Bhootu 22nd February 2018 Written Episode Update: Rohini Tries To Kill Anandita

Bhootu 22nd February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pihu/Mike catches theif and saves Bobby’s parent’s belongings. Bobby’s father gets injured, and mother gets worried and says where will they go now. Pihu/Mike asks them to come to her house, her house is very big. They agree and walk along her. Sooraj stops them outside door and asks who are they. Mike says she is taking them to meet mamma and needs water. Sooraj says already there are many people and he cannot allow any more, he will bring water for them here itself and walks in.

ACP offers sweets to Anandita and says her daughter’s wedding is fixed. Anandita says is getting married his daughter to a wrong person and walks away. Rohini fumes hearing this and decides to eliminate Anandita. Pihu/Mike walks into Anandita’s room and sees Bobby stealing Anandita’s ring. Bobby thinks he will gift it to Barbie and she will not even know he stole it. Pihu does magic and he falls down. Anandita returns hearing sound and seeing him scolds what is he doing in her room. He says he slipped and leaves fuming that he could not steal ring. Pihu smirks.

At night, Pihu does not see Anandita on her bed and goes and informs Mike’s mom. Mother and ACP shoos him away. She goes to Sooraj and Neelam’s room and does magic. Lights flicker and air gushes from windows. Sooraj wakes up hearing windows fluttering and wakes up Neelam. They both get afraid and run to living room. Whole family walks down and ACP shouts what is happening here. Mike/Pihu says Anandita is missing. Rohini tells Bobby that she killed Anandita. Bobby asks where is dead body. She says it is in store room. ACP and others rush to Anadita’s room and sees it locked from inside. Sooraj says it is not locked usually. Mike says they can open it with rod and rushes to bring it. ACP says he will investigate where Anandita went. Bobby and Rohini join them back after hiding Anandita’s body.. Drama continues…

Precap: Suspicious man/Vikram carries Anandita home and Bobby’s parents follow him.
Rohini and Bobby are shocked seeing them.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. So, TRP drops more & after reading today’s WU, I am quite hopeful about TRP dropping more in the upcoming weeks.

    Like seriously, is the original writer missing or have been kidnapped??? According to Gopal, Destiny chose someone as selfless & determined as Suchi to fight for a kid. Here that same little kid is supposed to fight this group of criminal!!!

    You people, if you can’t bring back the old charm, then finish it ASAP.

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