Bhootu 6th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Avni Apologizes Shona And Invites Her Home

Bhootu 6th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anandita is shocked to see Vikram speaking to her as Subodh. She starts shouting at Vikram how dare he is to cheat her and act as Subodh, where is Subodh and what did he do with Subodh. Daadi stops her, she complains Daadi. Daadi says they were helpless. Anandita shouts even she lied, why her whole family is lying, what happened to Subodh. Daadi says Subodh has gone missing. Anandita panics why did not they inform her, if Subodh is safe, let her go and file police complaint. Daadi tries to stop, but she gets adamant. Daadi asks Mohini to take Anandita to her room and give her medicine. Anandita continues resisting while Mohini takes her from there.

Vikram confronts Daadi and asks why did she lie, now Anandita will hate him more, how will they tell about that Subodh is dead. Daadi says he should reveal it to Anandita. They stop seeing Anandita. Inspector also comes. Daadi introduces inspector and says he is handling Subodh’s case. Inpsector tells Anandita that they are trying all the can to find out Subodh and came to take her statement. Anandita calms down.

Pihu takes almond milk for Shona. Shona yells as usual why did she give her Avni’s house and pushes milk glass. Pihu says it is for her mamma, mamma gives her milk always. Pihu drinks whole milk and continues yelling reminiscing Avni insulting her. Avni comes and apologizes Shona saying she did not know that she came to ask for charity and misunderstood her as thief. Shona gets emotional. Avni invites her for dinner as compensation and leaves smiling. Shona gets more emotional, but fumes reminiscing Avni insulting her again.

Daadi calls Mohini and asks to get more voice CDs of Subodh. Mohini asks if she wants to make Anandita mad completely now. Daadi says more than that.

Shona goes and sleeps next to Anandita, but continues getting angry reminiscing Avni insulting her and gets out of bed. Pihu disguised as Yashoda maa sings yashoda ka nand lala, dances and feeds butter to Gopal. She pampers Gopal like a child. Shona gets emotional thinking of Avni.

Precap: Avni eagerly waits for Shona. Maid says she just met kid only twice is very much attracted to her. Avni says she feels as if she.. Pihu says they are mother and daughter.

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