Bhootu 14th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Suchi and Pihu Celebrate Children’s Day

Bhootu 14th November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Children stand outside Suchi’s gate and discuss it is a ghost house, whether to enter or not. Some say it is children’s day, nothing will happen to them. They walk in opening door. Suchi comes with Pihu and asks who will have chocolate. They all jump in happiness. She distributes them choc. They all dance at home on a children’s song. They play hide and seek. Pihu gets happy seeing her friends playing hide and seek hiding under tables. Suchi then brings cake and asks children if they want to see magic. They nod yes. Pihu cuts cake and eats. Children are surprised seeing knife cutting cake and cake piece in air. Party continues.

Pihu misses her mother and hopes she was with her now. Gopal smiles and does his leela. Anandita walks near home and seeing children partying gets happy thinking someone is celebrating children’s like she used to. She opens door and walks in. Pihu gets very happy seeing her mama and calls her. Childern playing hide and seek shout, so Anandita cannot hear her and she plays with children. Pihu cannot move at all continues calling mama. Anandita says children she will go now and leaves. Gopal gets tensed that Pihu will be angry as he did not let her mamma meet her, so he should hide for 2-3 days. Pihu comes and asks why he is tensed, she is so happy seeing mamma today. Gopal thinks she will meet mamma soon and that is why even being a bhoooth she is here, soon her mamma will find out her murderer.

Aarav sends Suchi’s paintings to her. Suchi calls him and asks why did he send her paintings. Aarav says he wants ehr to realize how much he loves her. She warns if he troubles her, she will file harassment case. She reminisces inspector informing that Anandita was searching and dying taking Aarav’s name. She thinks Aarav is a big lier and killed Pihu. Aarav thinks he will change Suchi’s mind and win her heart again. Drama continues.

Precap: Suchi tells Babli when culprits name is thought, only Aarav’s name comes in her mind. Babli says it is a wrong name, she should take Subodh’s name instead.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. A pleasant and lovely episode.For a change ,all the negative emotions have taken a back seat .Loved the children’s Day party at Suchi’s house and Pihu really looked cute in this episode.For a change ,she is out of that drab dress.If the makers permit ,I wish to see this little girl in cute dresses from now onwards.As usual ,Gopal is at his charming best,and I loved the way he tries to sneak away thinking that Pihu ,out of anger will snatch his favourite flute .Again for a change ,Pihu,instead of getting annoyed,thanks him for being with her always .Finally she comes to terms with the fact that she is dead and even God also can not grant all her wishes.This scene was so touching that it brought tears to my eyes,at such a young age ,Pihu has understood the constraints imposed both by life and death.Kudos to the director for beautiful picturisation .The only thing I am not happy with this episode is the way Suchi misses Anandita,that too in her own house and it is odd of Anandita to leave Suchi’s home without even trying to meet her.
    And the last item in my list of ‘for a change’is Suchi ,for a change shows her emotional side briefly but goes back into her shell when she remembers the police officer’s incomplete last words.i felt bad that instead of taking it positively ,she again starts doubting Aarav.I must say that Aarav will have a very tough time with such a doubting wife.I have forgotten to include one more thing in my list……for a change Subodh is not shown in this episode.

  2. I think this has been the best episode of Bhootu. I am smiling & crying at the same moment.

    Each & every scene was beautifully executed.

    The efforts of Suchi to bring a smile on Pihu’s face, Pihu’s antics & Anandita’s joy seeing the house decorated – everything was so beautiful.

    When I first read a review on Bhootu, it said whenever Akanksha comes on screen, the screen totally belongs to her. Yes, so far I have loved her acting as a loving mother. But today, I completely agree with that review. Without any words she brought out multiple feelings.

    Felt really sad when Pihu finally came to term with the possibility that she might never return to her mother.

    I am glad, finally they have shown Suchi’s emotional turmoil. What I loved more was when Aarav expressed his determination to win her back.

    Literally jumped out of my chair seeing the precap.

    I hope Suchi’s misunderstanding gets cleared ASAP.

    From a girl who hates children to such a loving person – this transformation has been a treat to watch & Sana has done full justice to Suchi’s character.

    It’s high time they focused on Suchi’s transformation to a understanding lover as well.


    I just hope no evil win in this show.. and plzz atleast change dress of pihu, its too dull, she look good on bright colors ????

  4. Bhutu serial bahut hi badiya tha lekin baad mein jaake Pata Laga Ki Itna suspense Itna suspense Ki had no ho fyi to Maine serial dekhana band kr diye children day ke din to uski ma Mila hi deni chiye so I don’t interest this serial

  5. So Maine spa log me dekhana bhulaa diya so thanxxx

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