Bhootu 29th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Mansi Kidnaps Suchi

Bhootu 29th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Babli is shocked seeing Mansi’s fake medical report. Gulgule brings Suman on wheelchair. Suchi gets worried and asks what happened to her. Gulgule says Mansi is not mad, she harmed Suman and gave sleeping pills continuously for 2 days. He shows mobile video where Mansi confesses her crime in front of Subodh. Suchi gives mobile to Aarav and attends Suman. Aarav angrily calls Mansi to come down. Mansi hides in her room. Suchi walks into her room searching her when she grabs Suchi holding knife on Suchi’s neck. Suchi calls Aarav for help. Aarav rushes and warns Mansi to drop knife and leave Suchi. Mansi warns to back off, she will not spare Suchi. Police comes to arrest Mansi.

Anandita hugs Subodh emotionally and forgives him. Pihu jumps in happiness and says her Yashoda maa Suchi

united her Devki maa Anandita with her papa. Subodh says Suchi united them and they should go and meet her. Anandita agrees. Pihu happily informs Gopal that everything is fine. Gopal says her story’s ending is coming and it will be unique.

Mansi continues hostaging Suchi while Aarav and police try to stop her. Babli tries to stop her and Mansi cuts her hand. Mansi then gets out of house and leaves in a car with Suchi while Aarav continues shouting to stop. Anandita and Subodh also reach there. Pihu confronts Gopal and pleads to save Suchi, he considers himself as god, but cannot help, she does not want to talk to him. Gopal says he will become stone for her like others and tries to leave. Pihu stops him and apologizes. Gopal thinks Pihu has to fight her own battle and disappears, leaving his feather. Pihu cries and calms down seeing Gopal’s feather.

Suman cries, and Anandita consoles her. Subodh walks in and asks Babli to control Aarav as he has gone mad. Aarav searches Mansi showing her pic to people. Pihu finds Mansi’s phone. Goon calls hher and asks if car reached on time and asks to bring Mansi to some factory. Pihu asks to repeat, but cannot hearSuman sees Gopal Gopal written on wall and scolds Guglule. Gulgule looks in shock. Aarav returns. Gulgule asks if Such is found. Aarav sees Khadoos if Bhurburi is found written on table and then o his hand and realizes Pihu is around and calls her. Pihu gets happy that khadoos can hear her… Drama continues…

Precap: Mansi tells tied Suchi that she knows someone will come to save her, but she has made arrangements already. Aarav with Pihu drives Suchi’s scooter, searching her.

Update Credit to: MA

  1. Predictable episode. Funny how Mansi managed to escape right in front of so many people & most importantly so many armed police officer. 😛

    As a viewer, I am honestly confused about my feelings right now. I felt sad when Pihu was crying for Suchi but at the same time felt she deserved it. She always blames Suchi or Gopal & the minute she becomes lonely she starts apologizing without really meaning it. Sometimes kids should learn their lesson the hard way. But the sad part is – this time this is gonna cost everyone badly. 🙁

    Viraj has always nailed his role as Bal Gopal. But today I genuinely felt bad seeing him restless. It might be my imagination but I have always felt Gopal has always had a soft spot for Suchi and today when Pihu was exclaiming in joy saying her Yashodha maa has reunited her mom & dad, for one second I saw immense pain in his eyes for Yashodha maa aka Suchi. Viraj was outstanding in his portrayal today. What made me more amazed was Gopal never scolds Pihu for her wrong demands but today he lost his patience seeing Suchi’s fate. If not Pihu, I am glad through Lord Himself the writer has shown the dignity & importance of the foster mother here. (y)

    Precap is exciting. How we have all longed for some AarPi scenes & now when we have finally got it, it’s only for a couple of days. :/ Anyway, at least we got it.

    Was it a gas cylinder behind Suchi??? Are they gonna show Pihu finally overcoming her greatest fear for her Yashodha maa or gonna show both AarHi dying in this accident??? 😮
    I would obviously prefer the former option. After so many sacrifices from Suchi’s side & equal love from Pihu’s side – these two character should have an equally meaningful end to their journey. Please, just like you gave AarHi a fair chance at their relationship after so many misunderstanding from both side – please give PiChi’s story a proper ending so that at the end it doesn’t feel that Pihu had loved Suchi for her own benefit & show that selfless love do exist.


    Yehi umeed thi iss episode se.. ab by friday either they will show suchi and aarav die or they will show them uniting and ending their character..
    Almost predictable episode, now aarav will believe in bhootu and i doubt that both suchi and aarav will die…
    And if they both leave show, i shall quite this show.. as i watch only for pihu, aarav and suchi.. and pihu ke secenes to bangla wale me dekh liye the so ab aarab and suchi ke liye hi dekh rehi thi… Ab vo chodte hai to i shall leave show from watching

  3. Happy to see Pihu showing so much concern for her yashoda MA , she was ready to fight with Gopal also.I agree with Niharika that sometimes we get to see the selfish side of Pihu’s personality.Yes,children have to be corrected when they are young pliable and appreciate Gopal for being strict with her ths time.
    I am honestly confused about Gopal ‘s hints that the coming four days will be crucial for Pihu,means ths week will be last that we will be seeing Aarav,Pihu and Suchi together.What type of farewell will they be given ,a happy one….like getting them married and sending them off abroad or a sad one like killing them in an accident?I hope that the writer sticks to the first option and give them a happy married life so that we,the viewers,won’t feel bad for them.
    I agree with Niharika that Viraj was outstanding today as Gopal.I always admired this young boy for playing such a complicated character of The Lord himself.Showing those ‘all knowing ‘expressions that are natural to the almighty god ,the immense patience ,kindness and sometimes helplessness ,because god also can n’t change one’s destiny and pleasant smile on his face ….I must say this boy has acted this character like a natural so much so if I close my eyes in prayer,I see him as Bal Krishna.But the unmistakable pain in his eyes in this episode is not that easy to portray.Though I am very sad for Suchi and Aarav that they are leaving ,Some consolation that both these wonderful children will be with us for some more time.

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