Bhootu 10th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Suchi Gives Her Resignation Letter To Aarav

Bhootu 10th November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Suchi tells Aarav that Anandita’s Pihu is her Pihu. Aarav asks what is she telling. She says she is telling truth and will get Pihu’s murderer punished. Aarav holds her hand and says if she thinks he is a murderer, she is wrong. She leaves.

Rakhi knocks Anandita’s home door. Subodh opens door and says Anandita does not want to meet her and closes door. Rakhi thinks why Anandita will not meet her, something is wrong. Anandita knocks room door and pleads Subodh to open door. Subodh thinks he does not want Anandita to know secret as he already lost a lot because of it.

Suchi weeps and Pihu tries to cheer her up and asks if khadoos boss scolded her. Suchi says she is right, only Pihu is for her. Pihu scolds Gopal not to break Suchi and Aarav’s friendship. Aarav reminisces Suchi’s

words sadly. Pihu takes Suchis phone and types message for Aarav and asks Gopal to give her power to speak to Aarav. She calls Aarav and says she is Pihu and someone killed her. Aarav thinks Suchi called and says he loves her a lot and does not want to lose her. Pihu asks Gopal why did not he give her power. Gopal says he cannot give power so easily.

Next morning, Suchi writes resignation letter. Sarla enters and asks why she is looking dull. Suchi says she is fine. Sarla informs that Sankalp got a job in Kolkota and Sheetal wants them also to shift. Suchi says Sheetal needs her at this time, so mom can go, she wills stay here with Gulgule and choti maa. Mom agrees and family leaves after emotional reunion. Pihu takes Gopal’s flute and asks him to make Suchi laugh always as she cannot see Suchi cry. Gopal agrees and says now Suchi will only smile.

Anandita write her message on mirror that her husband does not want to find her daughter’s culprit, so she is going out to find murderer. Subodh calls police and says his wife ran away and to catch her.

Suchi goes to Aarav’s cabin with resignation letter. Gopal turns his flute and Suchi starts laughing. She says Aarav hat she hates her a lot, laughing. Aarav says he thought she would never talk to him after yesterday. She gives him resignation letter and leaves laughing. The she stops and thinks what is happening to her.

Pihu goeson street holding Suchi’s mobile. Anandita runs on street and taking phone from someone calls Suchi and says she wants to meet her. Pihu gets emotional hearing her mom’s voice. Anandita is also seen emotional.

Precap: Anandita asks inspector if he knows reason behind Subodh and Aarav’s fight. Inspector says there are many aspects and people involved n Pihu’s murder, he will get her proof and she should give it to media.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Awww… Lots of dragging.. could atleast reveal a small clue… Suchi should try to understand ..

  2. Today ,I could n’t help but hating Suchi for the way she talked to Aarav.I wonder does she really love Aarav or for that matter has she ever loved him,no girl could have said those cruel and insensitive things that Suchi said to Aarav.And she didn’t bother to look back also.Does she have any substantial evidence to prove that Aarav is the murderer?Whatever it is ,the writers still prefer to keep us in the dark by creating so much confusion.Inspite of Aarav’s reluctance to come out with the facts,I would like to believe that Aarav is innocent.The precap looks interesting ,hope Anandita won’t be kidnapped before she reaches media.

  3. I agree with Lakshmi here. The way Suchi behaves with Aarav, nobody would believe that this girl loves him. I was really happy with the writer & director for breaking the stereotypical romance & showing just the opposite like Suchi holding Aarav or giving him lift. But never have I ever thought that the writer would also go against the general – hero barking on heroine & make the heroine so insensitive. True, she is the perfect guardian for Pihu as she leaves everything aside for her. But the way Aarav was pleading today, I couldn’t help but hated her for her behavior. I feel even Aarav is not responsible but somehow he’s framed & he himself feels he is guilty here. Otherwise Gopal would never want them to be together. I just hope Suchi finds the truth & properly apologizes to Aarav. I love her character but day by day it is becoming annoying.

  4. i think Subodh wanted to kill Anandita but Pihu got killed somehow. Something was between Arav sister and Subodh….

    good story just sad with Arav and Suchi breakup.

  5. Aleya.marzan

    there was something btwn aaravs sissy n subodh
    suchi y did u do this yaaaaarrrrrrrrrr

  6. Sheeja

    I agree with Lakshmi and Niharika.The way Suchi’s is behaving it doesn’t seem that she ever loved Aarav.
    No one can ever be as insensitive as she is with someone they love.The way she left without even looking back is cruel.Hope she doesn’t atleast believe Subodh against Aarav,it will be too much for Aarav to handle.Just because Aarav didn’t tell her anything she is determined that he is guilty.She should realize that if he was guilty of such a crime he would never have helped her contact the Commissioner.Suchi needs to make it up to Aarav for all what she is doing.

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