Bhootu 13th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Suspicious Man Saves Anandita

Bhootu 13th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anandita runs on road seeing Pihu running into a house. Someone locks door from outside. Pihu shouts to stop and tries to do magic but cannot. Anandita collapses on road. A speeding truck heads towards her. Pihu pleads Gopal to save her mamma. Suspicious man comes running holding a cart with pots and pushes towards truck. Truck stops, saving Anandita. People gather around Anadita. Pihu comes out somehow and scolds him why he is trying to kill her mamma. Man walks towards her and she gets afraid. He picks diamond on ground and leaves.

Bobby continues impressing ACP and boasts this house was built by her grandfather in 1940s, his grandfather was a freedom fighter. ACP taunts him and says even his father was in 1942 agitation, which agitation his grandfather was in. Bobby stammers in

nervousness and signals Rohini. Rohini handles situation. He boasts about old vase. Barbie’s brother Sunny breaks it and says it is not strong. Sunny then boasts this chandelier is brought by his mom from London. ACP says it is high and Sunny cannot reach there. Sooraj fumes that Bobby lies so much since childhood. Neelam says let him lie, they are paid already.

Bobby and Barbie’s romance starts. Barbie asks why did not he tell he has a bungalow in Lucknow. He says this bungalow is very small compared to his Delhi, Mumbai and other city bungalows. Barbie asks Bobbie why did not he look at her at all. He says he is impressing his father to be with her forever and starts impressing her that she is so beautiful. Barbie says she is so obese, even then he loves her so much, else everyone hate obese girls. Some were insisting to get her married to any divorce or old man and get rid of her soon. Bobby says he loves her so much. She says she is very lucky. He tries to kiss her when Sunny walks in and asks what is he doing. He says she got fever, so he was checking her.

Bobby’s drama continues. ACP checks whole house and walks towards Anandita’s room. Rohini sees Subodh’s photo inside, silently walks in and throws it away. Pihu walks in and seeing papa’s photo on floor shouts who threw it. A few people carry Anadita home. Sooraj see her and gets worried, scolds Neelam how did madamji go out. People discuss that Anandita is owner of such a big mansion, but has no one to take care of her. Sooraj asks to take her up. Rohini gets tensed hearing this.

Precap: Barbie’s mother does Barbie and Bobby’s engagement rituals. Suspicious man calls on landline and says he wants to speaks to Anandita. ACP says this is Bobby Khanna’s house.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. So, last 4 episodes & including today, the 5 episodes – whether I have watched it or read the WU, I have constantly maintained my displeasure.
    I guess, more than being a rational viewer, I was only channeling my frustration for losing the characters I loved; which I shouldn’t have. It takes a considerable amount of time to build a story. I think a lot of viewers can relate to this, when Suchi first accused Aarav of Pihu’s murder, I hated her. That rain scene where she asked for forgiveness – to me it looked kind of fake as even there it seemed she was being selfish. Up to that time, considering AarHi’s history, I was actually wanting Aarav to part way & Suchi to start her life with someone else to avoid complication. But the writer surprised me. He showed Suchi’s genuine repentance when she chose to keep her calm & at the same time showed her firmness in her decision. Eventually, he also developed Aarav’s character who could come out of his blind love for his sister & see the truth. From that moment on, I genuinely became an AarHi fan.
    So, I guess instead of barking, I should accept that the current plot also needs time & stop watching this for my own mental peace. Because no matter how beautiful this revamped version becomes, it can never replace PiChi or AarHi.
    My only regret is, the writer didn’t give a proper closure. When Once Upon A Time Season 6 ended, it left its viewers with satisfaction. Some were at peace with the happy ending & some were excited about the next season featuring next generation.
    If only they had done complete revamping with proper closure for every character, I would be definitely ok with it. Probably even excited about the new season. Now it just keeps reminding me what’s missing & yet I look forward to the update in the hope of AarHi, or at least Suchi’s return.
    I still can’t accept how brilliantly they have erased Suchi’s existence from Pihu’s life. Life definitely moves on. But memories remain fresh. If anyone in this forum is a viewer of Grey’s Anatomy – they should know how many characters have died or exited that show & yet had been mentioned time & time again for showing those people’s importance. PiChi being inseparable according to Gopal & no mentioning of her when the story is still linked to the past characters – is outrageous.
    This is probably my last elaborate comment in this forum. I’ll always be there to say this season sucks. But hope viewers do show their powers & cause a fall in TRP as that is the only way to get back AarHi.

  2. Who else thinks that this season is just a poor attempt to engage viewers with the elements of previous season,???
    Bobby – a handsome hunk in replacement of Aarav.
    Sooraj – in the place of Sankalp who knew his wife was wrong yet tried to balance everything.
    Neelam – with her Are Re Re Re – a forced element of laughter & horrible replacement of Sheetal
    This new girl – the most pampered only daughter of the family
    Her little brother – in place of Gulgule??????

    Three people who actually looked convincing was fresh were the suspicious guy, the fat girl & her dad.
    Insecurity regarding weight is a powerful concept & the actress was convincing. (y)

    Other than that, everything looks cheap & copied. Nothing against the new cast & their acting. But what was spontaneous in previous season, here those elements are being forced. So no one looks genuine in their portrayal 🙁

  3. Bhootu doesn’t look like a central character in this episode,She looks almost lost in her own house with so many new characters occupying her house and her mother completely lost in her own world .It is a pity to see the once very confident Anandita behaving like a child ,she used to look very elegant in her lovely Bengal cotton sarees,now she is unrecognisable in those shabby sarees and dishevelled hair.And the new pair ,Bobby and the chubby girl…..are they the replacement for Suchi and Aarav…if so ,this is going to be a flop because no one can take their place it only in the show but in our hearts as well.And where was Gopal in this episode,he was no where to be seen.

  4. Lakshmi Ji, this is the funniest thing. They revamped saying the focus would be on Gopal & Pihu. But hardly they get any screen space now. Someone wrote in twitter that nowadays Pihu looks like a headless chicken from cartoon who just keeps running without purpose. I agree with that. Earlier whenever Arshiya or Viraj was absent, Sana was there to compensate. But with due respect for the actors, the revamped version of AarHi makes you want to poke your eyes 🙁

  5. I was loving bhootu chapter 1 of it. Looks like history is going to repeat itself with different hurdle. Storyline is getting BS now doesn’t look real. I agree with the above comments from people. I dont know how the actors themselves taking this storyline. I would quit acting with that show if i was them. Plus it is a bad example for young viewers. I would rather just watch American series instead they go forward not backwards.

  6. Niharika,what to say,this is not our old ,charming Bhootu anymore,not only Suchi and Aarav,every character added its own value and charm to the story,let it be the innocent Gulgule (I used to love the way Pihu would call him ‘motu’and pull his leg quite often and the baffled expression on his face ) and that simple soul,Suman,,,,Ofcourse Suchi’s family was shown the door much earlier but they made a lovely family together.Even Manasi and Babli were tolerable because they were Aarav’s family and everyone in the family need not be the same.Then Anandita ,the grieving mother and Subodh,the guilty father who was desperate to redeem himself; so three families ,all centred around the mysterious death of a seven year old and their relations/conflicts were portrayed so effectively that we,the viewers couldn’t help but becoming a part of these families.Some of us sided with Aarav in the beginning and annoyed with Suchi for her indifference and some sided with Suchi but with Manasi ,no such difference of opinion,we simply hated her and wanted her to go.Whether positive or negative ,these characters made us to connect to them by evoking strong emotions and I think this ‘connect’is very important for the success of any serial.But after doing so well,the writer and the makers had suddenly decided to play spoilsport by committing the biggest blunder of shunting out the lead pair without revamping the story fully.
    Now with the introduction of a new story line and too many new characters who are not in any way connected neither to the old storyline not to the two characters that are retained from the previous track, we ,the viewers are getting frustrated as we aren’t able to come to terms with this so called revamping which Infact is not a complete revamping but an extention of the previous track itself ,ofcourse with the convenient omission of Suchi and Aarav.I agree with you that some of these new characters resemble the previous ones but absolutely look cheap and substandard.A beautiful story is damaged beyond recognition and Arshiya seems to be very uncomfortable with these changes.Instead of creating all this ruckus ,had they ended the story with Pihu attaining salvation after bidding farewell to both the mothers,it would have been a perfect and logical ending and none of us would have complained.
    As you said the mystery guy ,the girl friend of Bobby and her father look fresh and interesting ,let us see what they can do to improve this dismal state of affairs.

  7. Second Para ty.po errors….Pl read as ‘who are neither connected to the old story line nor to the two characters …….’

  8. I agree ma’am. Specially what you told about Suman. Frankly, most of the times the comedy elements in Hindi TV series looks fake & forced to me. Suman & Sheetal were spontaneous. Plus, Suman did a brilliant job as a supportive step mother. Her & Suchi’s relation was very sweet.
    Plus if we think about Rishab, even he was intelligent – someone I loved to hate. Considering that, this new guy looks absolutely cheap.
    Pihu looks confused even with her powers & I think the absence of the old cast especially Sana is making a difference as Arshiya was very much pampered by the old cast. In her IG post also she was always seen playing with Sana, Neetha & Akanksha 🙁

  9. thanks for the update MA

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