Bhootu 9th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Pihu Sees her Mother Again

Bhootu 9th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Aarav informs that there is no girl named Pihu in this birthday party at all and this party is a big scam made by Suchi. He calls Suchi. Suchi comes holding Pinky and Pihu. Pihu hears Gopal’s flute and runs excitedly that her mamma must be around. Aarav asks Pinky what is her name. Pinky says Aarti. Anandita scolds Pihu that she told she does not like jokes regarding children. Suchi says she scolded Pihu for not brushing before bed and told she is not her mother if she does not brush, so Pihu is still angry and is taking her school teacher’s name and asks Pinky if she is still angry. Anandita tells Aarav that children play pranks and he need to not bother, asks everyone to get back to party mood. Suchi thinks she is feeling guilty for lying AAarv, but she has no other go.

Pihu follows

flute sound and reaches a temple and thinks Gopal is here, but gets sad seeing an man playing flute. Man praises Gopal’s idol that his leela is unique. He continues playing flute. Anandita with Rakhi walks towards car and hearing flute sound walks towards temple. Pihu and she both turn at once and don’t see each other’s face. Anandita gets into car. Gopal does his leela. Pihu turns and sees her mamma in car. She runs and touches car window and pleads mamma open door. Anandita senses Pihu’s presence. Car moves. Pihu runs behind car pleading and sits on road.

Two bikers follow car. Driver notices it and informs Anandita and Rakhi. Rakhi says even she noticed and asks Anandita to call police and inform even Subodh. Anandita says she will see who are they and asks driver to stop car. Rakhi asks not to take chance and asks driver to increase speed. Pihu sits crying on road. Suchi searches and finds her. Pihu cries that she saw her mamma going in a car and thinks her mamma is in trouble. Suchi takes her to temple and prays god to protect Pihu’s mamma. Rakhi gets out of car and Anandita sits in car alone. Bikers pull out gun and shoot at her. She notices them and bends, escaping bullet. She asks god why he saves her always.

Suchi takes Pihu home and shows her gifts. Pihu says she needs her mama and not these gifts. Anandita follows bikers and sees them escaping around Subodh’s cousin Deboshish’s house. She enters Deboshish’s house and he gets nervous seeing her. She asks why he is sweating, if he is not happy seeing her, 2 bikers are following her and they escaped around his house. He asks what he can do. She asks if he will not ask her to come in. He nervously says he is busy, she can come tomorrow. She snatches paper and says he is holding 2 day old paper reverse. He gets message. Anandita asks to read it. Deboshish taunts that she has gone mentally unstable after her daughter’s death and he is afraid of her. He closes door laughing. Anandita cries reminisces Pihu’s death and shouts Pihu. Pihu also cries reminiscing her mamma.

Precap: Suchi says Aarav that she did not know he says sorry. He says he will apologize even Pihu and will come to her house. Anandita also informs Suchi that she is coming to her house tonight at 5 p.m., be ready. Suchi gets tensed.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. one show which is apart from all stupid saas-bahu dramas . unique show . very different concept , nobody would think of lord krishna being a friend of a bhoot and guiding her , still its cute and adorable . shuchi-pihu bonding is way too cute . love their bond . the epi was fab , everytime suchi manages the situation , but it is yet to see how arav reacts when he knows the whole truth . th music played in bg is nice

  2. What a heart rending scene,Pihu running after her mother calling her ,completely unaware that her mother can neither see her nor hear her.This is a beautiful ,yet a very sad portrayal of the emotional bond between a mother and her child.Pihu is so innocent that she doesn’t even know the limitations imposed by death,.Rightnow ,her spirit is so disturbed that I would like to see how she attains salvation finally and I wonder who those guys are that follow Anandita and why they want to kill her.You are right Tejaswani ,this is an absolutely adorable storyline ,totally different from all those stupid and artificial Saas bahu serials.

  3. Aleya.marzan

    dear didi
    in many places u mashed up suchi n pihu .
    apat this show is getting to much interesting

  4. I agreed to you but sometimes i can’t handle those emotional scenes because it looks real.i also want to see what is going to happen with pihu,why she is still in the Earth.

  5. Ajit P. Pawar

    the best serial I ever seen. .

  6. i love pihu .yes cant handle when she cries for her mom.

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