Bhootu Review: A pleasing tale that defines clean entertainment


Zee Tv’s new show Bhootu is a comedy fiction drama revolving around the the story of a cheerful and cute little ghost. It’s about Pihu, a 7-year old girl who dies accidentally. She does not realize that she has died. Little Pihu thinks she is still alive and behaves like any regular girl of her age. Pihu is very fun loving and wants to play with her friends. She gets sad when they can’t see her. Pihu wants to stay with her mother. She has her best friend Bal Gopal with her all the time. She shares a sweet and unique bond with him.

The show is a remake of Bhutu, a children’s comedy-drama television series that aired on Zee Bangla before. Bhootu airs on 6.30 PM on Zee TV. The show has replaced Bin Kuch Kahe on the channel. It stars Arshiya Mukherjee in the lead role of Bhootu, along with Viraj Kapoor and Sana Amin Sheikh.

Main Characters:

Bhootu/Pihu: Pihu is a sweet, bubbly and helpful girl. She dies in a fire accident. She doesn’t realize her death and stays the same as before. She gets troubled when no one sees her. She gets nicknamed Bhootu after she turns into a ghost. Pihu knows living the best out of every moment. Even when she has become a ghost, she maintains her good nature and charm. She often does some mischief to have fun, but helps others much. She wants to stay as a normal girl. She loves enjoying outdoor play with children. She is close to her mother and Bal Gopal, with whom she shares everything. Pihu experiences a new phase after death, but doesn’t let anything affect her innocence.

Bal Gopal/Krishna: Bal Gopal is Pihu’s best friend. After Pihu’s unfortunate death, Krishna shows the right direction to Pihu. He is her Lord, mentor and friend. He often helps Pihu when she falls in problems by her mischief. He consoles Pihu when she yearns for her mother. He keeps Pihu happy in all times. He boosts her morale to accept things as it is. Pihu calls him Gopal by love. He shares a friendly bond with Pihu. He arranges a friend Suchi who can help Pihu in meeting her parents.


Arshiya Mukherjee as Pihu/Bhootu
Viraaj Kapoor as Bal Gopal
Akanksha Chamola as Pihu’s mother Anandita
Sameer Sharma as Pihu’s father
Sana Amin Sheikh as Suchi

Story So Far:

A little girl Pihu wakes up in morning and calls her mother. She looks for her mother Anandita, unaware that she has lost her life in a fire accident. Pihu hears the kids complaining about the ghost in Pihu’s house. Pihu talks to them. She fails to communicate with them. The kids leave her alone. Pihu doesn’t realize that the kids didn’t even see her. Anandita misses Pihu and goes home early. Pihu roams around in the house, trying to get someone’s attention. Pihu waits for Anandita’s return. Anandita gets depressed and finds hard dealing with Pihu’s death.

Bal Gopal comes to meet Pihu. Pihu then finds Bal Gopal standing in front of her. She tells him that everyone is talking about some ghost in her house. She gets sad that none wants to come inside the house by the fear of the ghost. She doesn’t know they all meant to say about her. She tells Gopal that her friends are not talking to her, and she is waiting for Anandita’s return since long time. Gopal asks her to have hope that Anandita will come back.

She has many questions about the things happening around her. She asks Gopal to help her find the answers. Gopal takes her to the past and helps her recall and understand how she has died in a fire accident which happened in the kitchen, when she was close to stove and was checking sweets made by Anandita. Gopal tells her that she has now died and she is the ghost everyone is scared of. He tells her that everyone is mistaken that she is a ghost, but actually she is a cute little angel. Pihu feels helpless and longs to meet her mother once. She asks Gopal to take her to Anandita.

Gopal tells her that her new friend will be coming home soon and also make her meet Anandita. A new family is introduced. Suchi is getting married in next 15 days. The family hurries up the arrangements. Gopal encourages Pihu and plays with him. Pihu breaks the pot and tells Gopal to play with her till her new friend comes. Pihu asks him how will she play with her new friend if she can’t see her. Gopal assures that her friend can see her if their friendship turns strong.

Suchi learns that they have to vacate the house in two days. The family gets troubled to move out when there is a marriage function going on. Suchi’s dad gets unwell by tension. Pihu waits for her friend. Gopal asks her to have patience and fate will bring her friend. Suchi’s dad gets sick. Suchi tries finding water in some nearby house. She enters Pihu’s house. Suchi is the one chosen by Gopal to become Pihu’s friend. Suchi likes Pihu’s house and decides to stay there. Suchi’s family moves in Pihu’s house. Pihu gets fun after playing with Gopal. She comes across the family and gets ready to meet Anandita. She goes to find the friend chosen by Gopal for her. She meets people and realizes they can’t hear her. Pihu tries to reach Suchi.

Pihu feels Suchi can’t hear her and Gopal lied to her. Gopal sees a man stealing a necklace and asks Pihu to get him caught. Gopal asks Pihu to go and keep trying. Pihu helps Suchi by alerting her about the thief. Suchi hears Pihu and catches the thief. Suchi communicates with Pihu. She looks for Pihu and doesn’t see her around. She tries to calm her stress. Suchi tells her dad that she is hearing strange voices by stress. Suchi talks to Pihu’s dad about the house deal. Pihu wishes to hear her dad’s voice and talk to him. Suchi fixes a meet with Pihu’s dad for property dealing. Pihu wants to go with Suchi and meet her dad. Suchi buys the house from Pihu’s dad, unaware of Pihu’s ghost residing there.

Our Take:

The show has a clear concept. With no mysteries, the show delivers what it promises. It has cute antics, jolly moments, and lots of mischief to add humor in the tale. The comedy drama targets the younger group of the audience. The show can never bore anyone. The little girl Pihu’s emotional journey to reach her mother post her death drives the story ahead. Arshiya who plays Pihu is adorable and very much cute. She played the same role in Zee Bangla’s Bhutu as well. She looks amazing in her simple look. Arshiya is superb in her portrayal, just like Viraaj Kapoor, who plays Bal Gopal in the show.

Viraaj was appreciated for his role of young Vardaan in Devanshi. He excels in this very role of Bhootu’s best buddy. Akanksha Chamola looks very pretty in her Bengali avatar. She dons simple ethnic sarees. Few moments on screen just belongs to her. Sana Amin Sheikh as Suchi is an added wonder to the cast. She is very natural. Viewers can look forward to Pihu and Suchi’s bonding. Pihu’s cute talks and emotions are the USP of Bhootu. This is by far the best attempt by Zee channel in recent times.


Pihu aka Bhootu can make a place in viewers’ heart with ease. Bhootu is a good watch for children. Many will relate with Pihu, who presents more of reality and natural behavior of children. The show is definitely something different and pleasant than current melodramatic family soaps. With good cast and concept, the show has clean entertainment, that can be peacefully enjoyed with entire family.

Our Rating:

4 out of 5

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  1. Riana

    Yah its a superb show ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  2. I am watching this show. Its simply superb. The girl pihu is so cute and her acting is awesome. I would like to thank zeetv for this show. This show is unique.

  3. Nivika

    Superbb show loved it…archiya is soooooi cuteee??????????
    Nice concept

  4. Aleya.marzan

    best show……………….. i think it should be 5 out of 5 . loveee arshiyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa cho cho chooooooooooo cuteeeeeeeeeeeee??????????????????

  5. the bond between bhutu and gopal n also pihus innocence n natural actiing is da USP of dis serial…. u ppl r doin grt job…. pure story..suchi is cute wen she is scared by bhutu…:-)

  6. RANdomfANCreationz

    I love this show cause of the little girl Pihu she is soooo adorable ???

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