Bhootu And Jeet Gayi To Piya Morey Mahasangam 23rd January 2018 Written Episode Update: Adhiraj Does Reverse Pheras with Devi/Aarav Searches Dr. Shukla

Bhootu 23rd January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Adhiraj throws Devi’s bags and shouts at her to get out of his house. Dev confronts him and says she did not give anyone right to play with her self-respect, not even him. He again shouts that she did a mistake and should get out of his house. She says he married her by performing pheras, though with force, and cannot kick her out He drags her to lawn and shouts she is boasting about pheras, he will end thse pheras right here. He pulls havan kund from home temple, burns wood in it and starts reverse pheras. Maasa smirks while Dev’s mother cries. Kesar asks her husband to stop Adhiraj. Husband says Adhiraj must have got some proof, so he is reacting. Adhiraj does reverse pheras breaking each promise he made and each mistake Devi did. Devi pleads not to, but Adhiraj continues.


reaches police station and requests to search Dr. Shukla. Constable asks him to go away as they are busy Aarav hopes to find Dr.Shukla soon to prove Suchi wrong and Mansi right. Gopal reachesthere and does leela, playing flute. Heavy gush of air starts and Aarav sees Dr. Shukla’s photo with pamphlet about Sujangarh mela where doctor will be found. He thinks of reaching there.

Adhiraj finishes reverse pheras and throws divorce papers on Devi shouting good he already asked lawyer to prepare divorce papers. Devi cries holding papers. Maas asks everyone to leave Devi alone. Urmi praises Maasa that whatever Devi may try, she cannot defeat Maasa.

Aarav reaches Sujangarh mela and searches Dr.Shukla. Dev meets him there and asks what is he doing here. He tells he is searching Dr. Shukla here to prove that Mansi is really mad. Devi asks if he wants to prove Suchi wrong and Mansi right. He says he wants to punish Subodh for his sins. She asks him to trust his love and not lose hope so easily. She then calls Suchi and informs about Aarav searching Dr. Shukla as someone has kidnapped Dr. Sukhla and kept him in Sujangarh. Suchi says Dr. Shukla is the sole evidence to prove Mansi wrong, senses Devi in distress and asks reason. Devi says god is testing her relationship and love. Suchi says even her love is test, Devi should be courageous.

Suchi then gets ready to go to Sujangarh. Pihu comes and asks where is she going. Suchi says to help Aarav. Pihu insists to accompany her and she agrees.


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    Bus yehi baccha tha janne ko… Zee writers and producers should die in chullu bhar pani… Show ko sambhala to jata nhi but bigadne phd kr lete se aarav and suchi ka character katam hone wala hai
    Go through link-

  2. Canada is a week and a half behind in Jeet and a whole month or so behind in Bhootu so you can imagine the confusion that’s going on.

  3. At this point, I have nothing left to say for BHOOTU.

    Had some hope that with the ongoing protest in twitter & IG may be the creators will change their decision. But today Sana has clarified posting a video – last few weeks of Suchi. So I am literally crying my heart out now 🙁 🙁 🙁

    Well at least we have a few weeks to prepare for the worst.

    Curse you writers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Aarav wasn’t that essential for the story but Suchi was as important as Pihu. Both Viraj & Arshiya are wonderful actors & I wish them all the best for their careers ahead. But honestly, without Sana i.e. Suchi’s role, even these two look dull.

    Ever since the story began, Gopal kept on saying SUCHI KO PIHU SE KOI AALAG NAHI KAR SAKTA, BAGWAN BHI NAHI. Well guess what, hamari writers to bhagwan se bhi powerul nikli ki in dono ko alag kar dia 🙁 🙁 🙁

    Now all I wish for is some closure about Suchi’s exit & the revamped show to be a complete flop that the creators are forced to bring back the original cast.

  4. leisa s morris

    What elsr is to be expected…dey always start a series with characters get u rootin for them den kill dem offf and bring in new characters. Dey change d main theme of d story and give u a completely new storyline dat makes no sense

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