyone who were present while cake cutting..full video s there in voot unseen videos juzcheck it out..bcz i have seen video everyone eaten manu,manveer,mona, niti,rahul,priyanka n wild card entriesonly lopa and rohan was not there as both werenot present while cake cutting…bani z nt using gaurav itz cleared in todayz epi..gaurav z using bani n playing clever game..

    1. Really u r therr when protin birthday cake was shared to all by bani..even banis closest friend did guessed it by seeing voot n not able to answered it in weekend. The question is of protin cake which she do not shared to all but she may share non protin cake.

  9. it was too much…what is happening in the house, now gaurav is playing mind game….fighting…patch up…fighting…patch up..that’s all…BTW I agree wid lopa….anyone in the place of baba probably took immunity….but BB’s love interest is baba…not anyone else in the house…n ssly it’s irritating…when that creepy creature says that I m the only winner…. shakal dkhi h aaine me….itna confidence tha toh immunity kyu li…I want to see Mona n manveer’s reacn when manu will enter….n finally rohan is safe…yippy?…

    1. Jab banda jeetega hi nahi to bekar prize money k sath kyu khel rhw ho wo bhi sirf 2 hafte or dikhne ke liye swami om lopa aur niti all are brainless creatures k humko pata hai hum jeenge nahi per pesa kisi aur ke kam bhi na ae usko pata hai jis din bhi wo nominate hua ek wo ek jagga seede bahar jayenge

  10. what is this swami doing . pahle faltu m rone laga k mera priyanka k bina dil nhi lag rHa m toh is shukarwar ja rHa hun . fir 10,00,000 dekar two weeks ki immunity le li . disgusting .

    1. Hello simran have you ever come chandigarh state capital of haryana v good city

      And you are right pakhandi can live without anyone i think baba will go to end point in bb

      1. ya kp Chandigarh Punjabi ki bhi capital city hai . m kabhi Chandigarh m ghumi nhi hun . but ek bar m wahan k Nada sahib gurudwere aayi thi

      2. Hey Kp want me to break your leg?

      3. Whaaaaat??? Simran i reckon you as my best friend here than why you want break my leg anything wrong by me but i won’t say anything to you because i dont know what to say but i respect you very much simran

      4. kp I swear its not me . ye koi aur hai . I don’t know who is she or he . sirf naam same hai . trust me . u r my frnd. I respect u a lot . m aapke bare m aisa ku bolu gi . plzzzzzzzzzzzzzx trust me ye koi aur hai Jo mera name laker aapko ye sab bol raha hai. agar aapko vishwas nhi hai toh kasam kha kr bolti hoon
        u can see logo bhi change hai. aur mene aapke baat ka kitna acha reply kiya tha. Chandigarh wali baat ka . agr aapne mujhe kabhi bhi frnd samjha hai toh trust me plzzz

      5. Oh simran am really sorry it means she/he is another sneha i think and plz you don’t need to take “kasam” bcz yes i do, full trust on you my friend

      6. thank u soooooooooooo much kp to believing in me and ya I just that person who is trying to create fight between us.

  11. bani – endemol girl
    lopa – salman’s fav
    M2 – creative team favs as they want them to be in TOP 3 to justify the concept of celebs vs commoners

    Rohan Mehra – Bali ka Bakra….As he is frm STARPLUS…he is threat for all their favs…so dnt want to give him footafe dethroned frm captaincy..editing his fighrs n scenes….

    still what ever be the screen time he never disappoints…he never backstabs,b*t*hing,not interested in any flithy scenes..

    proud to be a Rohan mehra Fan

    Biggboss already make commoners win

    Nitibha – 25 lacs
    Baba – 10 lacs
    15 lacs also reserved for commoners only

    in 40 mins of show clearly showb what footage u r giving….thats y TRP is down

  12. manveer u r not looking good with nitiba n dat dhonge urja wale baba so unse alag hi raho tum unke sath rahte ho toh tumhare image bad dikte hai………..

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      But i like manveer-Nitibha pair ??? even more than bani-Gaurav or Mona-manu there is a saying opposites attract ?? jokes apart, as contestant Manveer is amazing nitibha i also don’t really like her much and looks like she if not Rahul Ji will be the one evicted this week .
      Hopefully Bani, Lopa and Manveer will be safe, loving these 3.
      Everyone is waiting for baba to come out the house baba Ke Toh Gaya Kam se ?

  13. aur woh nitiba bahut chalu hai woh sirf 2mra game ke liye use kar rahi hai game over toh uske 100 called frndshp bhi over manveer plz tum apni game khelo kisi ke influence me akhe nai……………
    aur aap bahut sweet ho

  14.’s true…n vaise b 2 week he rhenge vo dono uss house mein(if BB ne kuch aur favor nhi kiya toh) jagga ko sbse kam vote the iss baar b…sahil se b kum…fir b niklne nhi diya….bt jb b honge nominate tbhi eliminate hona sure h un dono ka

  15. Very disappointed . I thought bb is for janta and on janta choice but bb 10 proved that it’s all bb game . Bb wants to keep rubbish in this show .
    This is clear insult for women as om g comments on women . in bb whoever participating they are representing us. this is our insult whatever om g and jagga doing. They don’t have any limits.
    . Om g is a god creature who is denying from his blood relations for his own purpose so what we can expect from him ?
    Jagga was out but bb saved her we even know when he gave that Unfair task I mean traffic task caz when bb gave goldmine task bb gave a secret task too but in traffic task he didn’t so all points which jagga took was hers and definitely she had more than others. Which was Unfair with other inmates.!!! What was the point to keep her in secret room ??? She already full of poison snake bb wants more poison.
    Bb wants only jagga back but he made drama of 4 wild cards he sent out sahil even he had more votes then jagga dako!!!!!
    And 2nd what’s the point to give om g that especial chance of 2 weeks immunity from prize money . Isn’t it an unfairness with other inmates ??? Bb already saving om g and jagga . If he was not there it was his problem!!!! Now even bb give task to earn prize money (as in last season bb9 ) all inmates have to work hard and on the end nothing in the hands. Caz don’t know who have the rope of which amount and they leave .
    Actually bb wants to save from prize money …

    That was manu and jagga decision to send mona and gauruv in jacuzzi and they obeyed as it was bb order but jagga poised manu mind.

  16. Mannu is back…….but,priyanka ki Baat per nehi Ana…niti doing lyk Mona with manveer ,plz evict her,Mona ,what will u do,when mannu will back in house???waiting…

  17. Gaurav is rlyy smart man..
    he tried to manipulate evry1 around..
    & Lopaa,, ur words.. u cant foool me.. i m not Bani..(no offence to bani Guyss,,but t wayy Gaurav utilised her)
    now I hope,, evn Bani doesnt givs him a chance to backstab again..
    & now Precap,, Mona k saaath.. i m sure ye Daaaku ka hi order hogaa.. Lolll
    & Luvvvv uhh Lopaaa..<3

  18. NItibha Ko koi vote nahin ker raha to manveer k pichay lag gyi, Ta k manveer ki fan following se faida uthaye , manveer kya ker raha hai cheap logo k sath , iska to dimagh he use nahin krna arha hai

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