Bhootu 20th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Suchi Develops Feelings For Aarav

Bhootu 20th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Goons misbehave with Suchi and point knife at Aarav’s neck. Pihu reaches and bites goon who drops knife. Aarav beats goons. Goons get afraid seeing invisible person hitting them. Police come and chase away goons. Arav holds his neck injury. Suchi runs and hugs Aarav worriedly. They both look into each other’s eyes. Gopal does his leela and plays flute. Suchi touches Aarav’s neck. Gopal smiles. Aarav drives car with Suchi next to him while Pihu and Gopal sit behind. Aarav writhes in neck pain. Suchi applies Band-Aid on his injury. Pihu speaks to Gopal. Suchi asks what. Arav looks at her and says he lost his phone. Suchi gets concerned. Pihu asks why she is getting concerned for boss’ mobile. Gopal says she will not understand.

Anandita reaches police station and insists

inspector to reopen her daughter’s murder case. She forcefully checks file. Inspector orders constables to throw her out. Deboshish standing in police station signs gumnaam hai koi…song.

Suchi with Pihu reaches police station to file Arav’s mobile’s missing complaint and thinks if she does not get mobile back, she will have to get new mobile for Aarav. She walks in and speaks to inspector. Inspector says they have lots of work than finding lost mobile. He asks her address. She gives. He says if it is same house where 6-7-year-old bengali girl was murdered. Suchi says it was an accident. Inspector says it was a well planned murder and girl’s mother created havoc here yesterday. Suchi is shocked, asks if Anandita had come, requests to give Anandita’s address. Inspector shouts. Pihu waits out in scooter and smells a man taking sweets in a box. She runs behind, but man leaves. Suchi warns inspector she will find out via RTI if case was shut forcefully. Pihu returns and says that uncle was carrying sweets, even her mamma was preparing sweets when her accident happened. Suchi walks out of police station and cries loudly.

Deboshish sees children burning crackers outside his room and scolds them if he sees them again here, he will. Anandita walks in asking will he kill them. Deboshish stands tensed. Anandita holds his collar and warns how dare he is to touch this boy and slaps him. His specs falls. She asks if he killed her Pihu. He asks if she is mad, what rubbish she is talking. Anandita says police may have shut case, she will find out her Pihu’s murderer and if it is him, she will not spare him, he does not have much time. Deboshish shivers in fear. Anandita reminisces Pihu’s murder, wishes happy diwali and leaves.

Pihu cries hearing cracker sounds and calls Suchi to come and protect her. Suchi holding Gopal’s idol confronts him that her Pihu was murdered and he could not save her at all, she is asking Pihu’s mother each day, but he does nothing, who is he. Gopal comes and says why human thinks if he prays, his problems will be solved. Happiness, sadness, pain, life, death, etc are not in his hands. After every darkness, there will be light, Suchi should not lose hope and fight with herself. He blesses her and she falls asleep.

Precap: Tomorrow’s Bhootu and Jeet Gayi to Piya Morey serials’ maha episode’s promo is shown.

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  1. Wooo…now this is something what I was waiting for…

  2. Lovely episode……I loved the scene when Suchi hugs Aarav while Pihu and Gopal look on.very cute couple after Raja and Rani of ETRETR and awesome chemistry.
    The way Suchi cries hugging Pihu in the police station is heart wrenching…..had it not been for the barbarism of an animal in the guise of a human being ,Pihu would have been very much alive and happy with her family.
    Who Could be that culprit is the real mystery.Subodh ….unimaginable,he is Pihu’s father……Deboshish ….he hates children but could he have gone to the extent of plotting an accidental death of a child? OR someone who is an absolute gentleman outwardly but a maniac otherwise…..

  3. Aleya.marzan

    yyy yaaar 1 hour show
    i cant watch
    but todays epi was awesomeeeeeeeeeeeee

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