a big issue in 1 word FANDOM!!!!!!!


Hi guys it is me, Zuha, I am currently writing 3 FFs for Swaragini. Well I am here to talk about the bigger issue on this site, FANDOM!

Well it is now useless to beg to you peole to stop blabbering rubbish about Swasan or Raglak!

But it is of no use, let’a find a solution of this problem rather than wasting your time in some kind of stupidity!

Seriously what will you get in fighting NOTHING so stop fighting about Swasan and Raglak!

I read an article about Swasan and it was really very ridiculous which made me write this article!

Guys firstly it is only a serial so stop bashing about real human beings, I read some comments cursing Helly di and Teja si and a person went to that extent that wished for the death of the actress! Shane on you!

Real and Reel characters are different and on what basis you are bashing Tejaswi? Just that she portrayed a negative character it doesn’t gives you the right to bash a real human being! She was performing her job, and she did it well! I am proud to be her fan! And yeah if she portrayed a negative character doesn’t means that you can bash a real person, do you know her personally? Even if you know her so still you dislike her and cursing her is a sin in my religion! And I don’t think so that a sweet soul like Teja di will be hated she is a such a lovely soul!

And please stop judging Ragini on her last doings, I accept her love to win Laksh led to the wrong path but as it is said SUBHA KA BHULA SHAAM KO GHAR AAYE USSAY BHULA NAHI KEHTAY! (I hope I said it correctly!) She changed! Now she has learned to love, she sacrificed her life to save her sister’s life, risked her life to save Laksh from that Kavya! She sold her mother’s jewellery to save Maheshwari people, and moreover she did what no one can do to save her STEP MOTHER’S child!she has repented! So please don’t and mouth about Ragini!

Coming to Swara, she is a cute, sweet soul and the reason of her big fandom is that she was positive from the beginning and is loved by many! She has always stood by the truth and that doesn’t means that she is Mahan! If like that I guess I should stop watching Indian serials as always one woman in the show IS Mahan which I hate the most about each serial
*I am a Pakistani!*
Well Swara is a lovely soul who only knows to give and never expects in return, but at the end of the day she is a human, an loved Laksh but what did she get NOTHING, except for some bad words, betrayal, tears and etc. But she showed strength and moved on!

And about KavSan! For Sanskaar Kavita was dead what was she for him DEAD!! And till when will he live in the thoughts of a dead person? He moved on, and till Kavita came back he was fully in love with Swara! And who will leave a beautiful wife for his ex? Be mature and think!

Okay a big issue after this is Raglak scenes and Swasan scenes!
Being a Raglak Fan I wish to see their scenes, and not only Raglak, Swasan are also not getting screen space! Because this is the great Rashmi Sharma’a serial, except of Rona Dhona, and stupid family scenes spoil and waste the 30 minutes which we wait for our lovey dovey Swasan and Raglak! And what 30 minutes 10 mins are gone in advertisements and hardly 5 mins we get to see the romantic scenes! But what can we do? So please stop fighting and be patient, or else we will lose Swaragini!

Thanks for taking out your precious time for reading!

-Zuha Fatima

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  1. Heltej

    But it won’t get into their ears! They are blind and deaf in their fav love! They became so obsessed with reel characters!

  2. I agree dr

  3. Sumeeta

    at first sorry to qutoe u.
    at first about screene space about both pair .i think its very much needed in the ongoing story now.fan of both pair is eagarly waiting for their sceene .nd i also think both deserve equal space.but raglak does not got proper track because tejaswies iv(its my pov).no ph house tolarate that some of their employee bad mouth about their ph.she just forced cvs to be her ve character.i think in that case she show unneeded quickness.i know its her right but .. threating ph.its not right.that time its crystal clear that swasan is pair.so other pair must be raglak nd so they did not strchth ragini as negative so long.when ragini trying to blackening ap swara said that she will thrown out of mm agar mm walo ko mauka mile to.aur tum pura duniya akele honge koi tumhare saath nahi hoga.ye dialouge hi batata hai ki in future ragini will be ve.but this i am quite threat her redeemption track is most butchered track.cvs complete her redeemption track nd raglak marrige in one week.she deserve most better story than that.jaise laksh ko sab kavya track pe taunt marte the aur laksh guilty feel karta tha.waise hi koi plot hona chahiye tha ragini redeemption track me.per sab ne usko easily forgive kardiya.
    aur ab ragini ne tumahare word me step mom aur half sibling k lye jo bhi kiya.plz dont called shomi her step mom aur swara aur new born baby ko half sibling agar compare kia jai to undono ne bho kuch kam nahi kia hai ragini k lie.ragini ki har crime maf kardi swara ne.jab ki do bar usko marne ki koshis kare hai ragini ne.nd fake pregnency drama k bhi time par shomi ayi thi ap ko rakne k liye.aur ragini ki father to khare hoke dekh rahe the.so dont insult ragini shomi swara relation using the word STEP.
    there is character difference between swasan nd raglak .swasan are more mature than raglak nd they handle evry situation with practically. ragini situation handle koi bhi path choice kia hai wo at end kisi apno ke emotion ki sath khilwar kar leti hai.fake pregnency drama na kar k agar wo pura samaj k against larta to uski character aur bhi achha se glorify hota..
    mai ye sab kaha rahi hu q ki mujhe lagta hai sayad tejawasi ki quite threat aur temish ki iv ki wajha se hi raglak ye bakwas family darama me phas gyai hai.

    1. Zuha Fatima

      Well dear I used the step mom word because no one does this for their real mother and it is a great thing if she stood beside her mom, I also respect the relation as true but here I use to show that Ragini is not the old Ragini!

      Keep smiling!

  4. Ragz_teju

    Well said dear

  5. I agree with u dear..each and evey word is correct….these people are showing obsession nothing else…

  6. Mica

    for me the horrible thing bout ragini’s past was her fans statement, their support toward ragini’s crime as they are Tejaswi fans. they couldn’t even to see tejaswi herself and ragini as her role in swaragini. they think ragini’s crime was right and always right to get our love in any cost.
    they got wrong value due cultism, we can’t just say that ragini changed now since those wrong value placed in their mind already.
    in this case, i can’t just blaming teju’s immature fans, i’m blaming cvs team for sure,
    bout bashing, hmmmm .. i can say that We are immpossible.

  7. D.Dashni

    Finally the truth is spoken.I am crazy for swasan but i respect raglak too.Maturity is to stop bashing the beautiful actress Teju and Helly …They are working hard to enetertain us.If we can’t give them our love equally so we shouldn’t give them hatred too… Heltej bond is inspirational in this entertainment world and all fans should cherish their lovely friendship. About screen space,I would say that nowadays track we hardly get proper scenes of both pairs and even if it is then not for a longer minutes . What we can do?Just keep calm and fingers crossed for longer sequence of swasan and raglak scenes…. Definitely Heltej want us to spread love guys rather than bashing the respective photos of swaragini casts in the name of fandom at instagram.Thank you!Keep Calm and Love Swaragini …

  8. Sanjanaagrawal

    Ur r 100 precent right …

  9. U people have seriously so much time to waste…like seriously wasting ur precious time by writing this stupid analysis..rather if u will use ur time in some creativity that would be protective..more than bashers it is u people u lit fire in them to bash more and more..this is damn irritating

  10. Anisha

    I love you S.Z.F.Z…. Hope I spelled it correctly ??????

  11. Silent_writer

    U r correct I m with u 🙂

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