Bhootu 2nd November 2017 Written Episode Update: Aarav Proposes Suchi And She Accepts

Bhootu 2nd November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anandita imagines inform Suchi that Aarav is Pihu’s murderer and Suchi shattering hearing that. Out of imagination, she tries to call Suchi, but Subodh stops her and says she should not contact culprit or his adies, they will be in trouble again else. Suchi looking herself into mirror shyingly thinks if Arav really wanted to propose her. Pihu comes and says when she got lost, she called mamma and Gopi got Suchi for her and hugging her pleads not to leave her again in life. Suchi then tells her what happened in the evenining.

Aarav draws Suchi’s portrait imaging her and hopes she accepts his proposal. Babli aunty enters clicking pics and says soon that will happen and he need to get a bit courageous. He then imagines Suchi coming and smiling at him and blank paper turning into her portrait.

Suchi disappears. Suchi gets Babli’s message of Aarav’s drawn portraits and remembers Babli telling that her son loves her and wants to marry her. She drops something by mistake and runs away. Pihu wakes up and thinks where is Bhurburi going. Gopal stops Pihu.

Suchi reaches Aarav’s house and gets excited seeing her portraits. Aye mere humsafar…song..plays in the backgroun. Aarav touches her. She looks atportraits and says she did not know she can be someone’s inspiration. He says he wants to keep this inspiration with him whole life. She says line is good. He says even she is good and kneeling down draws ring on her finger. She smiles. He removes a cloth from board and shows I Love You Suchi, Will You Be My Partner? She gets shy. He clears her air and says his other spoilt last meeting, so he does not want to waste time and asks if she will marry him. Pihu with Gopal looks at them from a distance and asks what are they doing and why are Bhurbhuri’s photos all around. Gopal says like she gets homework, Arav also got homework and Suchi came to check it, let us go now. Pihu says she wants to hear their conversation. Aarav asks Suchi what is her reply. Gopal shows her big laddo and she follows him happily.

Suchi emotionally sheds tears. Arav picks tear and says these are her last tears and he will not let her cry in life. She hugs him and says she never thought her love story would be so unique and sweet. Aarav says maybe every story does not have villain and they did not have to struggle. Gopal thinks maybe time is villain in their story. Suchi sees Pihu standing and gets angry

Suchi and Pihu stand under shelter due to heavy air gushing before rain. Pihu asks why they are not going home. Suchi says it will rain heavily. Aarav brings kulfi for them and says he will be good husband for her. Pihu eats his kulfi. He is surprised. Pihu says dog ate it, they will get another one. Aarav reaches home and maid says someone forcefully came and is waiting for him. Aarav sees Anandita standing.

Precap: Suchi is shocked to see Aarav’s name in Pihu’s murder suspect list. She slaps him in front of whole staff and asks why did he kill her Pihu.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. The way Aarav proposes to Suchi is so romantic…….they make a lovely couple ….sad these happy moments are going to be short lived.
    Pihu’s too much possessiveness for Suchi is worry some .Gopal is trying to do everything to make her understand but she is too young and possessive to understand this beautiful feeling between two young people.
    The precap shows Suchi slapping Aarav and accusing him of killing Pihu.Aarav told Suchi that he would n’t keep any secrets from her but he has n’t revealed anything about Subodh and Anandita so far.And the same is true for Suchi as well .When she confessed that she loves him,she should have told him about Bhootu,but she also kept quiet……hiding important facts from each other will certainly lead to serious misunderstandings .Hope they will be cleared soon and Aarav comes out clean.

  2. This was a very simple, clean & unique way of proposal. Totally loved it. I am glad that the writer of Bhootu doesn”t drag the story too much. However I do think Aarav & Suchi’s love story is on super fast track. I think within 5-6 episodes they have fallen in love & proposing someone & accepting someone’s proposal is a big deal. They just rushed it. Besides, the writer & director should also be careful about the timing. Earlier they had shown Suchi coudn’t go out late at night as her mom forbade her in Episode 12. Now at almost midnight she went to meet Aarav & no one saw her – it wasn’t realistic.

    Anyway their story is beautiful enough to ignore these things but nowadays they are showing Suchi anywhere at any time.

    Pihu’s possessiveness is understandable but at times it becomes irritating also because Suchi is badly stuck between the 2 persons she loves. Hope somehow she can make Pihu understand.

    I am glad Suchi would find Aarav’s involvement herself rather than blindly trusting Anandita. I hope Aarav comes out clean & tells her his side of the story as he has promised today.

  3. Aleya.marzan

    y their relation is ruining yaar. i loved their chemistry n its too complicated y they r making it more worse . i’m 200% sure arav is innocent as gopal helped them (suchi n arav) come together.
    what else we can do except watching n enjoying .
    waiting for next

  4. Actually there should have been more scenes if romance . Arav getting a dog and his troublesome …. When arav proposes she should have told that she is infertile.. still arav accepting her.. suchi feeling happy and confessing the same.. arav thinking to reveal some thing about anandita.. meanwhile suchi asking for muchi and arav getting distracted.. later suchi knowing prime suspect list and drama continues…

  5. I agree with you Maya that the first thing Suchi should have confided in Aarav during that proposal scene was that she is infertile.Such an important info should n’t have been withheld.It may create a storm if he comes to know about it after their marriage.Even if Aarav accepts ,his mother who is very sweet now will definitely turn hostile if she comes to know that she can not have grandchildren.Anyways, as of now , the first priority of the writers seem to be solving Pihu’s murder mystery and If Aarav proves himself to be innocent ,then only Suchi will accept to tie the knot with him.So ,let us wait for this track to be
    over and done with.
    I loved Bhootu eating khulfi from Aarav’s hand and Gopal creating a big laddoo to entice her away from Aarav and Suchi . Such light scenes make the show pleasant to watch and reduce the stress of watching a serious ,cold blooded murder of a young child .I appreciate the writers for creating these light scenes in between.

  6. Sarifa Patel

    This is the most stupid show on tv produced by zee. It’s so corny and unrealistic. My friends get a laugh at how ignorant the serials

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