Bhootiyan Haveli (Ishq Ka Rang Safed) Epi-1


A big haveli is shown where everything is dark.When suddenly a mirror breaks into pieces.The chair flies in air and breaks a window.

A boy is in a office working in for a case.It’s none other then our Viplav.Viplav gets a call.

Viplav:Hello dadaji.

Dashrath:Viplav beta.You remember we are going out for a one month holiday.

Viplav:Yeah dadaji I remember I will there fast.

Dashrath:Come fast we all have got ready.

Viplav:And Dhani?

Dashrath:Oh ho she is our family member only she also got ready.

Viplav:Okay I am coming.

Viplav cuts the call and leaves for home.He reaches home and says

Viplav:Let’s go I have already booked 2 taxi’s.

All sir inside taxi and Viplav and Dhani sit together at back.While travelling Viplav catches Dhani’s hand and trisays to romance her.

Dhani says slowly to Viplav

Dhani:Viplav leave my hand.

Viplav:You are my wife then I can catch your hand.

Dhani tries to remove her hand she gets successful.Dhani shows tounge to Viplav.

After some hours they reach a haveli. (First I told you about that haveli at starting)

Viplav:Come inside.

All come inside the haveli and sees it’s very clean.

Dashrath:Viplav this haveli was full of mud then how it got cleaned?

Viplav:Dadaji I told all the servants to clean this house properly.

Dhani:Very beautiful it’s looking.

Viplav goes to Kanak.

Viplav:Ma how is the haveli?

Kanak:Very nice like my son.

Viplav:Thanks Ma but where is dadi bua?

Dadi:I am here my son.It’s very beautiful and best place for a holiday.

Viplav:So now Everyone the rest and at evening we will go out to have fun.

Everyone goes to there respective rooms.Dhani and Viplav are in there room.Dhani is folding cloths when Viplav comes to her and hugs her from back.

Viplav:So how is my surprise?

Dhani:Very nice surprise Viplav.

Viplav:So give me a return gift

Dhani:But what?

He indicates towards his cheek and says

Viplav:A kiss on cheek.



Dhani smiles and kisses on his cheek.

Viplav:Thanks Dhani now see today’s evening will be very fun.

Viplav is going when Dhani stops him and asks

Dhani:Where are you going?

Viplav:I m feeling thirsty so going to drink water.

He goes to kitchen and drinks water.He is about to go out of kitchen when he listens some noise from a door which is locked from several years.He goes towards door.He is about to open the door when Dashrath stops him and says

Dashrath:Beta don’t open this door


Dashrath:Because inside this room a evil spirit is there.

Viplav laughs and says

Viplav:What nonsense dadaji.

Dashrath:It not nonsense beta it’s true.

Viplav:Okay okay I will not open the door. (While controlling laugh)

He goes from there and Dashrath thinks

Dashrath thinks

Dashrath:I know beta you will think this all nonsense but it’s true.

Viplav goes to his room and is still laughing

Dhani:What happen Viplav why are you laughing?

Viplav tells the whole thing to Dhani.

Viplav:Isn’t it funny?

Dhani:Viplav it can be real also.

Viplav:Dhani you also.

Precap:Dhani to hear footsteps from the room which is closed for many years.She is about to open the door she touches the door she feels a little current on her hand and she jerks.

Hope you all will like this.It is my 19th ff pls comment loads.

Credit to: Siddhi

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  1. Siddhi good start. Keep it up. Is this your 19th ff? Very good. Well I have a question, in this ff is Eisha playing the role of Dhaani or Sanjeeda?

    1. Eisha is playing the role of Dhani.

      1. Okay, that’s great. Because I m still a fan of Eisha and want her only to play the role of Dhaani in all ffs.

  2. very good episode it was siddhi ..and it is the second horror ff on ikrs after mine I will definitely read because I am also a horror lover 😛 😛 …but one thing …little slow please ..your ff is little fast …explain all things slowly …it will be great ..otherwise it is superb ..sorry if I hurt you ..actually I am also horror writer so I told ..sorry again 🙂

    1. It’s okay and I understood how to write a horror ff and pls read my two more horror story it is the Revengeful Ghost ( Thapki Pyaar Ki, Swaragini, Vishkanya and Tei)
      And Aatma-Naagin, Yeh Hai Mohabbate,Kkb and Tei.pls read n comment.

  3. Interesting one Siddhi…go on

  4. Nice start Siddhi, looking forward.. And really 19th ff!! Wow, that’s great btw what’s your age?

      1. Seriously r u 13?? Because I m 12. One year younger to u. Even I write ffs. I m also a rivanya fan like u. But sad it’s ending today.

      2. Yeah very sad and which ff you have written please tell.

      3. Siddhi I have written 4 ffs only of ikrs. First one is-
        You r my KI and I m your KA
        Journey of love
        Revenge or love
        Viplav and Dhaani together makes Vidhaani.

        The first one is already ended but the rest three I m still writing.

  5. Wow siddhi happy u wrote a ff on IKRS and wow horror I was so sad as chotte(Am)’s ended but u came back with horror n I love horror and I read 4 of ur ff but I don’t have time to comment all but I do read them
    1) KRPKAB, YHM n Naagin combined
    2) TPK, Swargini, Vishkanya, TEI combined
    3) Naagin forever
    4) This one

    1. Wow u read my this 4 ff’s thanks for ur love.

  6. Nice start siddhi waiting for the next one as I love ghost stories☺

  7. Guys please comment more.

  8. Although i dont like horror but seeing vidhàni cud not control n its good dear. Keep it up.

  9. WOW new horror story! And this one closer to IKRS’ spirit. Loving it. Cant wait for next <3

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