are you big fan of tashan e ishq

Hi iam.tanishaa iam here with my tashan e exam as there is the season of exam so here I go
Fill in the blanks ( related tei)

(1) twinkle goes to meet yuvi at his (place) to patch up before going to manohar 1st party after coming to India

(2) twinkle gave to ishaan to save him from falling down in her Roka ceremony
(3)when KKunjs inoccence behind the farm house is revealed to twinkle in the argument actually started because of (name of the person

(4) kunj and ttwinkle end up going to (place ) to get goddes idol for mata ki c houki

(5) twinkle hhides in the to reveal yuvi’s truth when cherry kiddnaped her
So you guys cane answer threw your comments and I’ll be checking and giving your marks at last so here we will check who is the big fan of twinj average fan of twinj and poor fan of twinj ok guys and asking you sry if you get low marks if I say you are poor fan of twinj don’t mind it guys as its just a game as yuvi said all is fair in love and war so pls don’t misunderstand me if hurt you guys with my reply iam telly sry

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  1. (1)UV farm house,(2)ice cream,(3)rt argument(4)jalandhar,(5)cupbroad

    1. tanishaa sharma

      Hey rimmi you got 10 on 10 so you are a big fan of tei

  2. 1.uv’s farm house

  3. 1 uv farm house
    2 ice cream
    3 her father RT
    4 jalandhar
    5 cupboard in uv room

    plz make tuvi and twinkle a couple or do some twinraj senes
    i love twinraj more than twinj

  4. 1 uv farm house
    2 ice cream
    3 rt
    4 jalandhar
    5 cupboard.

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