Bhootu 19th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Pihu Get a New Body

Bhootu 19th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gopal sees sky turning red and realizes it is solar eclipse. He asks Pihu not to come out. Pihu walks towards him not hearing his warning and disappears. She asks what happened to her. Gopal says he warned her not come out, but she did not, now nobody can see her for some days, not even her mamma. Pihu pleads to help her. Gopal says she has to enter someone’s body till she gets back to normal. Next morning, Gopal tells Pihu whoever comes in front first, she has to enter his/her body. ACP passes by. Pihu tries to enter his body, but Gopal stops her and imagines how ACP would react as a child, swinging on swinger, playing with Misti doll and running behind laddoos and then running towards Anandita. Mike walks next and Pihu gets into his body. He speaks to Gopal.

Pihu as Mike plays with Gopal. Gopal asks him to go and give ACP’s medicine bottle to him. He gives it to mom. Mom keeps bottle on table and gets busy. Bottle gets exchanged with Anandita’s medicine. Engagement party starts. Barbie dances around Bobby. Bobby gets angry seeing Anandita in balcony and signals Rohini to do something. Rohini picks wrong bottle and mixes ACP’s medicine in juice and asks Neelam to serve it to Anandita. Bobby sees that and happily dances. ACP comes down and shouts is this a dance, dance is what he does as he is in police. He dances insanely like a kid. His family enjoys his dance. He then collapses.

Suspicious man walks in reminiscing he is the one who lent money to Bobby and Bobby plan of stealing Barbie’s family jewelry and then dumping her. Mike/Pihu sees him and angrily tells Gopal that he tried to kill mamma and pushed cart towards her, she will not spare him now. Anandita sees man and calls Subodh nervously. Man hears that. Drama continues…

Precap: Anandita tries to call Subodh, but he does not pick call. She calls his secretary who informs that Subodh died 2 years ago.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. So Arshiya has taken yet another break,and understandably……the recent drastic revamping is too difficult to cope up with for a seven yesr old,hope this is only a temporary break but I won’t be surprised even if she bids adieu to the show.These are the repercussions of destroying the main characters of the show in the name of revamping ,the soul seems to be missing in the serial ,it is very sad that with one stroke the writers have destroyed not only a beautiful dreamlike story but their own hardwork….what a waste!

    1. I agreed to you lakshmi.they should have started a new story by giving a happy ending to bhoothu,it will definitely remain in hearts for everr.this was the first time seeing a very unique cute and emotional story with out any saas bahu.dont know why all of a sudden change .why no value for our emotions.why they didn’t see our love for bhoothu and suchi.v were emotionally attached to bhoothu like suchi.they ignore every thing

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