Bhootu 24th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Pihu Gets Angry On Suchi

Bhootu 24th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Aarav speaks to commissioner over phone and tells Suchi that commissioner will handle case personally, so they have to leave now. She says no. He insists and takes her along. Anandita comes there with Rakhi and seeing them hides, says Aarav tried to get Pihu’s file once before and she has to find out how they are involved in Pihu’s case. Pihu calls Suchi and asks when will she return home. Suchi says she is very busy. Pihu says Gopal that bhurburi is lying. Suchi says she will return home soon and disconnects call. Anandita hears her hiding. Pihu shows watch to Gopal and says Suchi did not return yet and must be roaming with her boss. Gopal asks if she is jealous. Pihu says she does not want to share her mamma, Suchi, and Mishti doll with anyone.

Aarav drives car and asks Suchi when

Pihu is already murdered who is staying with her. She sits nervously. Aarav’s mother calls him and asks where is he. He says he is with his friend. She taunts if she is with Suchi. He nervously disconnects. Suchi asks if his mom was talking about her. He says mom was talking about their pet Muchi. Pihu says she loves pet dogs and wants to come to his house to see his dog. Aarav nervously says okay.

Pihu eagerly waits for Suchi. Power goes off. Sheetal brings candles. Pihu pleads not to get fire near her and hides in a corner between tables. Sheetal keeps candle on table and leaves. Gulgule hiding under bed sees Sheetal going and walks out, dropping candle on bed by mistake. Room catches fire. Pihu calls mamma, Suchi, Gopal to save her. Gopal disappears.

Aarav looking at Suchi’s pic reminisces her hugging him, people telling the look a perfect couple, etc. Mom says she felt really good when he lied and went to meet Suchi. Arav gives weird excuses. Mom continues pulling his legs.

Pihu calls mamma for help. Anandita traveling in a car with Rakhi reminisces Pihu’s accident and panics that she could not save her daughter. Rakhhi tries to console her. She insists driver to take her to old house. Driver drives towards Suchi’s house. Suchi reaches home and Swayam informs her that her room caught fire. She rushes to her room shouting Bhootu and sees Pihu sleeping in a corner crying. She tries to hold Pihu, but Pihu warns not to as she is not her mamma. Anandita reaches home and Swayam opens door. She asks if she can see her daughter’s room. Swayam says his sister stays there now. She asks why. Rakhi says she is joking and takes her out forcefully. Suchi sees Anandita and runs towards her. Rakhi makes Anandita sit in car and asks driver to drive soon. Suchi runs behind car and stops getting tired.

Precap: Gopal says Pihu that she can ask anything except her mamma. She says Suchi should not see, hear, or touch her. Gopal blesses her, tathastu.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Trisha139

    Omg !!! Jaane kya hoga aage ! Precap ?

  2. Aarav is certainly in love with Suchi ,we can see that but the question is has he got anything to do with Pihu’s murder or does he know anything about it which he is trying to cover up.His attitude in the police station in yesterday’s episode was intriguing.The way he watches Suchi when she goes through Pihu’s file and his reaction when Suchi criticises the police for the missing documents raises questions about his involvement but I hope that he doesn’t have any part in Pihu’s killing .
    And Suchi has again missed catching up with Anandita.I think the writers are
    dragging this track too much.The precap shows Gopal granting the wish of Pihu that she should n’t be seen by Suchi also which is an interesting twist in the storyline.

  3. I think aarav is behind Pihu murder

  4. Aleya.marzan

    what will happen noww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Bhootu 25th October 2017 Written episode Update : Anandita confronts Subodh with the truth….Suchi apologises to Pihu saying that inspite of her best efforts,she couldn’t catch up with the car and bring back her mother.She explains due to heavy work load at the office ,she got late and kept her waiting.Pihu ,still annoyed snaps at Suchi and tells her not to touch her and sleep on the other side of the bed.
    After Suchi is asleep ,Gopal comes to Pihu and tries to console her saying
    that it wasn’t Suchi’s fault not to bring back her mother,he says that he himself
    tried his best ,but destiny is not allowing her to meet her mother and no one ,including God ,can change the destiny.Pihu starts crying and says that no one cares about her feelings as she is no longer alive and asks him why he visits
    her frequently ….is it to see how she is missing her mother?As Gopal looks on
    ,Pihu says that she doesn’t want to talk to Burburi anymore as she started
    telling lies to her and she knows that Aarav is Suchi’s best friend now.As she starts crying ,Gopal comes and sits beside Pihu and tells her that today he can grant any one wish of hers but she should n’t ask for her mother.Pihu accepts
    his condition and says that she wishes that she should neither be seen or heard
    or touched by Burburi.Gopal asks her to think again but as Bhootu is firm on
    her decision ,he grants her wish by saying ‘Tadhastu’.Bhootu asks Gopal to wait till she checks whether her wish is really granted,
    She goes to Suchi’s bedside and stands watching her.Suchi wakes up to see
    Pihu is not sleeping by her side.As she keeps calling Bhootu ,Gopal appears
    appears ,Bhootu tells him she is happy her wish is granted ,Gopal disappears.
    In the morning Suchi gets up and calls Pihu to get up and get ready for the school ,when there is no response ,she turns back and finds Pihu is not there.She looks beneath the bed and starts searching,Pihu gets up and forgetting that from now onwards she can not be seen or heard by Suchi ,says
    that she doesn’t want to talk to Burburi .As Suchi can not see her now ,she
    thinks that Pihu is outside and goes out calling her. ,inside the room ,Bhootu thinks that she is throwing a tantrum ,still Burburi doesn’t care.Outside the room Suchi keeps calling Bhootu ,her mother asks her who she is calling ,Suchi replies she is calling Gulgule Her mother replies that he has already left for
    school, Suchi thinks that Bhootu might have gone to school as well.She comes
    back into her room and starts getting ready.Bhootu tries to draw her attention ,completely forgetting that Suchi can not see her now.Gopal comes there and reminds her that her last night’sepisode wish is granted .Pihu first feels bad that she can not talk to Burburi now ,then she gets angry again and says that
    Burburi should miss her.
    In the evening. Pihu ,forgetting her anger ,sits in the living room looking at the clock waiting for Suchi.When Gopal taunts her ,she says she is n’t waiting for anyone,it is good that Suchi can n’t see her now ,no tensions neither to her nor Burburi .The phone rings and Pihu runs shouting excitedly Burburi ,then
    remembers her anger and comes back saying that she doesn’t care whoever is
    the caller.
    Anandita gets surprised to see her husband in the doorway, when Subodh asks how she likes his surprise, She stares at him and asks how he got to know her new address.
    After coming to the office ,Suchi checks her mobile and gets Intrigued to find
    Aarav’s number in the missed calls list.Some one comes and informs Suchi that Aarav is calling her for a conference.
    When Anandita confronts Subodh that she never told him her new address and how come he is here,he gets irritated and asks her what is her
    problem.He is here because he is worried about the attacks on her lifeAnandita shouts at him and says that problem is with him because he has hidden the truth that Pihu was murdered.Subodh gets stunned.
    In the conference room. Aarav is seen not concentrating on the presentation.When he is asked how is the presentation,he looks at Suchi and
    says beautiful to the amusement of everyone present there.
    Pihu awaits eagerly for Suchi’s return ,when Gopal smiles at her ,she says she is n’t waiting for Burburi.We see some light moments between Pihu and Gopal.
    Anandita shows the police file to Subodh and asks him if he knew their little girl was murdered. Why did he keep her in the dark all these days and how
    could he be so callous.Subodh says that he is sorry for hurting her but he had to do it as the truth would have hurt her very badly.When she asks him who is Pihu’s killer ,he says that he will make every effort to catch the culprit as early as possible.With ths the episode ends.

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