Bhootu 6th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Pihu Does not Identify Anandita Under Mask

Bhootu 6th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Peon informs Suchi that Anandita informed there is a party at 5 p.m. tonight and gave her venue address. Suchi gets tensed that Anandita already booked venue, how will she get Pihu. Pihu wakes up and gets happy seeing happy birthday written on fish bowl and snacks on table. She happily munches snacks and sings happy birthday to me, says she knows Suchi has kept all these snacks. She holds Gopal’s idol and asks if he is not angry on her, he can give her a gift. She closes eyes. Idol glows and peacock feather falls into her hands. She says she does not need such a cheap gift and throws it. Feather flies and she follows it. It sticks on mother and child’s painting. She gets emotional seeing that and picks feather back, reminiscing her mamma.

Anandita gets venue decorated and thinks she

has kept fairy tale theme for her shona/Pihu. Rakhi comes and asks why did she come out of house without informing her and asks why she is celebrating dead child’s birthday, she should perform death anniversary pooja instead. Anandita slaps her and says for a mother, her child is always alive. Rakhi emotionally hugs her. Suchi returns home and sees Pihu angrily confronting her mamma used to celebrate her birthday and throw party, it does not look her like birthday today. Suchi smiles and thinks god wants her to celebrate Pihu’s birthday and got invitation, whatever it happens, she will celebrate Pihu’s birthday.

Aarav informs her mother about birthday party. Mother says she does not to attend other’s children’s birthday party when her son is unmarried. Aarav says Such is coming there. Mother happily agrees. Aarav thinks if Suchi is proved unmarried, she will lose job, and if she is married, then she will be dismissed from mamma’s heart.

Pihu gets ready in a beautiful white gown and thinks this dress is so beautiful, looks herself into mirror and sadly realizes her image cannot be seen in mirror. Suchi calls her to come out soon. Pihu goes out and sees a Pinky wearing similar dress telling she is Pihu, studying in class 3 and her mamma’s name is Suchi. Pihu say it is her. Suchi says this girl is Gulgule’s friend Pinky and agreed to act for ice cream, Pihu will celebrate birthday and enjoy. Pinky tries to seat in side car, Suchi says it has lizard. Pinky sits as pillion while Pihu sits in side car.

Anandita invites orphanage children and waits for Suchi and Pihu. Suchi etners with Pinky and Pihu and introduces Pinky as Pihu. Anandita meets Pinky. Pihu looking at bubbles and fairytale theme thinks her mamma used to celebrate these kind of parties. She does not look at Anandita. Aarav enters with his mother and introduces Suchi and her mother. Mother gets disheartened seeing Suchi already has a daughter. Pinky introduces herself as Pihu to Aarav and excitedly takes his big gift. Aarav angrily walks and slips. Suchi holds him and says he is slipping a lot now a days.

Party continues. Anandita dances wearing mask. Pihu sadly waits and hopes birthday song will start. Anandita sings happy birthday with guests and Pinky cuts cake. Pihu hears voice and gets emotional that it is her mamma’s voice. Suchi asks what happened. Pihu says she heard her mamma’s voice. Anandita comes in front, but Pihu gets busy enjoying party. Pihu hopes she gets a mask. Anandita’s mask falls down and she picks it. Suchi gives another mask to Anandita and they both dance. Pihu joins them, but does not identify her mamma.

Aarav feeds ice cream to Pinky and asks what is her name. Pinky says she is Pihu, class 3 girl. Aarav asks what is her mother’s name. Pinky finally agrees that she is Pinky and Suchi is not her mamma. Aarav fumes in anger and determines to expose Suchi’s lies.

Precap: Aarav informs guests that Suchi does not have a daughter Pihu at all, this birthday party is a scam and calls Suchi. Suchi comes in front.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Aleya.marzan

    aflatun epi is waiting !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Lovely serial.I don’t know the name of the child actor who is portraying Bhootu’s /Pihu’s character,she is simply outstanding.I thought that Pihu would finally see and recognise her mother Anandita In the birthday party but looks like her wait is n’t over yet.Though the main theme of Bhootu is n’t love and romance between the leads,still there is no denying the fact that Suchi and Aarav make a perfect couple.I would love to see what the writers have planned for this young girl Pihu who died at such a tender age and how they are going to end the story.This is a variety story line compared to the remaining serials and the actors are doing their characters beautifully.Hope we get to see more comments on this forum.

    1. Aleya.marzan

      arshiya mukharjee her name

  3. Thank You.,Aleya.marjan for the info ,the way she calls Suchi as ‘Gulgule ‘is so cute.Any idea what is the meaning of the word ‘gulgule’ and why Pihu calls her by that name?

    1. gugule is suchi’s cousin’s name. Bhootu calls her “burburi”
      P.S: I don’t know the meaning 😉

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