Bhootu 7th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Anandita leaks LPG to Get Thruth From Aarav

Bhootu 7th November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Suman and Sarla discuss about Suchi and Aarav’s marriage while cooking. They both feel happy for Suchi. Sheetal interferes and says Aarav and his mother don’t know that Suchi cannot become mother in life, why will Babli aunty get her son married to a girl who cannot bear child. Sarlafumes in anger. Suman asks Sarla not to worry, she will feed butter to Gopal and pray him for Suchi and Aarav’s relationship. Gopal smiles and thinks Suchi and Aarav’s relationship is unique and they cannot handle it, there will be a lot of ups and downs and they themselves will come and pray for their separation. Suchi hugs Pihu and cries that Aarav is hiding something from her and she will find it out.

Next morning, Aarav reaches office. His secretary asks if Suchi did not come with

him. Suchi comes from behind and says she has come and greets Aarav. Aarav thinks why she is being so formal, she was angry last night. Suchi thinks she knows he is hiding truth and is related to Pihu’s murder. Secretary asks Suchi if she is fine. Suchi says her relative’s small daughter died and she is sad. Aarav gets Anandita’s call who insists him to meet her and provokes him. He agrees and leaves office. Suchi follows him.

Aarav reaches a godown and thinks what kind of place is this. Anandita comes in front and closing door asks why did he kill Pihu, what happened between him and Subdoh. Aarav says he informed her already. She says his staff told Subodh and him were more than close friends and more than business partners, what happened between then, why did he kill her Pihu. He repeats he did not. She leaks cooking gas and picking match box warns him to tell why he killed Pihu. He says he did not and pleads to stop gas, suffocating. He tries to break door. She continues lighting matchbox, suffocating. Aarav says stop it, he killed Pihu. Anandita collapses. Aarav holds her. Pihu cries. Gopal consoles her not to lose hope. Arav breaks door and opens it. Suchi enters and asks what is he doing here, what kind of smell is this. She sees Aandita on floor and runs to her and then sees gas leaking. Arav also runs to Anandita and lifts her. Suchi asks what did he do to her.

Precap: Pihu gets happy seeing Anandita. Anandita also gets emotional and hugs her.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Awww.. .. what’s happening.. !!!! Gopal saying dey will pray for suchi and aarav separation… Omg… Day by day dese makers are not at all improving the story.. neither romance nor comedy with bhootu scenes… Not revealing the suspense.. all is dragging .. dragging…

    Today aarav just confessed to make anandita stop from lighting the match I hope… Or he might be framed in the pihu murder by someone…. But what has aarav mother’s raaz in this murder mystery… Oh good… Solve diZ puzzle.

  2. For the first time ,a very serious episode ,not even Pihu and Gopal could lighten the emotionally charged atmosphere throughout the episode.First Sheetal’s insensitive reminder about Suchi’s infertility spoils the happy -go -lucky mood of the family.Though she is right in a way ,her intentions are not right.Sheetal just wants to hurt Suman and Sarla by passing this type of tongue in cheek comments.
    I am worried about the lack of confidence between Aarav and Suchi.Neither Aarav tells Suchi about Anandita’s call nor Suchi tells him that she wants to come with him.And Aarav admitting that he killed Pihu is very disturbing .Is it a true confession or has he said it to satisfy Anandita who seems to have already concluded that Aarav is the culprit and not in a mood to listen to anything else.The way Suchi looks at Aarav when he opens the door tells it all.I do hope that this is only a misunderstanding and Aarav has nothing to do with this because planning a murder that too the murder of an innocent child is a heinous crime,let the provocation be any.
    Not understood the precap,How can Anandita see Bhootu, has Bhootu got the special power from Gopal?

  3. What what what??? Oh my God…bhootu is invisible for others than how anandita can see and touch her…seriously when pihu first see her mother at her birthday party her mother didn’t see her at all…let’s see in upcoming epi may be they will reveal how this happened

  4. Aleya.marzan

    i hope the precap is true plz plz plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  5. Oh God if this goes on continue I genually feels like no one watch tha show atleast show the real culprit to viewres.

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