Bhootu 5th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Suchi Celebrates Pihu’s Birthday

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Gulgule asks Sheetal what she is hiding. Sheetal hiding chicken packet behind her back says nothing. Gulgule gets adamant and tries to snatch packet. Sheetal throws packet in air. Chicken pieces fall on table. Family is shocked seeing chicken pieces. Gulgule laughs pak pak pak chicken. Suman scolds Gulgule. Father shouts why did she spoil house on his father’s death anniversary day. Sankalp and Sarita also scold her. Sheetal cries that she had gone to meet her friend and bag got exchanged. Pihu says she met a man and not woman. Sheetal holds Sarita’s legs and pleads to forgive her. Sarita forgives her and asks Suman to get house cleaned by someone. Pihu says they can cook chicken.

Arav makes painting shirtless. His mother shouts. He turns worriedly. She clicks pic and says

hasthag my son is worried for me and sends it to his office group. He scolds how did she get his office group number and asks to delete it. She says never and asks if he liked Suchi and drew such a beautiful painting, he has drawn painting with love. He says it is color of anger. Suchi sees photo and laugh speaking over phone to Pooja. Pooja says she got obsessed with hot body. Suchi says no way.

Anandita speaks to Subodh an says she wants to meet his cousin Deboshish. Subodh warns her not to. Rakhi asks what happened. Anandita says Subodh is stopping her from meeting his cousin Debashish. Rakhi says she should no meet when Subodh does not. Anandita says she was attacked thrice recently and she doubts Debashish did it as commissioner told someone close is attacking her. Rakhi says she will accompany her except school. Anandita says she does not need her help and will stay awake whole night. She looks at Pihu’s pic and keeps cake on table an says Pihu used to ask why birthday comes only once a year, she wants to roam and eat a lot. She cries reminiscing Pihu.

Suchi wakes up at night hearing thunderstorms and goes to close window. Suman asks her to go and close storeroom door. Gopal’s idol is shown. Suchi goes to store room and finds Pihu’s scrap book and her birthdate written on it. Anandita on the other side lights birthday candle and sings happy birthday to you pihu sadly. Suchi also prepares laddoo cake and sings happy birthday to you bhootu. Pihu gets happy seeing laddoo cake and excitedly asks if they will party an if her friends will come. Suchi feeds her cake and Anandita sadly feeds cake to Pihu’s photo clearing her tears. Pihu happily hugs Suchi and asks how does she know today is her birthday, she also does not remember and her mamma used to inform her. Suchi says god’s signal. Pihu says Gopal signaled her then, even Gopal should attend her party. She asks what is her age now and gets emotional reminiscing her mamma. Gopal’s idol glows.

Next morning, Suchi serves sweets to her colleagues saying today is her daughter’s birthday, her name is Pihu. Anandita feeds her cake and says what a coincidence, their daughters share same name and same birthdate, maybe their faces also match. She asks to show her daughter’s pic. Suchi says she does not have and asks to show her Pihu’s pic. Arav hears their conversation an thinks Suchi does not have any daughter, how will she show pic. He says they both can celebrate their daughters’ birthday together at same venue and he will book venue. Suchi gets tensed. Anandita thinks she can celebrate her Pihu’s birthday in lieu of Suchi’s daughter’s birthday.

Precap: Anandita reaches Arav’s booked birthday venue.
Pihu confronts Suchi that she did not organize birthday party. Suchi thinks she will celebrate Pihu’s birthay in birthday venue at any cost.

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