Bhootu 3rd November 2017 Written Episode Update: Suchi Finds Pihu’s Murder Case File In Aarav’s Cabin

Bhootu 3rd November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anandita meets Aarav and asks him if he is shocked seeing her and gives water saying his throat must be dry seeing her. She then asks why is he searching her. He says Suchi is searching her. She says he is searchign her in lieu of Suchi and asks why did he kill her Pihu. Aarav says he did not and he did not know this would happen…stops. Anandita continues crying and shouting and warns Aarav once he is proved guilty, she herself will punish her.

Suchi pampers Pihu and thinks if she should inform Arav about her. She then tells Pihuu that she wants to befriend Aarav. Pihu says why khadoos boss. Suchi says Aarav will let her meet her mother. Pihu gets very happy and hugs her. Suchi thinks she wants Pihu to befriend Aarav as he is their future.

Next morning, Aarav enters

office. Suchi also enters and touches him from behind and hides. He turns and finds another employee passing by. Suchi comes in front and greets him as sir. He asks why sir. She says it is office. He says she can call him o ji, ye ji, etc. She says she wants to tell him something in the evening. He asks why evening. She says they should have a chance for coffee date. He says yes looking tensed. She asks what happened. He says nothing. At home, Pihu tells Gopal that Suchi told khadoos boss wil help her meet mamma, she so so excited. Gopal does not smile, indicating an unforeseen event.

After sometime, Aarav during staff meeting sees Suchi speaking to someone over phone. looking tensed. He walks out and asks Suchi what happened. She says police does nnot want to give Pihu’s murder file and pleads him to speak to commissioner and get that file. He nods okay. Babli aunty reminsices Anandita warning Aarav that she will punish him if he is found guilty and thinks she will not let history repeat. Suchi is in Aarav’s cabin when Pihu calls her and asks if she spoke about her to Aarav. Suchi says not yet, she will in the evening. She keeps her hand on files while talking and Pihu’s murder case file falls. She reads file and is shocked to see Aarav’s name as prime suspect. She reminisces Aarav telling he knows commissioner and pages missing from police file. She angrily walks out and asks assistant where is Aarav. Asssitant says he is in staff meeting. Suchi walks to Aarav and slaps him. He is shocked. She holds his collar and shouts why did he kill her Pihu, what did a child do to him. Aarav says he thought she would understand him at least, he is just a suspect and anyone can be suspected. In love, one can feel each other’s soul, then how can she mistrust him. She hugs him and apologizes. She then imagines Pihu pleading to save her standing in fire and blood on Aarav’s hands and Assistant gets her out of imagination and asks why she wants to meet Aarav and which file is this.

Pihu tells Gopal that bhurburi is not picking her call at al, she was supposed to inform about her to khadoos boss who will let her meet her mamma, she wants to befriend Khadoos boss. Gopal says she should then and says if Pihu was there, Aarav and Suchi’s story would have been something else. Suchi walks to Aarav and shows file.

Precap: Pihu says Suchi fought with Aarav yesterday, she will not go to office toay. Gopal says she will. Pihu asks how does she know. He says because.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. So so interesting episode

  2. Not understood why Aarav was n’t firm in denying Anandita’s allegations,.And Aarav’s mother listens to the entire conversation but she neither stops Anandita If she knows that her son is innocent nor confronts him if she is unaware of all this.I am surprised that she simply keeps quiet.
    The way Suchi comes across that file is also strange,how can Aarav be so careless to not keep such a confidential file under lock and key? Whatever it is ,better the culprit be revealed without dragging too much and get on to the
    next track.

  3. Interesting episode. I agree with Lakshmi here that no one leaves such a confidential file this way unless Gopal himself had put it there for Suchi to find it.
    Really happy with Suchi’s characterization. Even yesterday I said they have fallen in love way too fast & like Aarav said about trust it would show their relation in a very poor light. Glad Suchi believes Aarav enough & wants to confront him face to face.
    I wish like other tracks, even this track, at least Suchi’s misunderstanding gets cleared & Aarav comes clean in front of her.
    Suchi & Pihu duo is already awesome. Would love to see Suchi-Aarav-Pihu trio together.

  4. Hope suchi trusts arav… It was awesome .. arav expressions killed the show… The way suchi pranking .. lol.. have seen the episode 5 times

  5. Aleya.marzan

    i wonder bcz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    find out in next comment

  6. Arey yarrrr…not to drag .who is culprit of pihu.suchi should trust aarav.I hope arav is not culprit of pihu….what is the past of arav.

  7. what yarr…not to drag the drama.suchi should trust arav.what was the relation between arav and pihus’s murder.i hope arav should not be culprit.

  8. Hope Arab is not culprit..but if he is not than how he is related to pihu’s case…solve the mystery… but don’t drag it

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