Bigg Boss 10 11th December 2016 Written Episode Update


Bigg Boss 10 11th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Salman comes on stage and dances on song desi beat song. Salman welcomes everyone to Bigg boss. Salman says we will evict one inmate today too. PRIYANKA, BANI, NITI, LOPA, MANVEER, and ROHAN are nominated, Sahil got evicted yesterday only but inmates dont know that there will be one more eviction today with a twist but first i want to tell that Jason is in not in house because he is sick and in hospital.
Krishna and Bharti comes on stage. They dance funnily, Salman laughs. They are dressed as kids, Krishna says i am happy, Bharti says oh my God i am on Bigg boss show, this my favorite show, Salman asks who is your favorite contestant? Bharti says the one who comes on weekend and take off coat after sometime, Bharti says Salman is standing like a straight line, she says

he is same who dances with towel inbetween his legs, Salman laughs, Bharti says one friend didnt find towel so he used electric wire instead of towel and had to go to hospital, Salman laughs. Krishna says Bharti will become director as she looks like David Dhawan, all laugh. Bharti and Krishna jokes some more, they leave stage. Salman says they are most talented comedians in our country.

Salman connects call to house. Salman greets inmates, Salman says we did all serious talk yesterday, now we will joke only. Salman says we will play slap game where one inmate will be asked some statements and if majority find that statement true then the person sitting on slapping chair will get slapped by fake hand. Salman asks Swami to sit on slapping chair first. Swami sits on chair. Salman says i said i will call you Om only but it doesnt suite my culture, you are elder so we will call you Om ji, all clap for this. Salman says first statement is that Swami calling Priyanka daughter is just show off, majority agree with that so Swami gets slapped. Salman says second statement is that audience wont watch show without him, is it lie? Swami says i didnt say it, all inmates agree to it, Swami gets slapped. Salman says next statement is that Swami most lie, all inmates agree, Swami says i do acting, Swami gets slapped again. Salman says next statement that Swami’s tears can make crocodile shy away, majority agree, Priyanka says i dont know, Swami gets slapped again.
Next is Bani on slapping chair. Salman says first statement is that her friendship with Priyanka is fake, Gaurav says they are not much good friends, most agree, Bani gets slapped. Salman says Bani is selfish, all agree except Gaurav, Bani is slapped again, Bani says why i am getting slapped without even saying anything? all laugh, Salman says next statement is that Bani is rude with inmates all agree, Bani is slapped again. Salman says Bani is insecure of Lopa, majority doesnt agree so she doesnt get slapped. Rohan says i have noticed that Bani always pick on Lopa, Salman says they are both strong women so it had to happen but when they become friends then they will be strong friends. Salman says next statement is that Bani use tears to get out of situation, most agree, Bani is slapped again. Salman asks Niti, why she agree? Niti says her reaction is either aggressive or emotional.
Next is Lopa on slapping chair. Salman says first statement is that Lopa can cross any limit to go ahead in game, Rohan, Rahul, Gaurav, Bani doesnt agree, majority agrees, Lopa gets slapped. Salman says next statement is that Lopa is jealous of Bani, celebs including Bani, Niti and Manveer doesnt agree. Salman says next statement that Lopa’s immaturity is reason for her fights, all most agree, Lopa says Rohan did you just say yes? all laugh, she gets slapped, Lopa says it hurts. Rohan says she fights with me because of being immature, Lopa says dont get personal, all laugh. Salman says you are immature too. Lopa says i wont spare them. Slapping game ends.
Salman says we should show you pictures of what happened in house. First picture shows Gaurav sadly sitting in restroom when he was angry on Bani, all laugh. Rahul says what to say sir? i am blown away, all laugh. Next picture is Gaurav and Mona eating watermelon, Salman asks Om what he thinks? Om says you would get miffed if i comment, they are talking how to throw me out of house. Mona says Gaurav was talking about Bani and i was asking to talk to her. Salman says you didnt have to tell truth. Next image shows Jason shirtless and in boxer briefs close to Priyanka in taxi task, all laugh, Bani says Priyanka is asking for fine and Jason is saying i dont have money, take other things of mine, all laugh.
Salman says to inmates that Bani, Mona, Swami, do you know that you have double roles? Swami says i am Swami in real world and entertainer here so i have double role. Salman says welcome Bani, Mona and Swami from comedy nights bachao show. Krishna as Swami, Sudesh as Mona and Aditi as Bani comes there. Salman asks Krishna why he is wearing shoes in hands? he says i dont put edible things in feet, all laugh. Krishna acts like Swami, all are laughing, Krishna says bigg boss says famous for Priyanka Jagga and Swami’s mugga(mug in which he peed), all laugh. Sudesh starts dancing like Mona, Mona is laughing. Krishna says she was dancing like my cockroach went in her dress, i am miffed that you ignore me, Sudesh says all try to remain away from you, Krishna says i watched bhoujpuri movies, they make fun of their movie names, Sudesh says Swami’s movie name would be ‘little wet, little yellow’, all laugh, he says why you peed in kitchen? Krishna says inmates should be scared that i can fill mug again. Krishna says Bani is coming so we should apply deodorant. Aditi comes dressed like Bani, she acts like showing her muscles, Krishna says see cockroach on your hand, Aditi says this is my tattoo. Sudesh says if you apply cow dung on arms then it will become tattoo. Krishna says i get hungry listening about cow dung, all laugh. Aditi calls Krishna/Swami thief, Krishna says i am a swami, once i saw mysterious things on road, i started mantras but got hit by bike, all laugh. Sudesh says why you stammer Swami? Krishna says milk solidified in mt ear, all laugh. Krishna says i sleep sitting in cock position and i get pee pressure in that position, all laugh. Swami says Krishna mimicked me so well, Krishna says bring your tongue out like you do, Swami does, Krishna mimics him, all laugh. Krishna says Swami we are all your fans, Swami says you are great entertainer, Krishna, Sudesh and Aditi leaves. Salman ends call.

On stage, Salman welcomes Rohan’s co-star Hina Khan, Bani’s friends Nitin and sheetal. They come there. Salman welcomes them. Salman asks Hina how many episodes you did with Rohan? she says around 500, Salman asks Rohan is like this in real life too? Hina says he is like this outside, i have never seen him raising voice but he took stand for himself and i was proud him. Salman asks Nitin, Nitin says Bani is exactly like this in real life. Sheetal says Bani is not selfish, she is self focused. Salman says she didnt let anyone eat her cake. Sheetal says it was especially for her diet so she didnt share, Salman says i would never do it. Salman asks hina about Lopa’s friendship with Rohan. Hina says Lopa is support system for Rohan, i was proud that when Lopa was crying because Gaurav fought with her, Rohan didnt hug her like friends do but Rohan because he knows where to draw the line, Salman asks what is his maturity level? Hina says he is playing fair, i want to talk about incident, Priyanka almost spit on his face, that was not cool, Rohan never crossed his line, he is playing with mind. Salman says she didn spit, Hina says he had to wipe his face, her kids are watching, she is mother herself, what is she teaching them? Salman says i have no idea, all laugh. Salman asks Sheetal if she agrees with Hina, sheetal says Bani supported Rohan in his captaincy but he nominated her, he used Bani. Hina says Bani has many mood swings, she walks out most of the times, i feel like she is right but she should bear sometimes too. Nitin says Bani is emotional too, Sheetal says Bani is self made person. Salman says we all are self made person. Salman asks why Rohan looks lost these days in house? Hina says i thought if i saw him today, i would have said that its hightime to fine tune yourself and take stand for right things, he has to comeback in form. Salman thanks them, they leave.

Salman welcomes Mobin as producer and Anita as channel head. Anita comes there and says today i will act like colors channel head. She acts like getting call and says what someone peed in house? make him wear diapers.. she says i am not talking abotu bigg boss house, about my personal house. Mobin comes there and says Mona left my film named “husband was hungy so i spit at him”. Mobin says everything is happening in house because of Swami, let me show you. clip plays, Swami’s voice is dubbed and says in camera that i will say mantra which will start fights, he say funny mantras. Dubbed video plays in which Lopa’s voice is dubbed saying Swami has lice in his beardm clip ends. Salman claps for Mobin for dubbing in different voices. Anita and Mobin leaves.

Salman connects call to house again. Salman says you all have to get ready for caller of week. Call is connected to caller, caller says i want to ask Rahul that you look like babysitter of Lopa and Rohan, you dont look interested, Rahul says i am trying my best, Salman says he is trying his best, we would love to see him like that, all laugh, call ends. Salman says Bigg boss’s eye is coming with Karan and Pooja will mimic Lopa. Bharti comes there dressed as Bigg boss eye, she dances on ankhiyon se goli mare. Bharti says bigg boss’s eye had cataract after seeing Swami, all laugh, Swami says i will make it fine, Bharti says you are mother’s eye, all laugh, Bharti says why you keep peeing everywhere? if bigg boss wanted this dirty things then they would have brought Rakhi Sawant, atleast she is beautiful. Karan comes there as reporter, he asks will you leave interview like Bani? Bharti says she didnt leave interview, she went to loo, Karan asks who are best friends? Bharti says Priyanka and Swami, they are pee buddy, all laugh, Karan says Swami peed in kitchen, Bharti says he ate dinner in washroom then, Karan says Swami met his fans and they beat him, Swami says they made me wear garlands, Bharti says from where do you recharge? your talk time never ends, all laugh, Karan says Swami says people watch bigg boss for him, Bharti says they are waiting for him to come out so they can beat him, all laugh. Karan asks whom you like most? Bharti says i like Lopa most, she calls pooja who is dressed as Lopa and wearing beauty pageant crown. Karan asks why you threw tissue on Swami? Pooja says i want to thank my family first, my sister, my brother in law, Bharti says thank your milkman too, why did you throw tissue on Swami? Pooja says i wanted Swami to wipe his face, Bharti says you should have pushed Swami in pool, he needs to take bath and wash his face, all laugh. Karan says Neil Nitin Mukush has come in house, Bharti says its Jason Kantilal shah, Salman laughs listening it. Lopa says i want to thank my fans before going, Bharti says leave Lopa, Pooja leaves. Bharti and Karan leaves too. Salman laughs on Jason being called Neil Nitin. Salman says Jason has gone mad saying Katrina cut his role in movie Fitoor, all laugh. Salman says we wanted inmates to have light mood thats why arranged this, he ends call.

Salman says our eyes and ear can be deceived, what if we call a man who can do things which we cant even think of. Salman welcomes world famous mentalist Amir. Amir hugs him and asks how is he? Salman says everything fine. Salman asks what does mentalist mean? Amir says its guy playing with mind, for example reading mind, how can astonish you. Salman says you can play with my mind? Amir says yes. Amir says think about some number in your mind, Salman says i did, Amir says i put something in your pocket, open it up, Salman says i thought number 27, he opens page and its 27 written on it. Krishna and Bharti comes there. Amir asks bharti to close her eyes, she does. Amir touches Krishna on his back and asks Bharti where did i touch you? Bharti says at my back. Amir shows some more tricks. Krishna and Bharti leaves. Amir asks Salman to think about some picture, he turns away from Salman and asks Salman to draw it on paper, Salman starts drawing it, Amir is drawing on his paper too. Amir shows him both pictures same. Amir asks Salman to hold jug, Salman does, Amir stands near jug and breaks jug without touching it, Salman is stunned. Salman says amazing, he hugs Amir and says he is very famous in whole world. Salman says Amir will go in house too, Amir will evict one inmate in his style, Salman says you are going in for first time? Amir says yes, Salman says i should warn you about person in house who can walk on water, Amir laughs. Amir goes in house.

In bigg boss house:
Amir comes in house with his luggage. Lopa meets him. Swami comes and hugs him. Lopa asks if he is wild card entry? Amir says lets go inside first. Amir comes in house. Swami says we hope you reveal your suspense. Amir ask inmates to sit down. Amir brings Bani in kitchen. He bring spoons in lounge and says i want to show you something. he makes Bani hold spoon and bends it without touching it, all clap. Amir breaks spoon without touching it. Swami hugs him. Mona says i want to do it today. Amir asks him to bring orange. Mona brings it. Amir asks for money, Bigg boss sends one fake note. Amir tears note and give it to Lopa, he asks Bani to give one orange, she does, Amir cuts orange and note is inside it, all inmates are stunned. Bani lie inbetween chairs, her belly is in air, he asks Manveer to stand on her belly, she is numb, Manveer does, all inmates are shocked and bows to Amir. Bani is not hurt by Manveer standing on her belly, all inmates are in shock. Amir asks Bani to break, Bani wakes up and says i felt everything. Lopa bows to Amir. Amir asks Mona to look at him, she looks at him and asks whats your name? Mona is numb looking in his eyes and is not able to say her name, inmates laugh. Bigg boss says its time for Amir to leave. Amir hugs Bani, Lopa. Amir says i will do last trick in garden. All come in garden. He ask inmates to stand in line, all does but Swami says i dont want to be pare of it. Amir shows alphabets to inmates and give them some alphabets and ask them to shuffle, they do. Amir shows his card of alphabets, Rohan select 8cards and each is given to inmate. Lopa says my alphabet is P, she sticks on board, all inmates put their alphabets on board. All alphabets make ‘Priyanka on board. Bigg boss says this shows that PRIYANKA IS ELIMINATED. Rohana hugs Amir. Priyanka goes to pack her stuff. Rohan says i eliminated Priyanka, Lopa cheers. Priyanka says to Manveer that i felt he would evict me. Amir leaves house. Manveer asks Priyanka to atleast meet. Priyanka says no. Priyanka picks her stuff and leaves house without meeting anyone. Lopa and Rohan wishes her luck. Lopa says it was insane. Swami cries in camera that send Priyanka back, this is not right.
PRIYANKA COMES IN SECRET ROOM, SHE IS NOT EVICTED. Priyanka starts listening what inmates are saying on Tv. In house, Niti says nobody cared that Priyanka got evicted. Manveer says Priyanka did too much overacting, Niti says Salman never liked her. Swami says in camera that i used to all this in childhood, Amir is nothing infront of me, send Priyanka again, i made her captain, Amir is nothing infront of me, Bigg boss bring Priyanka back please, he cries. Niti says to Manveer that Salman asked Priyanka why dont you stop Swami saying ill words about Lopa so she answered that Lopa called me loser too, she brought her personal issue showing how petty she can get, she cant take stand because she has personal issue with Lopa.
Lopa mimics Priyanka and says i am not feeling bad for first time on eviction, Bani says there is no affect, we have got energy back. Swami shouts that she will comeback again. Priyanka laughs seeing it.

PRECAP- Mona says to Manveer that love starts with quarrels, you and Niti even snuggle together. Niti says when did we sleep together? what are you saying?
Bani says to Gaurav that i find mutual interest between Manveer and Niti.
Manveer says to Niti that cant girl and guy be friends? Niti says this will look weird for audience hearing it. Swami comes in confession room, Bigg boss says we are giving you chance to get immunity but prize money of show will be reduced 10lacs. Manveer and Rahul gets in argument over nominations, Manveer says why you are nominating me? Rahul says you compared me with Swami.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. rishi malhotra

    who will go????tdy yrrr

  2. rishi malhotra

    yrr frnds aao naa craze kam mat karo telly ka

  3. update in progress for more than half an hour now 🙁

  4. bani is talking about manveer and nitibha relationship. earlier also she said bad thing about manu and mona while she herself was getting very cosy with jason. Height of double standers.

  5. hate bb now…everyone voted out that daku….bt bb is hell bent on to keep those unnecessary useless ppl in the house….how partial n blind is bb….offer b de diya dhongi ko immunity pane k liye…hats off
    I like rohan a lot in today’s eps…he was looking dashing + jagga ko bahar nikalne me uska haath tha??

    1. Hello ditya i hate pakhandi v much but don’t you think when pakhandi slip out his tongue from his mouth that time he looks better dashing than rohan hahaha pakhandi and his daughter too much yaar one daaku and other faku

      1. no kp Rohan is faaaaaaaaaar better than that dhongi . Rohan is cuttie and swami is dhongi

      2. ???? oh kp….ssly u r very funny?? Maine notice he nhi kia tha uss OM ko…n I don’t agree with u coz I like rohan…n uske aage koi Aur handsome nhi lgta mujhe?
        n I really hate that daku faku duo…BTW whose ur fav???

      3. Oh ditya it means you didn’t understand my joke my friend i am also disagree with me bcz i also hate that pakhandi and my fav are rahul dev gaurav and bani

        Hello simran how are you? How did you write your exam i was also busy in study now little free and i know rohan is faaaaaar better than dhongi but i was joking with ditya

      4. hi kp am fine and mere do exams huye hai that was awesome

  6. in the nomination task celebrity always gang up to nominate commoners because they know when it comes to voting celebrities will always win. after that they say that there is no difference between them and wall has been broken from their sides.
    in tomorrows episode nomination will be done by brusting the balloons of other given by big boss. nobody has gutts to brust to manveers balloons so they sent rahul dev to do it. but manveer has taken a good class of him.
    these celebrities are good for nothing.
    #manveer will win the biggboss

  7. No offense
    Secret room
    No eviction/elimination
    Bring more wild card
    Please send out all good people
    And keep the loudest voice i.e; Priyanka/omi. (People like them)
    It will be good

  8. Priyanka in room (what’s this now). She should be evicted today, no matter she is no change in the house.

    1. Absolutely right daaku should have been evicted but she is not actually bb want more hungama in the house thats why bb are going to make see the daaku whateve house peoples think about jagga than jagga will come back and will do hungama

  9. love you Rohan

    Manveer it would have been better if u said to Priyanka that stop at first only..never ctrlled always supported her…u always supports bad persons…u can’t be a leader…just be a gunda to save the leader….

    colors team promoting you a lot to be in TOP 3 to justify their concept celebs vs commoners.

    All the best for ur new fake love story…..

    agrression hi nahi kabhi kabhi task karlo

  10. don’t understand…. is there any eviction or not…. whats going on… plss big boss.. get this.. daku.. out of the.. house.. .. if this is going on.. jst because of trp.. this wll vry bad.. I think the show….stll . will get trp without this.. daku…
    ……. AMAZING…!!! AAMIR…

  11. seriously, why the hell om is getting a chance for immunity after all he has done and escaped from the nominations?

  12. Salman asks bani’s friend- is bani selfish
    Bani’s friend- no she is self focussed
    Salman- then y she didn’t share her birthday cake with anyone?????
    Bani’s friend- cake was made according to her requirements and was special
    Salman – Mere se to ye nai hota
    This clearly shows the nature of bani and her friends

    1. i don understand still the cake incident not sorted out..many viewers thinks that she dint evn shared her cake except gaurav bcz bb aired the epi like that n edited..but in reality she shared caked wid everyone who were present while cake cutting..full video s there in voot unseen videos juz check it out..bcz i have seen video everyone eaten manu,manveer,mona, niti,rahul,priyanka n wild card entries only lopa and rohan was not there as both were not present while cake cutting..salman dint even watched n asking according script bcz bb wants to show bani as selfish as shez having huge fan following..but in reality shez kindhearted person fun loving mny fun videos of banis r there in voot..juz check it out..m not her rodies fan n i followed her in bb10 n became fan..

      1. ya last season m bhi inhone prince ko negetive dikhane ki har bar puri puri koshish ki thi

  13. For a story to continue a strong villian is needed whom we all can hate and curse. Priyanka and baba are those villians who keeps audiences hooked. We watch it to hate them and curse them. Baba is bad but bani is also not a better person. She is beaten by lopa and priyanka in every task. Salman also said that being nentally strong and physically strong are two different thing and till now we all have seen how weak she is mentally. Baba is a fool who’s sole purpose is to mock and irritate. He should be treated like a fool only. God forbid but if same thing what baba had said is said by a doctor in proper manner , has bani reacted the same way with the doctor????

  14. Abe o chutiye prakash. ..bakwas band kar apni….tere se kisi ne pucha kuch bade comment kar raha hai…

    1. prakash kumar

      Jab naam hi bani j to gaali hi doge aur kya jaroge

      1. Hahahahaha and i am still laughing v hard my friend what are you both talking actually i like bani rahul dev and gaurav v much

      2. haan gali dete hain bhai wo bhi muh pe tere manu ki tarah nahi weekend pe bani se ladta hai aur pura hafta uski fatti rahti hai bani se …kyun ki use pata hai koi jawab nahi hoga uske pass jab bani bolegi……and btw bani manveer aur nitibha ke bare me bol rahi hai to kya wo un dono ki dost nahi hai….lek in ..wo manu to dost hain na ..usne ek baar kaha tha dekho kaise nitibha manveer ke sath bistar me ghusi hui hai….to manu sabse bada chu…hai sala….abhi bhi bahar uski maa ki death hui hai…aur wo apne so called fans ke sath photo khicha raha hai….sabse bada chu …manu….

  15. Krishna did v good imitation of pakhandi hahaha i still don’t know baba kya chahta hai aur wo pakhandi apni tongue baar baar bahar kyo nikalta hai hahaha actually i won’t say anithing bad for baba otherwise he will vanished me haha pakhandi

  16. guys u read the news that dhongi baba get immunity for 2 week n 10 lakh reduce from winning amt now its 15 lakh winning amt remain…….

  17. manu will enter in bigg boss on wed but he will be kept in secret room with that so called jagga…..

  18. Voot par ye clearly dikha h ki Bani ne apna bday cake sbhi ko khilaya phir kyo ye topic har bar uthaya jata h

  19. Bani did share her cake. Check voot videos

  20. Hello frends how are u all.

    saturday salman ne dhoongi ka class liya tha aur abb bb isko immunity deraha hai. what is happening yaar.
    i have a doubt kahi ye dhoongi tantrik black magic toh nahi karta harr baar nomination or elimination se bachh jata hai along with his so called beti jagga daku. kahin ye bb ke dimaag mei ghuss toh nahi raha ki sab iske favour mei hota jaaraha hai.

    voot Nepal mein nahi chalta so i cant see videos on voot but reding urs comment i also feel bani is right. she has shared her cake.

    1. Hello anu s what are you talking baba is v nice person are you mad or what? Plz watch bb than comment you are blindly hate that good person

      oh my god what i did am realy sorry anu s my friend actually i hate that pakhandi v much but when i was writing my comment that pakhandi mere dimaag mei ghuss gaya aur mujhse yeh sab likhwa diya am sorry hahahaha joking anu s you are right yaar that pakhandi is v big dhongi

      1. hahahaha omg tum ne dara hi diya mujhe. when i was reading first line i was feeling whaat ye toh dhoongi ko hate karta hai and whiy is he writing this but after reading second paragraph i was laughing . so dont do this yaar i was so afraid kahi ye sach mein toh tumari dimag mei ghuss toh nahi gaya.

  21. Eeeeeeekkkkksss..!!

    Awsummm epis.. not fr all t nonsense drama,, but Wahiiiii..<3 <3
    Goshh,, tat Nerd loook,, he sportd.. maaaaar daaala munde ne,. & made Lopa thr favv contestant..:))) Dammmn..!! bandaa apne fans k dil ki baaat ktnaa ache se jaaanta hii.. Luvvvv himm.. & tat Neil Nitin wala punch,, LMAOooo..!! juss luvvd wen Salman sir was laughin on his joke..KARAN WAHI MERI JAAAN HI..& meraa username obvslyy vohii hii..;)
    okiee.. so comin to the BigB contestants,, kyaaa yaaar.. sense naaam ki chiz hii b yaa dhongii & jaggaa ko nikaaaal kar fekk do naa.. haddd h0tiii hii.. happnd to tolerate kal ka show,, only to get thz sneak peaks of Wahi & lopa.. but u pppl r nevaa leaving a stone unturned to irritate by siding wid ths dhongii baba & jaggga daaku..
    watevaaa,, Lopa..v r wid u..!! & dekhoo,, ab toh meraa Wahii b is with u..;) baharr ane k baaad,, dono kii selfie chyye mkoo.. wich i cudnt ystrday.. butt tat was a fan moment fr me.. My Favvv Jaaaaan supprtin my othr favv,,tat feeeelin..mwaaaaah wahii & Lopaa..<3

  22. haan gali dete hain bhai wo bhi muh pe tere manu ki tarah nahi weekend pe bani se ladta hai aur pura hafta uski fatti rahti hai bani se …kyun ki use pata hai koi jawab nahi hoga uske pass jab bani bolegi……and btw bani manveer aur nitibha ke bare me bol rahi hai to kya wo un dono ki dost nahi hai….lek in ..wo manu to dost hain na ..usne ek baar kaha tha dekho kaise nitibha manveer ke sath bistar me ghusi hui hai….to manu sabse bada chu…hai sala….abhi bhi bahar uski maa ki death hui hai…aur wo apne so called fans ke sath photo khicha raha hai….sabse bada chu …manu….

  23. Zai

    Not watching this show anymore, totally unfair. This season is worst as it is biased…
    2 times we all voted out Priyanka but she came back and now saving omji from nominations, not fair. BB don’t value our votes, Sahil could have been put to secret room why Priyanka?
    If it continues to be unfair, I won’t watch and would blindly vote for Rohan even if he doesn’t do anything in the entire week. Now even I don’t care about who will perform well or not

  24. werz my 1st comment.. not yet published.. :/

    anywayy,, i wont refrain frm writin todayy,, howww dashinn was Wahiii luking in tat nerd look.. ufffffffffffff..!! Comedy nights ka tadka on big boss.. lovdd itt.. & t besttt scene,, wen Thy introduced Pooja as their fav contestant lopa..<3 can anythin get much bettter than this..
    ye bandaaa KARAN WAHI b naa kamaaal hii,, eeekss.. terii inhiii adaaao pe myy martiii hu..luvv tujhe sabbbbse zyaaaada myy kartiii hu,,lololl
    okk.. so dont wannna waste my energy on pakhandi baba & jagga daku + bb kii partiality.. ab jagga nominations se b bach gae. mnz k use r 2weeeks jhelnaa pdega.. O god..!!
    i m not gonnna watch it untill she is been kicked out.
    last but not t least,, Lopaaa ab to meraa wahii b in ur suppprt..;) go for itt gal.. u r rockinnn. mwaaaah

  25. Bb please priyanka ko nikal feko pura maja kharab KR rahi hai,,,,I hate..priyanka jaggga dakku …I love .banii..

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