Bhootu 5th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Anandita Gets Vikram and Mohini Engaged

Bhootu 5th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anandita insists to see Vikram and Mohini’s engagement tonight itself if they love each other. Vikram stands shocked and resists, but Daadi says why not. Once Anandita leaves, Vikram resists. Daadi says he has to act seeing Anandita’s condition. He agrees. Mohini gets very happy. Daadi shows her precious necklace and says she will wear this on her engagement today. Mohini gets greedy.

Shona walks towards Avni’s house. Gopal and Pihu walk behind her. She reaches Avni’s house and gets mesmerized seeing such a big bungalow. Pihu asks her to get into her house. Shona sees Avni speaking to her assistant and telling she cannot attend 25 meets in a day and thinks she must be her mamma. She walks inside house once Avni leaves and excitedly looks at things around. She picks

glass globe and looks at it carefully. Avni walks back to get her file and is shocked to see a stranger girl inside home, thinks her as thief and shouts who is she. Shona drops globe. Pihu asks Shona to tell who she is, but Shona stands silently while Avni yells. Avni calls watchman and scolds him. She then warns Shona to run way, she is sparing her this time. Shona with teary eyes run away while Gopal and Pihu look sadly.

Vikram and Mohini’s engagement starts. Anandita says she will call Subodh and give him this good news. She calls Subodh, Vikram tensely silents his phone. Anandita says he is not picking phone and must be busy, she will call him later. Shona returns sadly. Anandita asks if she is fine, what happened to her. Shona runs to her room. Anandita asks what happened to her. Daadi says kids get upset while playing, she need not worry.

Pihu walks to her room and throws things reminiscing Avni alleging her as thief. Pihu enters. Shona says that is why she did not want to go to her mother, how can a mother speak to her child like this. Pihu says her mother does not know who she is. Shona asks how will she as she threw me in dustbin and ran away, Pihu should not try again to reunite them.

Anandita calls Subodh again in the evening. Vikram speaks in changed voice. Anandita says Vikram and Mohini got engaged today. Vikram asks if she still doubts Vikram. She says she does not know, maybe her misunderstanding. Vikram says Vimram is a good man and she should not doubt him. She asks when he is coming. He says once work is done, he will. She asks if she is important or work. She then hears vehicle sound and same sound from Subodh’s side. Vikram says she is most important person in his life and once he finishes work will come to her. Anandita feels Subodh is speaking from same house and walks out to check. Vikram asks to speak. She passes by Vikram’s room and stops hearing Subodh’s sound.

Precap: Vikram confronts Daaadi why did she inform Anandita that Subodh is missing. Daadi says she cannot lie anymore. Vikram says let us tell truth then. Daadi asks will he reveal truth. He says ok and sees Anandita standing in front..

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