Bhootiyan Haveli (Ishq Ka Rang Safed) Epi-2


Viplav:Dhani you also

He laughs again.

Dhani:Okay if you will laugh more then your stomach will start paining.

Viplav:Okay okay

Finally Viplav stops laughing.

Viplav:Dhani today my two friends are also coming.Meher and Rajiv.They would be coming only.

Door bell rings and Kanak opens the door and says

Kanak:Rajiv,Meher you both.I am very happy.

Rajiv:Yeah Ma I am also happy.You are like my mom only.

Rajiv takes Kanak’s blessings.And then Meher takes Kanak’s blessings.

Viplav and Dhani comes and Viplav gets happy seeing Rajiv.He goes to Rajiv and they both hug brotherly.

Viplav:Rajiv I missed you very much.

Rajiv:Me too Viplav.And see Meher also came.

Meher comes to him.Meher and Viplav shakes hand.

Viplav:Meher Dhani will show you your room and Rajiv I will show you your room.

Dhani shows Meher her room and Viplav shows Rajiv his room.

Viplav:Today evening we will go on a boat ride.

Rajiv:Really.Thanks Viplav you still remember I love boat rides.

Viplav:Yeah I remember.

At evening all leave from haveli.They all go for a boat ride where Viplav tries to romance but as usual Dhani resist.

At haveli a servant is cleaning the hall when he sees something shining from the door which is not opened for years.He goes towards door.He and opens it and when he goes inside he screams and the door gets close automatically.

All the family returns to haveli and goes to their rooms.

Dashrath is worried.

Dashrath thinks

Dashrath:I have to do something about that evil spirit or everything will be wrong.

Viplav comes out of bathroom and sees Dhani folding cloths he goes to her and says

Viplav:Dhani what are you doing? (Naughtily)

Dhani:I am dancing.

Viplav:You are folding cloths.

Dhani:Then why are you asking?

Viplav:Just like this.

He catches her hand but Dhani goes from there.Dhani goes down to hall wen she hears the noise from same room.She goes near the room and when she touches the door she gets a small current and she jerks.Dhani thinks

Dhani:What was this?Is it truth what dadaji told?

Precap:Dhani to get unconscious………….Dhani to stab knife into Viplav’s stomach.

Credit to: Siddhi

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  1. The naughty Viplav who just finds an excuse to romance. ?? Cant wait for next part, precap is so exciting (well not the fact that she i/ going to stab Viplav but the fact she seems to be haunted ?

  2. Lovely episode.. go on and keep rocking? waiting for the next one

  3. Great start sidhi..
    Another horror story
    So excited?
    But the precap is very scary????

  4. go on Siddhi….loving this Bhootiya Haveli story… 🙂 🙂

  5. Hmmm another one with horror….interesting siddhi….so u r rivanya fan….? Me too likes arjun alot

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