Bhootu 12th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Suchi Informs Mansi’s Truth to Aarav!

Bhootu 12th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Suchi tells Aarav that Mansi tried to kill her and reveals whole story, says Mansi is not mad and is just acting. Babli shouts she is wrongly alleging her daughter to take revenge, Mansi is sleeping in room. Suchi says she is not and cannot reach home so early. Babli warns to stay here silently or leave her home. Suchi says she will leave right now. Aarav stops and says Mansi will not go anywhere. Suchi says she is sure Mansi is not in her room. Babli challenges. Suchi takes them all to Mansi’s room. Babli sees pillows on blanket and thinking Mansi is sleeping asks Suchi if she will go herself or shall she pack her bags. Pihu removes blanket from pillows. Everyone are shocked. Suchi signals to leave blanket. Pihu does same. Suchi says now they realized she was telling truth. Aarav says

Mansi plays hide and seek often. He and Babli search Mansi all around.

Mansi acting as mad returns home and calls Aarav. Aarav rushes down. Mansi tying fake bandage around her head says she went out behind ball and met with an accident. Her goons walk in and say she met with an accident and they took him to hospital. Pihu says these are same Mansi’s goons who tried to bury her alive. Suchi says these are Mansi’s goons who tried to kill her. Goons act. Mansi also acts. Babli slaps Suchi. Suchi angrily walks to her room. Aarav tries to walk behind her, but Mansi stops him and says it is hurting. Aarav pampers her and thinks he knows Suchi does not allege anyone wrongly, but he is also sure Mansi is mentally ill and cannot do any crime.

Suchi cries leaning on her bed. Pihu consoles her and says she will not spare bad aunty Mansi. She walks to store room where Mansi is sitting on rocking chair. Mansi thinks Suchi’s luck is very good that she escapes always, she has to get rid her off Aarav’s life somehow. Pihu walks in and angrily swings rocking chair and throws things to frighten Mansi. Mansi gets afraid. Suchi walks in and challenges that she will expose her truth soon in front of Aarav. Mansi challenges that she cannot do anything and acting as mad again challenges that she will get rid of Suchi out of Aarav’s life before upcoming festival. Drama continues…

Precap: Pihu shows party video to Suchi where Mansi is seen during party. Suchi says she will show this video to Aarav and prove that Mansi is acting.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Well paced episode.

    Didn’t expect Aarav to believe Suchi so easily but am glad that the writer didn’t degrade his character by showing him shouting at Suchi like the typical male leads of other serials.

    Suchi’s consideration for Babli is OK but I wish she becomes stronger in front of her after watching the CD. Even if she’s unaware of Mansi being normal, she is not completely innocent. She knows very well that Mansi attacked Anandita & even after watching pillow in Mansi’s bed if she considers Mansion innocent, then that’s the delusion of a mother who’d support her child in her crimes.l

    The best part of the episode for me was Suchi & Pihu consoling each other. The way Pihu was crying seeing Suchi’s insult was heart wrenching. And when Such I wiped out her tears for Pihu – it just melted my heart.

    Glad that finally Pihu has overcome her fear & attacked Mansi. Keep it up kiddo (y)

    Hope Mansi’s truth come out ASAP & they focus on other aspects of the serial.


    Toooo much drama, itna drama to bangla show bhootu/laddoo me bhi nhi hua tha, jitna isme drag kare jaa rehe hai….

    1. I haven’t watched that show. If & when you are free, can you please tell me? 🙂 TIA


        It was telecasted on zee bangla with english subtitles…
        Sorry, its really hard to provide full show here..

    2. OK, no problem 🙂

  3. Hi Thank you Lakshmi for explaining.your comments are gave an idea of what is happening

  4. Niharika,though I stopped commenting on this forum,I still watch the show regularly and read and appreciate your comments .I am happy that Suchi is reciprocating Aarav’s feelings but poor guy,,,,his position is unenviable ,not even married ,but already sandwiched between his mother and Suchi. I do appreciate Suchi for never exceeding her limits with Babli and giving her due respect.Babli should have exercised constraint and not slapped Suchi but she took it in her stride and even pacified Pihu saying that Babli is under extreme
    stress and not aware of Manasi’s truth.
    And the shock on Babli’s face and her confusion on not finding Manasi in her room confirms that she certainly doesn’t know Manasi’s truth.But the way she always keeps an eye on her,particularly when something untoward happens in her vicinity ,implies that in her heart of hearts she knows that her daughter is a raving maniac.So far Manasi has been extremely smart and executed her plan very carefully.But we know that every criminal ,with every success,becomes over confident and commits a blunder….and that’s what Suchi should wait for.
    Coming to Subodh,I am disappointed with the way he was absolved of all his misdeeds.Though a married man having a love affair is not a big crime legally and can n’t be categorised under abetment to murder,there is no denying the fact that his sins are in no way lesser than Manasi.The only difference is he is the cause and she is the effect.I agree every human has his /her own weaknesses, but what is inexcusable was his silence even after receiving that threatening letter from Manasi that she would eliminate his family.Even after Pihu’s death and many attempts on Anandita’s life ,he didn’t think it necessary to tell his wife the truth,He knew that his daughter was killed by Manasi but not informed the police.Ofcourse,his wife’s hatred and indifference are the best possible punishment that he can get and I I fully support Anandita in this regard.He had an extra marital affair which itself is intolerable for any wife ,on top of it ,if it leads to the death of her child……..Well! If Suchi steps into the shoes of Anandita ,she will understand her agony of beind cheated by her husband and losing their child because of him.So she should stop her efforts to stop Anandita from leaving him and sympathising with him even if it for Pihu’s sake.If Anandita wants to reconcile ,she should be given some time and do it on her own.
    As of now ,Suchi should sort out Manasi bring out her real colors and Subodh will get his due from Anandita.

    1. Thank you for commenting again 🙂

      I agree with all your points.

      Although I love Suchi’s character the most in the show, her cold attitude towards Aarav was really annoying to watch. Personally I think, at that time the writer rushed everything including AarHi’s love story just to drop the bombshell named Mansi.

      I would say, sending Aarav to jail & the fire accident in the kitchen are blessings in disguise. These two incidents have helped clear the misunderstanding of both Suchi & Aarav & now they are finally at a space where they have begun to interact freely.

      Suchi should be given credit that under such circumstances she is still keeping her cool. I don’t expect her to misbehave with Babli but she is constantly harassing & insulting Suchi’s family. So there I wanted Suchi to give it back to her.

    2. I also don’t get why Subodh is getting everyone’s sympathy including Gopal’s.

      I clearly remember, disgust was evident on Suchi’s face when in the hospital, Anandita blamed Subodh for having extramarital affair.

      She herself chose Pihu over Aarav every time as for a mother her child is what matters most.

      Although she is doing it on Pihu’s insistence, I think it will be better if she reveals her connection with Pihu to Anandita & let her decide after Mansi is caught.

      I appreciate Neetha Shetty for her portrayal of Mansi. She is terrific (y). But now I think they should put an end to her drama once & for all & focus on other aspects like – Aarav feeling guilty & leaving Suchi, Such I convincing him to return to her, Pihu realizing Aarav’s place in Suchi’s life & help them reunite as predicted by Gopal. Besides, how Anandita moves on.

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