Bhootu 13th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Subodh Gets Investigating Officer Killed

Bhootu 13th November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anandita calls Suchi. Pihu picks it and gets very happy hearing her voice and says it is her Pihu. Anandita says she cannot hear her, Suchi if she can hear. Inspector spots Anandita and informs his superior that Anandita is here itself. Jeep does not start. Anandita notices inspector and runs. Pihu calls Gopal and asks her to give her power that her mamma can hear her. She imagines Anandita coming and hugging her and gets very emotional. She then realizes it is her imagination and asks Gopal when will she meet her mamma. Gopal thinks very soon.

Suchi asks Aarav why did he reject her resignation letter. He says as per company rules, she needs to serve 1 month notice and he hopes by that time, she will know more about him and drop her idea of resignation. She thinks he is right, she cannot

mix up personal and professional life, she will stay in his company and find out more promise against him. Pihu calls her and informs that mamma had called her and was looking very tensed, mamma may need her help. Suchi rushes home and redials last number and asks man if a woman called from this number. Man says yes and says she was looking very distressed and was waiting for someone, tells address. Suchi rushes in her scooter. Gopal smiles.

Anandita continues running. Inspector touches her shoulder from behind. She panics seeing him an asks why he is following him. He says he knows every detail of her daughter’s murder and who are involved. She asks what is connection between Subodh and Aarav. Inspector says Aarav has a deep connection with Pihu’s murder as Subodh had… Subodh hires a contract killer who shoots inspector. Inspector asks Anandita to run and falls down. She runs. Subodh praises killer and turns. Suchi reaches searching Anandita and sees a man in mirror. She finds injured inspector on floor who says Anandita was searching her and Aarav Randhawa…collapses. Suchi asks what Aarav Randhawa… He does not reply. Aarav reaches home and hugs his mom. Mom says inspector who was investigating case was murdered, it is good, else he was in trouble.

Suchi returns home. Pihu says tomorrow is children’s day and mamma used to celebrate it grandly for her. Anandita hears door bell and sees it unlocked. She opens it. Colony children greet her happy children’s day. Anandta thinks Subodh knew how much she likes children’s day, so she kept door open. Children say they need choc. She says she will and imagines Pihu in a girl asking choc. She hugs girl and then realizes it is not Pihu. Children ask for a party. Pihu does not eat food insisting for a party. Suchi acts as calling Anandita and inviting her for party, seeing Pihu hiding. Pihu gets happy hearing that.

Precap: Suchi plays hide and seek with children. Pihu also hides. Anandita opens door and walks in. Pihu gets happy seeing mamma.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Subodh is seriously getting on my nerves. From today’s episode it’s evident that Subodh is more responsible than Aarav or his mother.

    About AarHi, as much as I hate Suchi’s behavior, today I was kind of pissed off at Aarav too. After Suchi confessing about her Pihu the least I expected was him asking Suchi about it & firmly questioning her about her changed behavior. How does he expect that Suchi will come around within one month when his lips are tightly sealed?

    Can’t even blame Suchi now as she always finds Aarav in the wrong place at the wrong time. At the beginning even she was ready to give Aarav the benefit of doubt but then everything went on against him. Her head should have blasted a long time ago considering the circumstances :p

    Anyway, today I loved Sana’s acting. Suchi’s exhaustion, confusion & helplessness was well emoted by her. Loved the scene where she rolled under the bed ^_^ These types of scenes make Bhootu much better than other serials.

    I really wish they reveal Aarav’s past & Suchi comes in his support. Its painful to see them apart.

  2. Still confusion and disappointment!No breakthrough as to who is the killer of Pihu.A police Officer who gives crucial info to Anandita gets killed by the hired goon of Subodh which ,under normal circumstances ,should be proof rnough that Pihu was killed by her own father,but in the very next scene we see Aarav’s mother getting elated at the death of the Inspector,.Why ?Because with him all the evidence is gone.I am really exasperated with the writers who still prefer to keep all the cards close to their hearts ……anyways the guessing game still continues .


    Show is getting interesting.. though i am watching it after loonnnnnggggggg break, but i am liking it.. i hope pihu death truth come out soon and she get justice☺️☺️☺️

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