Bhootu 15th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Pihu Finds Out Bobby’s Truth

Bhootu 15th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anandita fumes hearing Bobby lying that Anandita is mentally unstable maid, her husband died in an accident, and he is letting her stay in this house. Pihu calms her down. Anandita smiles and tells ACP that she is telling truth, this house belongs to her and she can show him property papers, her husband is alive and has gone on a business trip. ACP says he trusts her. Bobby signals Rohini to handle this situation. Rohini yells she and Bobby are liars, they can cancel alliance or let Barbie prove her truth first. Barbie’s mother asks ACP to calm down and not break this alliance. ACP agrees. Anandita says again she is not lying and asks Pihu to explain. Pihu asks her not to speak to her, but Anandita continues. ACP thinks she is really mad and says again, he trusts her, asks Rohini to take

her away. Rohini takes Anandita to her room. Sooraj also does not utter anything. ACP says he will stay in this house until truth is cleared.

Anandita asks Pihu why did not she speak, she will complain Subodh. She tries to pick her mobile. Pihu picks phone and says she will call papa. She acts like speaking and says papa is busy in a meeting and disconnects call, says papa will not come for some time.

Barbie’s mother scolds her for eating all 10 laddoos. Pihu says she ate 5 laddoos. Barbie says sweets are her weakness. ACP shows his family jewelry and says he is waiting since 23 years to give it to Barbie, will give some to his son Mike also. Mike does mischief. ACP says he will not give any jewelry to Mike.

Bobby speaks to someone over phone and says he is coming. Barbie walks in and asks whom he is speaking to. He laughs and says he is caught,, he is going to buy laddoss for her. His phone falls. She picks it. He snatches it from her and acts as getting romantic. She shies. Gopal closes Pihu’s eyes. Piu doubts Bobby and gets into his car. Bobbie reaches a secluded place. Pihu thinks there is no sweet shop here. Bobbie gets out of car. Two goons get out of car and trash Bobbie asking him when will he return their boss’ money. Bobbie says he has trapped a fat girl and once he steals her family jewelry, then he will sell it and return boss’ money, boss knows his profession is to fool girls and loot their wealth. Boss says girl’s father is ACP and is not a fool. Bobby says he will steal jewelry and hide in bungalow’s garden, then allege that fat girl has affair with someone and break alliance, then will get jewelry and pay Boss’ money. Pihu thinks Bobby is so bad..

Precap: Bobby steals jewelry box. Pihu pushes him and he falls down.
ACP wakes up shouting..thief..thief. and sees Bobby.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. So, TRP falls by 0.1 & couldn’t be happier 😀 😀 😀 Hope it falls more in the coming days.

    Felt sad for Anandita. Even watched her portions online & felt bad. Such a kind woman & such her condition 🙁 Poor her!

  2. Ooshi

    Thanks for the update MA

  3. Yes,I did feel bad for Anandita,all alone and surrounded by the cheats of the highest order,Bobby,with his eyes only on money ,has turned out to be a fraud and Pihu,not surprisingly, will be expected to expose the crooks and frauds and save Barbie and her mother from being cheated.All of a sudden such a huge responsibility on her tiny shoulders ,and without anyone’s help???? In the previous track,she was just a naughty child,playing tantrums at every available oppertunity ,and pampered to no end not by one but two adoring mothers.This sudden transformation or rather overnight maturity looks very unnatural to me.Particularly the scene in which she turns her back to her mother to hide her tears while pretending to be on line with her dead father made me very angry and uncomfortable,they are adult emotions,why to expose a 7year old to such stress.I must say the writer is a cynic and has poor taste,no wonder the TRPs are going down.

    1. I agreed to you niharika and was better if pihu got a rebirth and they lived happily ever after.

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