Bhootu 23rd October 2017 Written Episode Update: Suchi Gets Pihu’s Murder Case File

Bhootu 23rd October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Suchi meets commissioner and giving Aarav’s and says she wants to reopen a Bengali girl’s case whose name was Pihu Bose. Commissioner asks how is she related to Pihu. Suchi says she is her relative and Pihu was like her child. Anandita calls her just then and says she wants to talk about her daughter’s murder. Commissioner asks her to hold for a minute and tells Suchi since she got Arav’s reference, she can go to concerned police station and get Pihu’s file. Anandita hears that and thinks why Aarav is interested in this.

Pihu sees Sarla checking her purse and finding her money missing and shouts Gulgule stole it. Sarla thinks Guglule was around purse and calls him. He tries to escape, but she catches him and punishes. Gopal comes and smiling says mistake is always punished. Pihu

say Gopal did a mistake of separating her from her mamma. Gopal says already proceedings have started of uniting her with her mother, soon her murderer will be punished.

A detective calls Suchi and asks if she is searching Anandita, he can give her number but needs 25,000 rs. Suchi says she will pay him later and gets number, calls Anandita. Pihu shouts mamma where did you go, I am missing you. Anandita does not listen anything and stands confused. Suchi speaks and asks where did she go without informing, she searched her everywhere. Anandita reminisces commissioner speaking about |Aarav and Pihu’s file, etc. Pihu speaks again. Suchi says Anandita she wants to tell her about.. Anandita disconnects call.

Commissioner calls Aarav and informs that he had sent his assistant Suchi to get Pihu’s murder case, he can pick it from police station tomorrow. Aarav thinks if Suchi’s Pihu is alive, then who this Pihu is. His mother hears him talking about Suchi and taunts him.

Suchi dreams about a masked man entering her room and carrying Pihu. Suchi wakes up and ask who is he, leave her Pihu. Man says he is the one who took Pihu away from Anadita. Pihu shakes her and wakes her up. Family enters and Sarla asks who is Pihu, Bhootu.. Suchi says it is her dream. Sarla asks her to rest and leaves with family.

Next morning, Suchi reaches office and asks her colleague about Anandita. Colleague says Anandita even closed her bank account and did not take her salary. Pihu calls Suchi from school. Suchi asks whose phone it is. Pihu says she stole her teacher’s phone. Suchi scolds her to return phone and not misbehave. Aarav hears that and calls her to his cabin, asks who is other Pihu and why did she ask her murder file from commissioner. Suchi says they wants to tell when time permits and trust builds between them. Aarav says he will accompany her to police station to get file. They both reach police station. Inspector gets happy seeing him and greets. Suchi asks if he knows inspector. Aarav says he is commissioner’s friend, so inspector knows him. Inspector gets file. Suchi sees pages missing and alleges inspector. Arav asks her to behave in police station and says he will speak to commissioner.

Precap: Anandita reaches Pihu’s house and asks if she can see her daughter’s room. Suchi runs towards door.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Suchi is always too slow to inform Anandita about Pihu,….before she reacts Anandita either speeds away in her car or disconnects the call.Don’t understand why suchi hesitates to say that she can see and talk to her daughter’s spirit…..really frustrating to Pihu and the viewers as well.

  2. Hope she inform soon

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