Bhootu 6th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Pihu To Get Superpowers

Bhootu 6th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pihu hugs Suchi one last time. Aarav tells Suchi it is time to and she walks with him while Pihu pleads not to go. She follows them till road and sees a speeding truck heading towards Anandita and rescues her. Anandita can see her. Anandita emotionally says yes. Pihu hugs her. Gopal says Pihu changed Suchi’s ilfe, united Aarav and Suchi, united her parents, etc., now her new chapter will start.

In chapter 2, Anandita runs around home searching Pihu who is playing hide and seek. Anandita acts as searching her smilingly and sees moving box. She opens it and does not find Pihu. Pihu wakes up from sleep calling mamma and realizes it was her dream. She thinks she is seeing this dream since 2 years, why mamma did not come at all to meet her.

Pihu then hears door opening and gets afraid thinking ghosts came, she says she is a sweet ghost and lives in this house. Voice says this is his house. She says bhooth uncle, she stays here. Gopal comes in front smiling. Pihu runs and scolds why did he frighten her. He taunts her that she was so afraid. Pihu sadly says she is expecting her mamma, she did not come to meet her till now. Gopal then enjoys butter with her. Pihu asks how did he get so much butter. He says today is janmastami. After fiishing butter, he then plays flute. Pihu sits sadly. Gopal asks her what happened. She says today she died. Gopal says she has to give him a gift. She gifts him her doll. He says even she will get a special gift and disappears smiling…

Precap: Pihu sees a man coming to buy house. Real estate agent says this house is very small, he will get him bigger one. Man says he needs this house, he can see opposite house from here.

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  1. So, along with PiChi’s story even my interest has ended today.
    I watched today’s episode only because last episode seemed incomplete & I was left wondering why would Suchi leave Pihu when she knew Pihu was still there. Although the question isn’t answered today also but I’d like to think it was because Suchi thought Pihu has gotten her salvation & yet came to say good bye. But this just doesn’t make any sense. Anyway, the writer was in a hurry to rush to the 2nd chapter so he has literally destroyed the very relationship on which this story was based.
    The 2nd chapter has also disappointed me along with Gopal’s words. Not to be rude but I think more than being instrumental in AarHi’s union, Pihu had been a barrier. Suchi was constantly at war with her feelings towards Aarav when Pihu’s murder truth was revealed.
    Plus I think, they have only shown Suchi to develop as a person, as a mother. Pihu loves her, no doubt there. But it was only the last episode when we got to see her yearning for both of her mothers. Even when AarHi have left, I had expected a few flashbacks for a couple of episodes. But here we are again back to square one where she is only missing her mumma & nothing about Suchi.
    While I do appreciate the writer for portraying Suchi’s unconditional love for Pihu so amazingly at the same time I am really disappointed with Pihu’’s characterization.
    Anyway, they had to exclude the leads for children oriented show. But do they really think a 7 years old guarding her mother is natural??? Why don’t you just admit that you want to attract the typical middle aged viewers who prefer super kids, saas-bahu nonsense & every other bullshit?
    Anyway, silently praying & hoping for TISRA PARHAV where I’ll get to watch Suchi one last time.
    The uniqueness of Pihu has always been her natural childish behavior. Not interested in the child version of Sonpari even if it’s played by Arshiya.

  2. Very confusing ,as I remember Aarav had purchased Subodh’s house,then why did the whole family leave the house after the marriage and lock it up? Just to wrap up all the previous characters ?
    Can Anandita actually see her daughter now or was it also a part of Pihu’s dream ?I can not say I like the new track but I think it is too early to say that.So let us see what this second chapter is all about and whether it will be as enthralling as the previous one.

  3. I want to know why Suchi and pihu story is closed. She was considered her second mother. I just want Suchi back in the show

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