my BIG BIG love story – Part 1

Hey guys this is miya with a new story , it’s about love story of a fat girl Arushi.
It is from the point of view of Arushi nd sometimes from 3rd person


I am Arushi daughter of a sweet couple who got separated when I was in eighth .
You can imagine through how pain I must have gone these years. they aren’t divorced legally but live in separate houses.

My mum nd dad loves me alot nd I too love them . They didn’t get divorced because of us. Us oh I forgot to say about my sister aashi.we fight with each other like any sisters nd have immense love .

Now i am in 10th . Studying in one of the best school there.let me say about my character i am not a bubbly girl i like to talk but I don’t have any bestie​ till now  I am alone but I am in a gang, just for namesake we are best friends, I said this becs we don’t share any personal life especially me I didn’t say about my parents to anyone
.I don’t have any love till now till I see him.

Yes my hero Shaad .
It is true that we were in same school for the past 12years still I don’t know him.I heard his name nd we may study together in kg’s but no no I really don’t remember, we don’t know each other ,atleast me I really don’t know him.

It was my first day in school for 1 week I was leave becs of fever.nd first I am seeing him today

When I see him for the FIRST time my heart beat started to raise I start to sweat he merely looks at me as I was in the entrance of the class.he enters and goes to his friends.i turn back nd see him .Oh i didn’t say how he looks he is so tall with Indian complexion his eyes were is his assets, for his smile anyone would have fallen.He is one of the best looking boy I have ever meet.I don’t feel like anything before but now I don’t know what is happening to me. As I was staring at him my friend Priya calls me she is a good friend .We left to canteen.

In canteen I was thinking about him .Zoya hits me as I was lost in thoughts

Zoya ask me to move the water to him . Yes it was Shaad he was sitting opposite to me . I an idiot doesn’t see him . I move the jug to him nd he say thank-you.his voice
I smile at him but he didn’t look at me . I start to talk to my friends loudly so he would looks at me .I laugh for no reason to make him look at me but all in vain he was in a deep conversation.
nd I look at my friends they were all staring at me. I smile sheepishly nd says come let’s go class will begin now.they nod their heads in disbelief. I walk fast to my class .I wasn’t interested in class all I was thinking about him .

The next day he was in my class.teacher shift some students to our class as we have less students compared to their division.I was so happy that I kissed Priya on her cheek.she was stunned by my behaviour. I never behave like this .
I was standing near entrance when that idiot Aby called me fatty so loudly that even the students in the next class could hear it. His call bought me to reality .Till now I was in a dream land I forgot about my self. I forgot about myself.i forgot that I am fat .I know I have a big fault .Tears were flowing from eyes eventhough I resist.priya comes there fought with him for me. I run to bathroom I cried there.

Later in the evening we have the time to play I didn’t go for play my friends left after calling me many time.i was sitting under a tree i don’t dare to look at Shaad.i don’t know how to face him.why should I face him he must be thinking the same .I was lost in all these thoughts suddenly a ball hit me.shaad comes to pick the ball.
He took the ball nd goes but turns to me nd comes near
Shaad:Aby is an idiot don’t take his words seriously
I looks at him tears starts flowing from eyes  but I wipes my tears I was relieved when he talk to me. I smiles at him he too smiles at me nd I go for friends tries to cheer up me all these times but I was sad his few words cheered me up.his words has an effect on me.

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