Bhootu 21st February 2018 Written Episode Update: Bobby and Rohini’s Lies Continue

Bhootu 21st February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Barbie’s family is shocked to see fake diamond ring. Bhagwati confronts Rohini why did they lie and gifted fake engagement right, they did not ask for any diamond ring though. Barbie says when Bobby has told, it is diamond ring. Mike says it is glass ring. ACP Hukumchand slaps Bobby and says Barbie loves him blindly and believes all his lies, he will not get his daughter married to a lier family. Bobby starts his drama again and says Barbie wanted to elope and marry, but he convinced her to marry with parent’s blessings. He had promised Barbie to gift her special diamond ring and it got stolen 1 day before, so he brought fake ring. He shows fake bill. Barbie says she told Bobby is not a lier. Mike/Pihu says Bobby is a lier. Anandita says Pihu let us go and finish homework. Everyone

look at them confused. Mike says even he has to finish homework and runs away. ACP says Bobby will not call him uncle, he will call him papa instead and hugs.

Rohini praises Bobby for using his lying skills on time and saving themselves. Bobby says that man woman Anandita is a big problem for them and they have to get rid of her. Rohini assures him she will make sure Anandita is out of her own house. After sometime, Anandita dries her hair in balcony after a bath. Suspicious man clicks her pics. Rohini catches him and asks who is he, whose pics he is clicking. Man gets nervous and drops camera. Rohini picks it and is about to check when Bobby comes and says he is Vikram, his boss’ aide. Rohini looks at Vikram sensuously and leaves. Vikram warns Bobby that he has only 1 day left for his work, else be ready to die.

Pihu in Mike’s body tells Gopal that she is tired of being in Mike’s bodyw, when will she get her body, it is good though mamma is identifying her even in Mike’s body. She says how will she expose Bobby’s lies. Anandita comes and scolds Pihu why she is not going to school. Pihu says because she is bho…then stops. Anandita gets Mike ready in girl’s clothes and sends him to school. Bobby returns and sees Pandit performing pooja. ACP says they are finding wedding date. Pandit asks to call groom’s parents. Bobby says his parents are dead. Barbie brings their pics and says she framed pics he showed.

Mike in girl’s uniform walks on street and complains Gopal. Bobby’s parents get out of taxi and discuss they came to Lucknow from Saharanpur to search their son and showing Bobby’s photo ask people. A thief steals their bags and runs. Mike/Pihu catches thief and punishes him. Parents scold thief…

Mike takes Bobby’s parents home while Bobby performs their shanti pooja.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. The storyline seems to be ok but it has nothing to do with Pihu ,in the previous track ,the complete story centered round Pihu ,all characters ,either directly or indirectly ,both positive and negative were related to Pihu ,It was all about her.In this’s track, except for Anandita ,Pihu is no one’s concern,though she has donned the role of a saviour,we feel that she is being seen very less and less,may be because Mike has taken her place.Though the boy is acting extremely well,I must say that I am missing our dear Pihu.
    The mystery man is cause of concern,what s his agenda in clicking the photos of Anandita with such intensity,is it professional or personal,,As Niharika said in her previous comment ,all characters ,individually ,are acting fine ,but that all important bonding between various characters is missing,somehow they are feeling uncomfortable with each other.Hope the director will address this issue at the earliest.

  2. Lakshmi Ji, considering the way season 2 is building up, I cannot help but wonder whether the writer or director had any tiff with Sana or Kinshuk or were too desperate to make Akanksha the lead that within a very short time the story took a 180o turn. It took them 90 episodes to build up PiChi’s relation & finally proving Suchi to be Pihu’s Yashodha maa. It took them 10 more episodes to clear the misunderstanding between AarHi. Both of the pairs were stated inseparable & unique by Gopal himself. Then within 20 episodes the show took a drastic turn & everybody left without any closure.
    Arshiya is a wonderful child artist & no wonder she is very famous in West Bengal. So it’s obvious that the makers want to cash on her popularity. But at the end she is only a kid & even actors who rise to fame through one particular character, often fail to gain the exact amount of popularity for their other shows. Even though, I find Sana to be a wonderful actress, it’s true she’s not that popular. But her & Kinshuk’s on-screen chemistry was awesome & surely they attracted a particular set of audience & ensured stable TRP. It’s nothing but suicide to exclude them within moments & introduce a whole new cast where both Viraj & Arshiya are being neglected.
    The next obvious problem for me is their on screen chemistry. I guess, before a show starts, the casts get enough time to get to know each other & improve their bonding. Once read in one of Sana’s interview that when she first met Arshiya, the kid was only noticing her & it took them some time to gel up. Only then their on screen chemistry looked so real. No wonder there is obvious lack of interaction between the new cast as they were introduced overnight.
    I still firmly believe, the maker should end the current story line ASAP & bring back the old cast.
    They said they want to focus on Bhootu but hardly there is anything to do with Bhootu in this version. Thanks to Anandita’s mental state, she doesn’t really back Pihu up like Suchi did & compared to Sana-Arshiya’s chemistry, Akanksha-Arshiya’s chemistry looks artificial. It looked natural in season 1 but now looks forced in season 2.

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