Bhootu 26th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Gopal Joins Pihu as Her Friend Mohan

Bhootu 26th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Damroo cleans cupboard yelling he has to work so hard. Files fall down with Anandita, Subodh, and Pihu’s pic in it. Mohini yells at him and picks files. Photo flies from there. Pihu is sipping soup while Bobby wanders after sipping chilli soup. Photo flies there. Pihu notices Bobby walking towards photo and drops soup bowl yelling it is so bad. Mohini walks in shouting enough now, she will not tolerate this girl and drags Pihu till door and pushes her. Vikram and Anandita walk in disguised as NRI sardarji couple. Anandita holds Pihu and pampers her. Mohini starts yelling this girl is very mischievous and her parents did not give her proper upbringing and tries to beat Pihu. Anandita pushes her hand and warns how dare she is to question her upbringing. Vikram says Piya is their child. Pihu

says this uncle and aunty abused her. Vikram says how dare they are, he will not buy their house. Mohini and Bobby plead them. Drama ensues. Gopal as Mohan joins Pihu and supports family. Bobby holds Vikram’s feet and pleads. Vikram says his daughter will decide if he should buy this house or not. Pihu says they abused her a lot, but she can give them a second chance if they are ready to accept punishment. Mohini happily agrees. Barbie asks Pihu who is this boy. Pihu says he is her friend Mohan, his mother does not stay with him, so she asked mamma too let him stay with us. Gopal says he likes raslila. Barbie asks what. Pihu says he means he played Krishna in school drama.

Neelam shows room to Pihu and Mohan. Pihu says it is her house. Neelam asks if she said anything. Mohan says no. Neelam says what is there in this simple house. Pihu says it has 25 rooms, big kitchen, 3 store rooms, etc. Neelam asks how does she know. Pihu says she has eyes and asks Neelam to go.

Neelam shows room to Anandita and Vikram next and says she has seen them somewhere. She asks Anandita if she can check her hair and tries to touch it. Anandita sneezes repeatedly. Neelam leaves. Anandita asks Vikram what is all this. He asks her to relax and asks her to sleep on bed while he sleeps on floor. She calls him Subodh and asks why will he sleep on floor, if he has found some other woman, if he got bored of her, she will not tolerate all this and panics, says she will inform truth to everyone. Vikram says she must have not had her medicine and calms her down.

After sometime, Mohini goes to Vikram’s room and searches searching something in cupboard. Pihu and Gopal notice Anandita’s wig and silently pull it out with stick. They run out and loudly speak. Mohini hides hearing their conversation. Drama continues…

Precap: Pihu’s doppelganger enters house.

Update Credit to: MA

  1. Cheapness at its peak.

    I have no expectation from the new cast. But today I was highly disappointed with the script given to Gopal & Pihu.

    Viraj was cute in his new outfit & it is good to see Arshiya in something other than her oversized t-shirt. But they have ruined Pihu’s innocence & it was simply disgusting to watch her plotting.

  2. We use to get this series but not anymore apparently Zee TV pulled it off from our channels.

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