Bhootu 8th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Daadi And Mohini Makes Anandita Believe That Vikram Killed Subodh

Bhootu 8th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Avni serves food to Shona and asks her to have it. Shona gets emotional seeing her mother’s love. Pihu excitedly tells Gopal to see mother and son’s love. She does magic on Shona who also pampers Avni. Avni also gets haappy, but then once magic evades, Shona as usual arrogantly yells and verbally abuses her and runs away. Pihu asks Gopal to do something.

Pihu returns home and seeing Anandita sleeping thinks she will reunite Shona and her mother Avni soon. Once she leaves, Anandita wakes up remembering Subodh and searches number from which she got Subodh’s call. Vikram returns home and tells Daadi he finished his dinner during client meeting and will go and rest now. Daadi shows him gunny bag and asks him to keep it in store room. He drags bag to store room and keeps it there, but gets his hand injured. He walks back to living room. Daadi acts as worried. Mohini does his overacting as usual and rushes to Anandita’s room and asks where is first aid box, Vikram never tells where he keeps things, he got inujured while carrying a bag to store room. She then takes first-aid box and does Vikra’s dressing smirking at Daadi.

Shona looks at book reminiscing Avni showering love on her. Pihu enters. Shona yells at Pihu this is a worst book and throws it on her. Pihu picks and says it is good book and tries to calm her down.

Anandita walks into store room and checks gunny bag. She is shocked to see Subodh’s blood stained shirt and knife in it and panics that Vikram killed Subodh. She further finds letter in which she reads by the time she gets letter, Vikram would have killed him. She determines to kill Subodh’s murderer and walks to Vikram’s room holding knife and raises hand to stab him.

Precap: Shona tells Avni they will not meet again from here. Avni gives her gift and request to become her friend. Pihu excitedly asks Shona to say yes.

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