Bigg Boss 10 10th December 2016 Written Episode Update


Bigg Boss 10 10th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Weekend Ka Ka Vaar
Salman says we gave chance to inmates to tell us what they want to say, how was their journey and their relations with other inmates, lets see.
Clip plays, Lopa is in confession room and says i had eventful journey here, i feel like i have lived 10years here, its beautiful experience.
Lopa says Rohan always said that he will do anything for me if get a chance, i used to make fun of him but he saved his points just to give it to me, he is my good friend, she become emotional.
Manveer comes in confession room and says i feel like i wont get this chance, i will go to my father, i have realized that relations are important, Manveer says i have different experience with Swami, be breakdowns but i handle him but break him sometime too.
Bani comes and says

i have become sad. she says Gaurav is my support system plus eggs.
Gaurav says i feel misunderstood here, Gaurav says i didnt come to make relations here but i try to fulfill them.
Niti says i feel confident more than before. I had fights with Manveer but i realized that he is really good from heart.
Rahul says its discovery of self.
Swami says today i am greatest entertainer.
Rohan says i have become very good friend of Lopa.
Mona says i had very good relation with Manu but i am broken now, i have issues with Manveer now. clip ends.

Salman comes on stage, he welcomes everyone. Salman says in start of week, Manu had to leave because his mother died, we are extremely sorry, we are wishing your our prayers, be strong Manu. Salman says see what Priyanka is doing as captain.
Clip plays, Priyanka says to Swami that we will get double beds individually, Swami says Lopa wont allow it, Priyanka says Lopa will go to jail alongwith Gaurav. Swami asks her to change beds, Priyanka says i will give one double bed to Niti alone too. Celebs one side and we on other side.
Priyanka comes to Manveer and Niti and says we will get double bed individually and we will shift Lopa and others from there. Manveer says dont do it, Swami says Lopa is sharing bed with Niti but she hates Priyanka so we will change her bed.
Priyanka comes to Rahul and Lopa and asks her to change bed. Swami says Gaurav will go to first bed, Priyanka gives single bed to all celebs, they agree. Clip ends.

Salman says its big thing to make inmates agree to captain’s orders. Salman says MONA, NITI, MANVEER, BANI, LOPA, PRIYANKA, SAHIL and ROHAN.
Salman connects call to house. Inmates greet him. Salman says you all look nice, Swami says you are looking great. Salman asks where is Jason? Rahul says he has stomach infection, he is in hospital. Salman says to Swami that people liked your performance. I am giving you act, you have to become reporter and talk about inmates. Swami says breaking news about Bani, she broke bigg boss rules and pushed Swami away but he touched her feet and said sorry but still Bigg boss didnt take any action against her. Salman says keep talking, your mind is working really nice. Swami says this is breaking news too that Priyanka was crying in captaincy task but Gaurav kept asking to Sahil to leave harness for family and Sahil did it, Sahil was acting, all knew it. Salman takes off blazer and says talk about Swami. Swami says breaking news that Swami is greatest entertainer after salman, he will become winner of bigg boss. Salman asks Priyanka you are nominated, whom you thought would not nominate you? Priyanka says all took my name so it hurt me. Salman asks why they took your name? Priyanka says they said if i can get evicted in first week then i can leave now too. Manveer says she was hurt because Bani nominated her, people praise her but nominate you too. Salman says did your strategy fail Priyanka? Priyanka says Jason lost dome task, Sahil couldnt do much too. Salman asks Lopa about Priyanka, Lopa says she puts too much effort that it looks fake, we said sorry when she got hurt because we pushed her by mistake but she was running in task later, Priyanka says i will give my life in task, Lopa says she is not genuine. Salman says Swami you have 30seconds, say it. Swami says all are celebs here, we are indians and they think we are ants, i request you to stop their tantrums and we are getting evicted, this way only celebs will remain in house, stop this. Rahul says when Priyanka became captain, he influenced her to divide celebs and indians bed, he never talks right thing, Swami says we invited Sahil to our sides of bed. Salman says me or bigg boss dont decide who will get evicted, its public who decides it, Priyanka says i changed beds because i wanted people closer to me closer to my side of bed. Rahul says they are saying we should put celebs on one side, they are giving tag, Swami tries to interrupt, Salman yells Om ji.. Swami shuts up, Rahul says we are indians too. Salman asks Priyanka that you got immunity for next week. Salman says to Lopa why you didnt become contender for captaincy? Lopa says i tried to save my money different way which was like crime for inmates, we wanted Rahul to become captain but he didnt agree. Rahul says i wanted to Gaurav to become because he is organized. Lopa says when Rahul saw all are voting for Gaurav so he gave vote to him too, Rahul says i will vote for Gaurav again, Gaurav is able to make inmates do work which Lopa i dont think can do. Lopa says how can you say it before giving chance to anyone? Salman says do you give audition before movie or after getting chance of working in it? Rahul says thank you sir. Lopa says inmates wanted me to be captain. Rahul says she can be very good captain but rightnow inmates are not seeing her as captain. Salman says captaincy is not about role but getting immunity too, Gaurav already got it so dont you think other should get chance to get immunity too? Rahul says i dont have understanding of this game like this, Salman says you gave 2weeks captaincy to Gaurav like this, you know importance of immunity. Salman asks Manveer why Rahul didnt support Lopa? Manveer says i thought he will support to Lopa only, i dont know why he changed thinking, he is no different than Swami. Priyanka was getting nominated by majority but i didnt nominate her because this is my opinion, Gaurav used money too in task but got 2000points in end.
Salman says you people are alleged for few things and have to answer them. There courtroom set-up where each contestant will take the stand to defend their actions. Salman says to Bani that you are alleged to be walk-out queen, you dont listen to others answers. Bani says i feel that if someone is not listening to me and i would say something which i shouldnt then i walk away to calm down, Salman says but you have to listen what others are saying, you do this to people which are close to you, let other people talk too, Bani says my patience is running low, Salman says you need to be mentally strong, Salman asks Gaurav, Gaurav says Bani’s strongest aspect is that she say things from heart, i understand why she walk away but conversation doesnt happen with her. Salman says Bani you are alleged to act like victim, like when Lopa wished you birthday, you ignored her but when she ignored you then you acted like victim. Bani says i was frustrated, i dont like fake people, i wish they play real game. Salman asks Manveer what he thinks, Manveer says she acts like victim, she tries to walk alone, she should clear things and forget it. Salman says to Bani that you look unfair like this, Bani says this has never happened to me in last 29years, Salman says it happened to me in 50years all the time, all laugh.
Salman asks Swami to come in witness box, Swami says be soft on me sir, Salman says just come there, Salman says you are alleged that you are not loyal to anyone, you can go to any extent to go ahead. Swami says i promised Bigg boss that i will make bigg boss more entertaining then all other seasons, Salman says did this happen? Swami says i never watched bigg boss before. Salman says you know our traditions? you know indian culture? he says yes, Salman says is this house outside of India? outside our traditions and respect? Swami says no, i am follower of traditions, Salman says you think you are respecting our traditions? Swami says when i was in court, people mobbed me and said that you can do anything, we rewind it and watch it again, they watch bigg boss just because of me, they asked me to become winner, they said that are with me and stand by me even if i do anything then i decided that i will do anything to win this game and win hearts. Salman says really? should i tell you story our side? tell me one thing, if you see two people are fighting, will you just see it? Swami says i will make them stop fighting and ask them to never fight, Salman says what are you doing in house then? Swami says i dont try it but it happens, Salman says its God, who is making you say all this, its not your body, curses dont attack your body right? Salman says when you talk to girls, tell me what you said to Lopa, Swami says greatest hero, Salman says i am not your greatest hero, we were bearing you, you are part of house and they take care of you but you dont respect them, Manveer takes care of you, these celebs dont answer you back, Swami says i apologized to Lopa, Salman says will you keep repeating mistakes and say sorry then? you do this either deliberately or this is your thinking, Swami says i apologize to you, i will not do this again, Manveer says listen to him first. Salman says i watch all episodes, i was in bad mood today and last week too, you have made yourself joke, Swami says i wont talk now, Salman says even your apology is nothing, Salman says you will make bigg boss hit? Swami says i am trying for it, Salman says you say that people wont see show if you are not in it? you are above bigg boss and these inmates? Swami says i am sorry, Salman says people are joking with you, i know it, you have become comedian, you were Swami but you have no respect, you want others Swami to be disrespected like this? Swami says you asked me to become Om not Swami so i tried it, Salman says i ask you leave Om too so will you do it? Swami says you are my guide, Salman says i am not your God, i am telling you to not misbehave, all indians are watching, all kids and women watch it, Swami says i try to not to speak, Salman says yes because you cant say any nice words then fine dotn talk from now one, you keep blabbering my daughter, my daughter, where is that daughter Priyanka? Salman asks Priyanka if he is going right? Priyanka says he is fine infront of me, Salman says he is your father, do you feel proud? what he said to Lopa? Priyanka says Lopa called me loser, Salman says its different among girls, Priyanka says i dont know what he called Lopa, Salman asks Swami to say it, Swami says i wont repeat it, Salman says say now, i am asking you, Swami says that time i was angry, Salman says you said one word and repeated it, Swami says i apologize for it. Salman asks Lopa what he said to you? Lopa says she called me ugly then he keep roaming around me, Salman says dont talk to him, talk to him with respect, dont curse him. Priyanka says they instigate him, Salman asks Manveer and Rohan to not talk to him, Swami says if they dotn curse me then i wont do it, Salman says you forced them to curse you out, to come to this level, Swami says i know, Salman says you are even bringing me at that level, Salman is getting angry now, Swami says you are my guider, i promise to not do it, Salman says i thought we would learn something from you, what you teach to your followers outside? Swami says i am your follower here, Salman is agitated now, Manveer says what are you saying? Salman says how you become devil in house? Swami says i am your follower, Salman says i dont need follower like this, i keep teaching you every week to not say these things. Salman is angry and says breath Salman.. he takes deep breathes to calm down. Salman says coming to next allegation, who is in your family? Swami says only God and whole world. Salman asks where is your mother? Swami says my mother is India. Salman asks what about Bani’s mother? Swami sys she is my mother too. Salman gets angry on Swami and says what did you say about Bani’s mother? Swami says her mother is my mother too, Salman says you say that about your mother that she should die? Swami says she was making me angry, Salman says dont give me shit, how did those words come out? Swami says she was snatching harness from me, Bani shouts that i did after you said those words. Salman says so you will say that her mother should die? Salman says Priyanka was crying and you are saying that her mother should die, Swami says i got out of control. Salman gets really angry on him and says you are no baba.. how dare you say that? i will call you Om, Listen Om there is no task above Indian mother, Swami says i request them to be in limits in tasks, Salman says you remain in limits, you are of 60years and did preaching, Swami says Bani betrayed, Salman says she didnt do it with you and you have been betrayer people in tasks since beginning, you always quote Mahabharat for betrayals in task? Swami says she betrayed me and Priyanka, Salman says you are elder, you should understand, they are you kids, Swami says thats why i held her feet. Salman says how many times will you touch their feet? Salman says to Bani that i am really sorry, i apologize on this man’s behalf, i have given him importance as entertainer but he didnt realize it, he asks Swami to keep becoming rockstar, what is this going to parents and cursing girls, does it look good? you keep calling shameful words for Mona and Lopa. you peed for just 50points infront of women? i am trying to introduce mobile toilet in Mumbai and you are doing this? Swami says i have pee problem, Salman says its your problem, there are toilets, even if they asked you 500points, you should have given it, Swami says Priyanka asked me to save points, Priyanka says dont take my name. Swami says Gaurav challenged me that if i can then show him if i can pee, Gaurav gets angry and shouts him to shut up, Swami says they all challenged and i cant bear to loose challenge, i never loose it, Manveer says we are challenging you to die then die. Salman yells that if you have guts then bring knife and stab Manveer with it, i am challenging you, i am your greatest hero so do it, Swami says i cant do it, Salman yells but you can pee? Rahul says what is shocking that Manveer and others still believe him, Manveer says we never do it, Mona says you people support him, Salman ends call. Mona says even Niti supports him, Niti shouts that you dance with him, Mona says he keep coming behind me, i cant stop him, Manveer says we dont follow him, Rahul says you people do it, Niti says you talk nicely to him too. Priyanka shouts that should i cut his throat? Gaurav says i am not saying it, Swami says yes cut my neck, Gaurav yells that dont shout, he comes to Swami, Swami says beat me, Gaurav says did i say i will hit you? Swami says came to hit me, Priyanka says to Bani that i am defending myself. Manveer says to Bani that we boycotted him, but we all became soft. Lopa says lets boycott him again, i am sure Priyanka wont do it, Bani says start from now, boycott him, Lopa says yes from right now, nobody give him a damn. Manveer says i dont like men who disrespect women, Gaurav i didnt aspect you to just say what majority is saying, Rahul is saying that we believe him? what i did that he asked me to do? Mona says you were supporting him and Priyanka in captaincy, and asked me to support him too, Manveer says i asked you why you supported Gaurav, thats it, you dont trust me? Mona says i dont need to trust you, Manveer says so what, i dont care. Mona says you are saying this to me for these people? all is shown, what you are doing, Gaurav asks Mona to not fight. Gaurav asks Priyanka to calm down, she says why? Gaurav says then shout. Lopa says nobody talks to this man anymore, Swami says doesnt matter, bed changed and all are miffed now, Bani started this bed changing thing because she has celeb tantrum. Mona says you have more tantrums than us, Gaurav says dont talk to him. Swami says Manu must be crying seeing you.

On stage, Salman says we should keep this witness box every week. former Bigg Boss contestant Karishma Tanna and veteran journalist Dibang join Salman for ‘Salman Ki Sabha’. Salman jokes that Karishma you should walk on stage, your ground-skimming skirt, will clean it, all laugh. Dibang says to commoners have got chance now, Salman says you think Swami is among us? Dibang says Swami is like hunter, always trying to attack and even if miss target they say that was my target only. Salman asks Karishma who is entertaining, Karishma says Swami but he is entertaining, Salman says if you were in house? Karishma says never, Salman says what if it was Swami instead of Puneet, Karishma says then i would have said Puneet is good for a change, all laugh. Salman asks Dibagn, Dibang says Swami is exposed by bigg boss, i dont think he will be given attention after show, but you were impressed, maybe because he said, he will make you marry next year, Salman i was depressed. Salman says bring chairs here for them.. okay i will bring it. He goes and pick chair for Karishma. He brings on stage but sits on it instead of letting her sit, all laugh, Dibang brings his chair, Karishma says i am host now, Salman gives her chair. Salman asks Karishma who she likes? Karishma says i like Manver, Lopa and Bani, he asks why Manveer? She says he plays from good heart, he is natural, and Bani is lone warrior, she expects a lot. Dibang says Swami doesnt do anything or do everything, Salman says he says that i took bullet thats why he is called to court, Dibang says he can even say that he could have saved Gandhi, Swami can do anything, i want to ask you Salman, you have seen many characters, he is vrey clever, he should understand that just by wearing chains, he cant become Swami. Salman says lets see what Mona and Manveer confessed in confession room. Clip plays, Mona says i never got involved deeply than i did with Manu and Manveer. I have been hurt with Manveer’s behavior. Mona says maybe he thinks Priyanka is strong so wants to go ahead with her. Mona says it will be fresh start for me.
Manveer says Mona is good friend but Manu is priority, i dont know if she had things for Manu only, she was putting efforts for Gaurav but never put it for herself, she is seen as weak. Manveer says she is just friend nothing deep.
Salman asks how their relation became weak? Debang says Manu was like pillar of building and now its removed so building is falling. Salman says so Manu was link between them, Dibang asks who was link in your life? Salman jokes that its Karishma. Salman asks Karishma, karishma says Priyanka is using Manveer calling him brother. Dibang says Manveer should be careful of Priyanka, Karishma says Mona is trying to be Gaurav’s friend, Salman asks lets see if Gaurav and Bani’s friendship is affected because of Jason. Clip plays, In confession room, Bani says i made relations here, with Gaurav too. Bani says i have high expectations from my friends, i feel like he is insincere but i understand why.
Gaurav says i dont expect her to do things which she doesnt like. Gaurav says i am trying to fulfill relation but nobody should expect from me what they dont do for me. Clip ends.
Karishma says i want to know how they became friends, because they both have different expectations from each other, Gaurav is like dont expect much from me, he is image conscious, but Bani expects a lot which is not good for this house, i know we expect but in this house all play individual game, i was called selfish for playing individual, Salman says Bani is called selfish, Karishma says she gives up task so soon. Dibang says she is shrewd too, she is using Gaurav angle too, she uses her mind in tasks too, Karishma says its not bad that she creates strategy for tasks but she expects a lot from one person and leave task if its not fulfilled, Dibang says it is fake too to some extent, Salman says she think she is right everytime, Dibang says her immaturity is shown. Dibang says Bani plans but doesnt come on fore front, Salman says she doesnt want publicity, Dibang says Manu comes to fore front and play. Salman hugs Dibang and Karishma, they leave.

Salman connects call to house. Swami is in witness box, Bani is glaring him. Salman says Om do something which will make you Om ji again, Swami says if they talk to me with respect then i will respect them too, Salman says they can talk as they want but you will talk with respect, Swami says okay, Salman says you wont use words which will hurt inmates and youa re alleged, Swami says they can curse me, it doesnt hurt , Salman says i can show clippings of words, why you attack their families, they are your kids, Swami says they are doing bad, Salman says you are Swami, you should have peaceful, Salman says this is last time i am making you understand, i wont raise my BP again on you, i wont waste my time on you, i am telling inmates too. Swami says they have already boycotted me, Salman says they didnt, they still give you food and others essentials, they take care of you, Swami says yes, Salman yells then how is it boycott? Swami says my request that.. Salman says just come out of witness box, and sit down, Swami goes out. Salman says i am not in state of mind to joke now and evict so 7inmates are nominated. Salman says i will jsut tell who is going to evict. Salman says SAHIL IS EVICTED. He ends call. Bani hugs Sahil. Swami comes to Sahil but Sahil says let it be. Sahil hugs Manveer and wishes all luck. Swami says Sahil did act which deserve to be evicted. Priyanka says you are saying rubbish again? Sahil leaves house. Inmates are sad. Niti sees Swami near, Manveer points to go away, Swami says you hate me but dont do with Priyanka. Swami says they are fighting just because beds were swapped.

On stage, Salman says twist is that inmates think there will be no more evictions but they are wrong, there will be one more eviction tomorrow, this week, there will be double eviction, he signs off from show.

PRECAP- Krushna and Bharti comes stage. Krushna mimics Swami and says bigg boss says famous for Priyanka Jagga and Swami’s mugga(mug in which he peed), all laugh, Bharti says bigg boss’s eye had cataract after seeing Swami, all laugh. Hina Khan comes on stage and asks Rohan that its hightime to fine tune yourself and take stand for right things, Priyanka almost spit on his face, that was not cool, her kids are watching, she is mother herself, what is she teaching them? Priyanka shrugs. Mentalist Amir comes on stage and breaks jug without touching it, He comes in house makes Bani lie inbetween chairs, her belly is in air, he asks Manveer to stand on her belly, she is numb, Manveer does, all inmates are shocked and bows to Amir.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. hrithik ka Fan

    this debang is a looser ..I just hate him…last year he said some bad things about prince and this year saying against bani…as if he watch every episode just like us…blo*dy looser……..and comparing manu and bani….manu the biggest manipulator always instigate others and does back b*t*hing ……bani is on the face doesn’t stratgise. ………and this nitibha …was she actually in Google. ..she is a brainless bimbo always act oversmartly. ..manveer was good for one week after manu’s departure but this week he ruined it……..and baba…..*******c………

    1. Ye debang kon h ?

      1. hrithik ka Fan

        wo jo krishma tana ke sath aya tha apni so called expert advice dene….and jo har roz breaking news ke ke ata hai…u bimbo

    2. Agree with u. Manu is always backbiting about other images and tells that bani is plotting n planning. Such a looser Manu is.

    3. Hkf aur jabki bani bolti bhi nahi itta aur mannu ki to sari game hi us per hi chal rhu hai manipulation per

  2. Today Salman was biased he can not shout on any person who is Sadhu and represent our religion. OM Swami ji is not that much bad yar. Bani Sahil ko mana kar rahi thi Priyanka ko support krne se captaincy vale task me, Then Baba ji ke muh se galti se nikal gaya ki bani ki Ma mar jaye. after that unhone Bani se maafi bhi mangi or roye bhi. He has kidney problem and Bani asking for 100 Rs for taxi, that’s why he pee in kitchen. Priyanka is also innocent. do you see her when she was crying and begging Sahil for captaincy. and she did’nt spit on Rohan, she was just acting. New Team is Priyanka Manveer and Swami OM ji. Bani ko ghar se nikalo or Please Manvir baba and Priyanka ko vote karo.
    This time Winner will be Priyanka Jagga. Love you Priyanka.
    Bani or Rohan ko bahar nikalo.

    1. hrithik ka Fan

      chalo koi to mila jo us baba aur jagga ki tarah ghatiya hai…varna maine to unke bare abhi tak negative comments hi pade hai unke bare me…….and btw pura singh ..Teri maa Mar jaye…kaisa laga..

    2. hahahahahahahahahah…..u need to get ur eyes checked..u seriously need it..hahahahaahahaha..cant hold myself from laughing..hahahah

    3. Ck1234

      i knew it someone will say like it…. Matalb har cheez mein religion… hadd hai…. Whatever Om had done till now… he does not look swami to me at all…

    4. Zai

      You mean to say that whatever Omji said about bani’s mom is justified? How would you feel if he said that to you? And it’s not the first time that he said about someone’s family.
      And about Priyanka, she really did spit on Rohan, he went to wash his face afterwards.

    5. Ur mother should die is not a slang that is normally used. It is such a huge thing when ur mother is cancer pateint. If swami said that I said those words in flow of talking then it is totally a bull shit. No one bear such a bullshit about his/ her mother. If u want to support swami then do it but not for wrong things. I m pretty sure that not even u said these kind of harsh words what swami said to bani.

    6. Sadhu ? R u kidding ? what Salman did is right. Baba is unfit for this show.

    7. firstly a great salute to you…amazing??
      now ssly r u supporting that pakhndi dhongi n his daughter over others….guts chahiye ha….n also I think k tumhari soch b fit uss baba k tarah he hogi….
      biased…ohh plzz ye kuch b nhi tha….aur b bahot kuch bolna chahiye tha salman ko uss dhongi k harkaton pe….BB should kicked OM n daku out of the show….rohan is best n will always be best
      n a humble request purva plzz open ur eyes or u should need some medical trtmnt….hope u will b fine after that….get well soon

    8. In ur dreams….go n watch bb again dn u ll realise who s good n whos a mere attention seeker. Baba is just a dustbin who spills filth. U wont say baba is nice if he would hv said anything abt ur mother..when judging try to wear d other person s shoes u ll understand d things better.
      And this priyanka is just a filth bag like her father. Jeez father n daughter bond n words r getting spoiled due to thse pigs. She just acts like she z superior to all n all her acts r justified in d pertext of her being a mother. Lol she dsnt deserve to b called a mother kz she didnt understand wt a child feels whn smthing is said abt her mother.
      These 2 dont represent aam admi kz indians arnt like this. D 1 who dsnt respect girls and d 1 who foes cheap stuff and accuse others dn say i won this task to show my children do hell with dis show off..
      I my opinion priyanka is still in house due to bani n lopas charity but bani s charity turned out to b a curse for herself.. hope bb eliminate these cheap ppl asap

    9. Purva bhai… Om Swami is not bad he is worse thing in the human race…. I won’t even count him in human also.. aur yeh religion toh bich mein bilkul mat ghusedo yaar… Agar sadhu hai toh sadhu jaisey kaam karo… Ladkiyo key saath swimming pool mein nahana, cosmetics churana, maa baap ko gali dena.. yeh sab Sadhu honey key nahin gali key chichore honey key lakshan hai…..

    10. If swami shows your religion than i m really worried kyunki ache aur sanskiritik hindu aese to katai nahi hote aur khasker wo jo dusre se gusse mein bole teri ma marr jaye if that was justified than main bhi aap ko ye bat bol du k aapka koi marr jaye to aap wajh de len koi ki shayd mera din kharab gaya hoga aur ab aapki is bat per mujhe gussa a gaya to mene apko upshabd likh diye ager prenka jagga aur om k jese log aapke fav hain to mujhe aapse puri hamdardi hai apna ilaj karaiye mere bhai salman said right ke ager us tym 500 bhi mangta to dena chahiye tha beemari ka itna pata hai blo*dy pnymphoniac aur ye sab ye janbujh ker karta hai prenka jagga if she is acting not actually spitting tab bhi ye justified nahi hai kya sikha rhi hai wo apne bcho ko aur ager ye justifiwd hai to usko jo gher mein samjha jata hai wo to more than justified hai itna bhi bol dea mene swami aur jagga ka jo fan ho wo khud kes hoga aut bat nahi krni mujhe aap per

    11. LOL
      Is swami really swami.
      Then what he is doing here in bb house
      He is simply a dhongi baba

    12. Dumb ass !!

    13. kounsa nazar se tm dekh raha hai……dimag kya gass charne gaya hai…….episode dubara download karo aur dus bar dubara dekhna

  3. Oh my God…purva singh..r u serious??? Or else ur saying this sarcastically??? U lyk priyanka nd baba…awesome yar..keep it up..may God blast u…oops..sorry.. Galti se nikal gayi…

    1. ??? too good harshitha….aisi galti sbse hoti h
      may god blast u purva?? mujhse b ho gyii?

  4. *muh se

  5. What did that swami say to lopa?!.. I can’t recall.. Plz someone say

    1. He tol lipa that she is very badsurat…. And he follows her and calls her sundari again and again….

  6. manveer is a loser…frst he needed manu and now baba,that dumb niti and drama mom jagga…he is a serious hypocrate..he ahouted lyk hell when rohan pointed out his he is supporting baba on bani’s mom comment..i mean..and look at tht niti…isko to moka chahiye footage lene ka..ab ye dono niti and manveer happy go lucky couple banke dikha rhe h..dumb these elements are..

    1. ? agree with u ravin

    2. Agree it would be better ager nitibha stand leti bani ke liye na ki rassi pakd ker ye dikhati ke wo apne aap ko sabit karna chahti thi aur wahn tak bhi acceptable ho sakta tha but bad main to she appeared really ugly frm inside when she said ke rotw huey ja ker sorry bol de aur bad mein bhi tarf dari kar rhi hai ke sorry bola tab bhi dhakka mara arre us tym to do late aur thappad bhi mar deti to justified tha

  7. I think you are right baba is bad and big mouth. He cursed Vani after she was trying to interfere in the task and immediately said sorry in sorry tone and later also when she pushed him. Also lopa instigate the fight when he tell her ugly. He is supporting Priyanka truly though it looks like Priyanka is only using him only for her benefit. We have seen from the beginning that how great task performer bani is. ??. On the other hand Om swami has not killed innocent sleeping people and roaming free to teach lesson other people to not say anything.

  8. Baani❤ keep your calm honey. You are doing great and we are proud of you. I know things you are going through but this too shall pass. Just don’t give up on tasks fight back fight back so hard that they actually know how strong u are n people don’t mess with you?

  9. Annie.. Baba called lopa ugly.

    1. Omji is the ugliest ???

  10. i didn’t get it properly on voot, did priyanka spitted on rohan?

    1. lag toh aisa hi raha tha bcz usko baad Rohan ne apna face bhi wash kiya tha

    2. Zai

      Yes she real spit on him not once but twice one was in washroom during the taxi task and other was the next day in kitchen while they were having breakfast

  11. Purva…. Ur comments make me doubt whether u know who ur mom is.

  12. @purva salman was not being biased he was showing so called swami his real value.. do u even know tht bani s mother is suffering frm cancer n this moron is using words..what u think bani n salman us ki aarti utaray

  13. Salman khan bashed swami om ..which is really needed …manveer gujjar is good from heart but following priyanka …
    mona is fake she is overreacting ,manu is outside so she is trying to be in gauravs good book ….
    she says commoners ke jyade nakhre hai …. and jab celebs ne gaand pe laat mari thi iske to yahi manu manveer panah diye the ….
    hope manu understands her game….
    bani exposed by dibang …And her 2rs fans abusing dibang .he said that she is playing on backfoot …and trying to victimised herself ..and playing safe …
    and also salman exposed her ..he said that lopa thanked her on birthday and she did not responded and when she did not thanked she tried to make it issue …fake person ..she is just using gaurav …..
    and during conference when lopa said this things ..she was like she is sati savitri ..and khud juth bol rhi thi …

    1. Completely agree with you.saw that clipping myself where lops wished her and she didn’t even look at her.i was thinking Lopa was at fault.lopa was there standing ..but she left after sometime.✌

    2. Omg..agree with you. Wateva debang said is true. Don’t knw y people call her strong. Kisiko gali dene se aur chillane se koi strong nhi ban jata. Use mannerless bolte hai. She is immature walks on anything she can’t handle n always cry n try 2 b a victim. She also use dt captaincy task..when she askd gaurav 2gv all hs money. This shows her selfish nature. Wo captain banne k baad fir se captain banna chahti hai thik bt gaurav aisa kare to galat. Wo gaurav ko chorke jason k saath jyada time pass karne lagi thi bt agar gaurav aisa karega to dekhna kitna b*t*hing karegi. But wat swami did 2 her was wrong. Noone deserve that.

  14. BB 10 ..
    Really purva??.. Pranka jagga and om should be out nd as Salman said he should not be called baba nd about religion go nd hv a luk abt it nd den u come nd talk about it.. Nd ya my favs r rohan lopa nd bani nd wt om said will Nt b justify nythn.. I salute the celebs dey hv so much patience coz if dat person would be saying me or my family members nythn nd specially my mother like he said bani dat ur mother dies trust me instead bani if he wld say me I wld jst say Nt my mother dude u r going 2 die now nd I wld nt regret stabing a knife inside him ..m very possessive 4 my mother nd I knw AL u guys r too but I think u purva jst saw 1 hour show dat also 4 entertainment nd support those 2 craps may be ur thinking is same as dem or u didn’t really go through properly but let me tell you 1 thing I have a father who is same as om nd I know wat it feels like to be around such a man so I knw wt celebs or other commoners feel coz we just watch it 4 1 hour Bt dey stay wid dat person 24 hours each day so it’s really makes u feel heated.. Bani just pushed him nd Bt if it was me I wld had beaten him even if I ws out of my house I wld b proud nd 1 thing more i dnt giv dis rit even to my father to speak about my mother’s character or nythn nd I hv beaten him too trust me nd age is Nt a matter wether he is a elder he cnnt say nythn like dat nd he shld behav like a elder as ur self-respect is in your own hands so maintain it.. Nd he is a liar.. Betrayer.. Repeats mistakes nd Srys.. it’s his nature nd it’s in his DNA .. Nd lopa Mona Rohan bani were harshly attacked by swami wich is Nt at all appropriate.. It’s bigg boss house rules saving him from getting beaten by inmates plus dey hv dere standards Bt really if he ws out public blabbering shit like dis he wld hv gotten wt he deserves.. Nd I ws totally shocked by nitibha saying bani Hw cld she push om really on her time she shouts on om nd curses him nd me u r taking his side not fair I like lopa wether she is upset with rohan or dislikes bani Bt she stands 4 right.. I really liked lopa web stood 4 rohan nd Hw she was calming bani ..nd Pranka jagga spitting is no gud behavior wen u say u r a mother who wants her kids to c nd learn 4rm her nd wt she wnts hr kids to learn .. Spitting.. Back bitting.. Giving support to such a person who has no humanity nd lastly manveer I like dat persons honesty Bt I did nt like him saving om it ws kind of like he ws in support of him nd I knw he ws taking care of situation bt smwere u cnnt always do so people shld gt wt dey deserve nd manveer shld hv stopped the task at dat point coz smthns r above tasks nd everyone shld hd demanded bigg boss to wether throw dat man out or else we AL r leaving the show.. Nd I wnt to say lst thing dat is celebs nd commoners.. I mean common commoners till Wen will u cry we r commoners nd celebs don’t treat us well or dey r celebs nd hv tantrums really I dnt c dat coz these differences never comes from celebs side all comes from commoners who represents we the common people nd nw all r celebs so stop saying dat nd celebs hv Nt come frm ny other planet or country dey r Indians too who have worked very hard to reach at dat place nd r nw standing as celebs so pls dnt hv a mindset dat celebs hv tantrum etc Bt dey hv standards so dey dnt act much instead as Mona said commoners do much more tantrum den celebs… Nd lastly I pray 4 manu may he recovers frm his sorrows nd comes back In the game.

  15. I hope om comes in nominatns n get eliminated nxt week… blo*dy idiot!!!

  16. Wait who is mentalist amir

  17. Suranjana

    Good news guys. Priyanka Jagga will be evicted today as per a news. Don’t know whether its true or false.

    1. bt she will be kept in a secret room as per some news

  18. Wtever dibang told about bani z totally bullshittt..shez natural n spontaneous n shez not using gaurv..both r real frnds n care 4 each othr but i accept bani xpects mote frm frnds..n this dibang last weekend said tat GC keeps frndship wid BJ when it s convinient for him n nw he says GC z playcard of bani…seriously…n comparing manu n bani there z no comparison between them..manu lwayz did planning plotting backbiting against bani..n bani never did such a thing..shez real n strong playing frm heart but her weakness z bit emotional should control her emotions then she ll b on top..bani we love u..♥

  19. RANdomfANCreationz

    Salman did right thing by scolding Baba he deserved it, and there is no double eviction actually i read somewhere Priyanka jagga is the other one I was so happy but my happiness was short-lived as she would be sent to a secret room. Question is she is the captain right? What will she do in secret room? Wish she got evicted hate her. And I agree with Rahul Gaurav have been very good in captaincy , Gaurav have proved right that he will be good captain, last week something was wrong with him but i m happy that now Gaurav is back again. And loved his captaincy. That Jagga is so biased she wanted to give double beds to the ones she so called like she already fails as a captain. I hope Gaurav becomes captain again because he can handle the house but hope he doesn’t behave like he did last week. Rahul is a sensible person, and says correct thing but not at all fit as bb contestant, he is not seen much. Manveer is good as I said but he is getting influenced by Jagga now Manu was so so so much better than Jagga. Jagga don’t value relations but at least Manu does that. Nitibha doesn’t use her mind much but she gets along with manveer well now, i actually like their friendship a lot ?, And one can clearly say Mona’s fav are Manu followed by Gaurav. Mona has improved. Manu’s departure worked on favour of Mona, she takes her own stand now if not usually she is stick with Manu.
    And hope Manu and Jason comes back soon

  20. What om said was really bad. But this is not the first time. He was like this from the begining itself. But at that time he used to bad mouth abt the commoners and mona. Then the celebs never reacted. THey were calm and listened to him. Whenever manveer got angry nd cahrged at him, they called him aggressive and short tempered. The celebs always tried to calm them and behave properly with om, nd giv him fud and all that. He is old. Remember when he said vulgar things about mona, no one from karan rahul or gaurav reacted or stopped him. Because they didnt care to what extent he abused the commoners. Only rohan was against him. And even in the flood task, the celebs were very much pampering om and giving him importance, that included bani as well. And when om again abused mona, it was lopa and rohan who shouted him stop disrespectful things about others. All others were like, “”who cares what he says, it is not about us”. And now when he has started abusing the celebs , suddenly the manliness in gaurav and rahul have awakened. (Whatever om said about bani’s mom was really very wrong. ) if they had stopped him,instead of encouraging his backbitings, from the begining itself, things wouldnt have gone to this extent.
    And coming to manveer, he used to always fight with om. But now he is trying to be less agressive and handle om without loosing his cool. When he used to take stand for his team mates and rage at om, he was abusive and agressive and they even called him dangerous. But now when he is calm, they all are calling him to b supporter of om. This is just how karan gaurav n rahul behaved when om used to abuse commoners. Manveer atleast aks om to stop when he abuses others. The celebs used to act dumb.
    They even said task was important to him. Look who is speaking. The same two gave more importance to task than someones bleeding head. I am sorry but these are two faced people who dont care when it comes to others, but it is all really very bad when it happens to them.
    Love hina khan for showing that dongi’s donkey her place.
    Ps: dongi baba’s donkey daughter will b evicted today. But she will b kept in secret room.
    Bigboss doesnt give a damn to what baap beti says to others, they are only concerned of trp. So jaggu and maggu wont go out easily.

  21. what the hell.. I was jst.. reading these.. bt.. it has to…commnt….
    purva …. dont.. u watch the epi. poperly…. this dhongi . and this jagaa…. mad ppls… I think they should be shifted.. in the jungles of africa.. to learn some manners
    from the animals… jungleess…

  22. Yar at least ek ensaan toh hai jo mufti aur uski beti ki side me hai…

  23. ShriyaT

    I hate that swami and jagga daku…that baba is too much…acchaa hua salman ne acchha gyan diya baba ko…i hate baba coz he said about bani’s mother and also he said many things about Rohan and lopa….i hate om and priyanka…may that jagga get evicted today…i love Rohan…may Rohan win

  24. I hate bani bt priyankya is bst

  25. U all commenters r so bad……being a commoner u all support dt celebs

  26. Priyanka is the worst contestant in the house . Or voh dhongki baba kitna badtamez hai. Sach mein voh om ji khelane ki layak nhi hai. Budhe ki dimag mein shrt circuit hota hai.

  27. i was thinking lopa was at fault.lopa was ther standing ,,,,,,therefor but she left after some time..

  28. Bb10 trying really hard to show celeb as Backstabber or kind of ugly and presenting commoners as heroic which is completely opposite. That stupid salman also supporting commoners too.He didn’t even mention those gatiya talks between commoners…

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