Bhootu 9th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Aarav Reveals Anandita’s Pihu Is Her Pihu

Bhootu 9th November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Aarav asks Suchi if she does not trust him, why she is hiding things. Suchi says when times permits, she will tell him everything. Pihu tries to keep file in Aarav’s office cupboard and Gopal speaks. She drops files. Aarav enters and seeing files on floor thinks how did they fall and keeps them in a suitcase. Suchi watches from window and determines to find out what he is hiding.

Suchi returns home with Pihu and invites Aarav and his mom home. Pihu insists her not to call khadoos boss. Gopal smiles holding butter bowl. Suchi gives Cadbury dairy milk choc to Pihu. Gopal drops butter bowl seeing choc. They all 3 promote Cadbury dairy milk. Sarla and Suman wait for Aarav and his mom. Suchi comes down. They say she is looking beautiful today. Suchi returns to her room. Aarav and Babli

enter. Pihu silently ties Arav’s laces together. Aarav falls down. Sarla scolds Gulgule. Gulgule cries he did not do anything. Pihu laughs. Aarav says that is okay and asks where is Suchi. Suman says Arjun is searching for target as soon as he entered and goes to call Suchi. Suchi silently walks out from window and rushes to Aarav’s home.

Aarav and Babli get tired waiting for Suchi. Sarla and Suman entertain them. Suchi reaches Aarav’s home and after distracting servant enters Aarav’s room and searches his suitcase. She finds it and tries to open it with Aarav’s birthdate and many other codes, then tries the date on which Aarav proposed her and it opens. She sees Maansi Singh Randhawa in a file and thinks why did not Aarav inform her about his sister. She is about to take file document when Sheetal calls her. Servant walks towards room hearing phone ring. Suchi hears footstep.

Suman informs everyone that Suchi is not in her room. Babli asks Sarla to call Pihu at least if not Suchi. Family looks in a surprise and ask who Pihu. Babli says their relative’s daughter whom Suchi adopted. Sheetal says Suchi did not adopt any child and Gulgule is the only child here. Babli says that is okay and leaves with Aarav.

Aarav reaches home and finding Suchi there asks what is she doing here, if she is still doubting him and spying on him. Suchi says why should not she when he lied so much. He says he did not. She brings case file and asks why did he hide that he is prime suspect in Pihu’s murder case. He asks why should not he hide, he is suffering for the crime he did not do and asks why did she lie that she has a child Pihu. Suchi says she did not lie, Anandita’s Pihu is her Pihu.

Precap: Pihu requests Gopal to give her a power and let her speak to Aarav. She calls Aarav over phone and says she is Pihu and someone killed her.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Somehow Suchi talks too rudely to Aarav sometimes and passes caustic remarks .Without knowing the complete truth ,she can not incriminate him for Pihu’s murder.No doubts he is secretive and not ready to share his problems with her .But she should n’t have blamed him for cheating and hiding important information from her as she herself has been doing the same.And the way she did spying in Aarav’s house was somehow very cheap and awkward .Sad that their relationship has hit rock bottom that too,too soon.

    1. Sheeja

      I agree with you Lakshmi.She is being continuously rude and passing taunts.Aarav has been keeping calm for quite long.With the way she spoke to him from the hospital anyone else would have given it back to her.Still taunting him about Anandita is going out of hand what is he supposed to do if her husband took her.When she herself has been hiding things she can’t expect him to share anything.And the way she adopted for spying at Aarav’s house is actually wrong.And after all this she claims to love him which was totally out of place.

  2. I hope Suchi and Arav both work together for murderer.

  3. Somehow AarHi has lost their complete charm ? I can understand Suchi’s dilemma but it seems she has already started believing Aarav as the murderer. Even Aarav is loosing his cool & I am feeling a big storm is on its’ way. It would have better if they had showed Suchi’s emotional turmoil as well, as she claims to love Aarav but here we are seeing her determined side more than her tormented side. It doesn’t really match

  4. Aleya.marzan

    what yaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
    aarchi ka kya ho raahaa hai
    dont make aarav the killer
    waiting for next

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