Bhootu 26th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Reports come negative

Bhootu 26th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rohini takes Bobby’s bag. Bobby asks her to return it and calls ACP and his whole family. ACP comes down and asks what happened. Vikram says Bobby calls to get DNA test done. Doctor withdraws Bobby and his parent’s blood. ACP says if Bobby is proved wrong, he will not let his daughter married to fraud Bobby who did not even spare his mother. Pihu thinks Vikram uncle is really a hero.

Barbie thinks about Bobby praising her that she is very beautiful girl in the world and he wants to marry her. She thinks Vikram is so good, but everyone is trying to prove him wrong. Vikram messages that he cannot continue proving himself to her father, so he is leaving. She knocks door and asks mom to open door. Mom says papa ordered not to let her out. Barbie says Bobby is going, so she needs

to stop him. Mom opens door, Barbie runs down and stops Bobby. Bobby acts. Pihu gets into Barbie’s body and insults Rohini that she is a big thief. Rohini yells at her that she is obese and ugly. Barbie continues insulting her. Barbie fumes in anger and warns she cannot dare insult his sister. Barbie drops water on his head and asks to chill. ACP gets happy seeing this. Pihu gets out of Barbie’s body. Barbie gets back to her senses and asks what happened. Rohini shouts she will make sure this marriage does not happen. ACP asks Barbie not to worry.

Vikram goes to Anandita’s room and she holds his hand in sleep. He emotionally looks at her and leaves. Rohini notices him and thinks she wants Vikram and will not let mad Anandita take him away. Bobby notices her and says Vikram is very dangerous and once his work is done, he will not spare Vikram. Rohini says nobody can stop their plan.

ACP packs bags and says they will not stay here. Wife says he should realize his daughter is 26 years old now and over 110 kg, nobody will marry her. ACP reminds that they got Barbie after 7 years of prayers, she completed their life. Barbie says she is sure Bobby is not wrong and she will marry him at any cost, if he is proved wrong, she herself will pack bags.

Doctor comes and delivers reports. ACP asks Vikram to read it. Vikram reads and says both reports came negative, these couple are not Bobby and Rohini’s parents. Pihu thinks how will she save Barbie from Bobby now.

Precap: Barbie gets tensed seeing lights flickering and windows fluttering.
Pihu peeps from window and says she is back and will save Barbie didi from thief Bobby.

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  1. So Barbie gets the fright of her life on seeing our cute Bhootu as it had happened with Suchi when she first met Pihu.Are the writers implying that Barbie will be taking Suchi’s place in Pihu’s life,Ofcourse we know that there can only be one Burburie and no one can replace her but the writers seem to suggest that inspite of our bitter or poignant memories ,we should move on and try to lead a normal life.i completely agree with them but at the same time I find it very insensitive on the part of writers/Pihu to not remember or mention the name of Suchi,not even once who had once been very dear to Pihu .Are they implying that we should just confine our dear departed ones to our memories and not even talk about them?

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