Bhootu 26th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Pihu Hears Truth That She was Murdered

Bhootu 26th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Suchi tries to leave with colleagues after staff meeting. Aarav stops her and says everything was going fine, then why she is behaving weird. Suchi asks not to misuse their friendship and ask to check her message. Aarav confusingly thinks what she is talking about. His mother calls and taunts how is Suchi. He checks message and stands sadly.

Anandita tells Subodh that she tried to get Pihu’s murder case file, but could not, so she wants to hear every detail from him. He enacts but agrees, showing cruel expressions.

Pihu eagerly waits for Suchi and asks Gopal when will Bhurburi come. Suchi comes. Pihu happily goes towards her and hugs, but passes via her. Suchi cannot hear or see her and says she came home. Pihu tries to hug her again, but passes via her. Suchi shouts where are

you Bhootu, if you came from school or not. Gulgule says he came long back. Suchi gets worried for Pihu. Pihu asks Gopal why did he disappear her. Gopal smiles ands says her disappearance will get her near truth. Pihu asks what he is telling. Suchi prays Gopal’s idol to protect her Bhootu and not put her in any trouble as she already went through many troubles. She says she thought Pihu died in an accident, but she was murdered, why a small child was murdered. Pihu hears that and asks Gopal what is Bhurburi telling, she cannot understand. Suchi says Gopal, why did you punish her Bhootu. Pihu asks Gopal what punishment, she did not do any mistake till now. Gopal stands silently. Pihu pleads to show her everything like before and walks behind Suchi.

Suchi searches Pihu in market and pleads her to come in front of her. Pihu passes via Suchi repeatedly and asks her to tell who killed her. She asks if her friend killed her for stealing choc. Suchi continues searching Pihu and clashes with a passing man who looks like goon. Pihu gets afraid seeing that man and asks if he killed her, she did not take choc from her. She runs behind her.

Pihu returns home panicking and seeing Swayam asks if he killed her. She then sees Sarita and pleads to save her, says she wants to go to mamma and tell that someone killed her even when she did not steal choc or anything. She dials landline and cries mamma, I am Pihu, someone killed me purposefully by burning me.. Gopal watches her silently. Anandita calls police and says hello. Subodh snatches phone and shouts he warned her not to call anyone. Anandita says how can he keep silently being a father, their daughter was murdered. Subodh shouts Pihu is lso his daughter and is repenting losing her. Anandita says if she had not got that file, she would have cursed herself even now for Pihu’s death. He just kept silent and tried to forget her and Pihu. Subodh says he knows she will do wrong in emotions, then he cannot find out who and why he/she killed Pihu. Anandita says she feels her Pihu’s murderer is coming towards her and knows that she doubts him/her. Subodh cuts his finger anxiously hearing that and leaves. Anandita says she will get punishment for Pihu’s murderer for sure.

Pihu hides under bed afraidly. Gopal asks why she is hiding, come out. Pihu says she felt severe pain when she was burnt and does not want anyone to kill her again. Gopal says nobody can kill her again, she should come out. Pihu says she is very afraid, call Bhurburi, she told him to disappear her in anger, but he did it in real. Gopal smiles and disappears. Suchi returns home and hears Pihu crying, runs towards room. Gopal says nobody can separate Suchi from Pihu. Suchi hugs Pihu emotionally and says she searched her a lot. Pihu apologizes and says she got disappeared by wish and heard someone killed her. Suchi says that is not true. Pihu says she heard it. Suchi takes oath whoever killed Pihu, she will not spare him/her. Pihu asks not to spare murderer and snatch all his toys. Suchi says she will do same.

Precap: Pihu informs Suchi that laddowali aunty told khadoos boss loves you. Suchi develops feelings for Aarav.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Awwwhh.. really heart pinched when pihu was crying around asking who killed her… Pakka ooh subodh killed pihu.. blo*dy father…

  2. Mona146

    looks like subodh killed pihu and scheming against his wife now.

  3. Maya , how could Subodh ,being Pihu’s father,do such a dastardly sin,still we are not sure he is the culprit but his attitude and expressions are really doubtful.And who is that suspicious rowdy looking guy that Suchi collides with in the market,?Simetimes Aarav is portrayed as knowing something about Pihu’s killing.Too many questions and answers are awaited.
    Pihu ‘s action is outstanding ,I wonder how such a young girl is capable of showing so many varied expressions and I love Gopal as well.he really looks like Balgopal….that kindness,all knowing smile ,….very charming indeed!

  4. Shidhana shukkoor

    Can u plz upload today’s episode
    And really me too loves gopal and peehu is so cute
    And eagerly Waiting for more scenes of arav and suchi

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