Bharosa ~ RagSan – Few Shots – Shot 1

Hello People! Am back with the first shot! Thank youu so muchh for the overwhelming response! Means alot❤️❤️Maybe its a bit boring but it will get interesting in further epis Okay?

And yeah The Couple.. Well.. There were loads of votes for both RagSan and SwaSan.. So i thought of writing this story for both RagSan and SwaSan readers separately! Hope I won’t disappoint you all as some wanted RagSan and some wanted SwaSan so it was quite confusing for me so i decided to write for both separately!


~~~~~~~Police Station~~~~~~

(Sanskar and Pankaj reach Police Department as ACP has called them)

(Pankaj was walking very irritatingly with Sanskar making funny faces)

Sanskar(amused): Abbey Gaddhe! Joker ki tarah mu kyu bna rha hai?

Pankaj(irritatingly) : Sanskarrr Sirrrrrr?

Sanskar: Han i Know my name is Sanskar?

Pankaj: Sir please.. Already i am in a bad mood.. Now you don’t start?

Sanskar(gives a look): What happened?

Pankaj: Sir.. Firstly toh you didn’t let me eat those yummmyyy Parathe and now.. Huh..This Khadoos ACP!

Sanskar(raises his eyebrow): Khadoos ACP?

Pankaj: Yeah! Btw Sir..Why ACP Sir calls us so many times?

Sanskar: Huh?

Pankaj: I mean.. There are many other officers too but No! He always calls us (pouts)

Sanskar: So what problem you have?

Pankaj: Sirrr! Don’t you see? ACP sir ko dekh lu toh meri raaton ki neend urr jati hai

Sanskar(amusingly): Why so?

Pankaj: Sirr.. His eyes.. Aesa lgta hai abhi kha jayen gy mujhe?

Sanskar(laughs): Haha.. Pr tujhe khate khate bhi unhe 2 saal lag jayen gy??

(Pankaj is a healthy chubby and funny man just in case you forgot)

Pankaj: Sirrrrr!?

Sanskar: Now shut your mouth! If Sir hears na.. Then you are gone

(They both reach ACP cabin.. Nameplate reads “ ACP Rajesh Saxena”.. Sanskar knocks and both goes in)

(A man in late 40s is shown.. He is sitting on the chair in a bossy way.. His face is stern)

(Sanskar and Pankaj salutes him)

Sanskar: Sir!

ACP: Come Sanskar.. I was waiting for you both

Sanskar: Any special work Sir?

ACP: Oh yes.. Well there is a gang named “Kola” They are-

Pankaj(interrupts): Kola? Hahah! Coca Colaaaa ho jaye ga Sirr?

Sanskar(hits Pankaj’s elbow): Shut up Pankaj!

Pankaj: Sorry Sir

ACP: Shut your mouth Pankaj! Anyways, Sanskar.. This gang is very dangerous.. They smuggle drugs from foreign and are also involved in kidnapping especially kidnapping children but no one has seen them yet.. No one knows how many members are they, how they look, where they live.. You, Pankaj along with other officers will roam around the city in casuals to catch them.. Beware of them.. You all will hide your identity and immediately report if you find something fishy

Sanskar(nods): Sure Sir.. But if we don’t know who are they, how will we catch them?

ACP: Well Sanskar, you are intelligent enough to solve this problem

Sanskar: I will try my best Sir

Pankaj: Yes Sir, we will do our best

ACP(nods): I hope you will succeed in this mission

Sanskar: Yes Sir!

(Both salutes him and leaves)

~~~~~ City Hospital~~~~~~

(A girl parks scooty.. Takes out her helmet)

Girl(looks at the hospital and sighs): Back again (looks at the sky and says) Only for you Papa..

(She enters the hospital hopping here and there.. She is so pretty.. Her long hair are flowing in air and she is humming a song.. She was walking or rather jumping here and there but suddenly DUSHHHHH! She dashed with a wall as she wasn’t seeing front)

Girl(rubs her forehead): Ouchhhh!

(Yo! She is our Heroine “ Dr Ragini Vansh Kapoor” Yes.. The same girl who was crying by seeing the photo of her father)

(A voice calls her from back)

Voice: Dr Ragini

(Ragini turns while still rubbing her forehead)

Ragini: Good Morning Rohan Sir!

(Rohan is a doctor.. Specifically a cardiologist.. Senior to Ragini.. He is a bit arrogant but sometimes sweet too.. Ragini is also a cardiologist)

Dr Rohan: Dr Ragini! Have you seen the time? You are late

Ragini(sorry face): Really Sorry Sir.. Actually it was something personal..

Dr Rohan: Look Dr Ragini.. Excuses won’t work.. You very well know what doctors should be like but I don’t understand why you behave so immature

Ragini(frowns): No I don’t!?

Dr Rohan(raises his eyebrow): Really??

Ragini(fumbles): No.. I.. May.. b.e..

Dr Rohan: Anyways, its waste to tell you about all this.. Listen, there is a case of a child..He is only 5 years old.. I want you to handle it..

Ragini: What? So small? But you are senior and you can handle it more efficiently

Dr Rohan: Maybe.. But you handle kids well as you are also a kid..

Ragini: Huhhh!

Dr Rohan: Come with me to the cabin.. I will tell you full detail

Ragini(nods): What his parents do?

Dr Rohan: His mother is a housewife and his Father is a police inspector..

Ragini: Whatttt?!!?

Dr Rohan: What happened?

Ragini:: Po.. Poli..ce Ins..pec..t.or? ?

Dr Rohan: Yes Why??

(She sees Flashes of a Police Man shooting a Man.. She sees that shot person breathing heavily drenched in blood while putting hand on heart.. Then she sees a doctor saying he was no more)

Dr Rohan(shakes Ragini): Dr Ragini! Hello? Are you there?

Ragini(teary eyes) : Am sorry Sir.. I won’t handle this case

(She starts walking away from there)

Dr Rohan(bit shocked): What?! Whyy?! You love children!


(She cryingly ran away from there)

Dr Rohan(standing shocked at her outburst): What happened to her?


Well I know its a bit boring but it will get more interesting in further epis Trust me guys.. For now sorry for making you bored and Thank you so much for your comments.. It means alot seriously ❤️

Now the question is Our Hero, Sanskar Maheshwari is a Police Inspector while Our Heroine, Ragini Vansh Kapoor who is a doctor by profession hates Police people from the core of her heart.. What do you think? Will love blossom between them? If yes, then how come? When Ragini rejected handling case of a small child inspite of her love for children just for the mere reason he was the son of a police inspector.. Do you think Love will Blossom between Our Prince and Princess?

Shoot your comments!

Thank you peeps! ❤️

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  1. Asra

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    1. Aaruuu

      Hi Asra ?
      Thank you so much for appreciating!❤️
      Means alot?❤️
      And i have already uploaded the next part ?

  2. Of course they must fall in love with each other. Amazing dr. Update ur RAGSAN stories also.
    Advance happy new year to you and your family.

    1. Aaruuu

      Thank you dear Mk❤️
      Happy New Year to You too ??
      Actually, i am fully committed due to my studies and i hardly get time to write.. That’s why i’ll first complete “Bharosa” and then update other ffs.. I hope you will understand 🙂

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  4. Yippee???? finally ragsan are pair…… Interesting…….

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  5. Awesomeeeeeeee amazing sissy. Definitely our princess and prince fall for eachother. Waiting for that. Happy new year

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      Happy New Year! ??

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  6. Nice
    Most probably I’m not active in tu because my mom is very strict? . So no worries for low comments if you get in future. Write many ragsan stories.

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      Hahah? Same case here.. Even my mom all the time ask me to study ?

  7. Awesome yaar. Yaar post your Ragsan ffs. Missed them.

    1. Aaruuu

      Thank you dear ?❤️
      Actually, i am fully committed due to my studies and i hardly get time to write.. That’s why i’ll first complete “Bharosa” and then update other ffs.. I hope you will understand ?

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      Actually, i am fully committed due to my studies and i hardly get time to write.. That’s why i’ll first complete “Bharosa” and then update other ffs.. I hope you will understand ?Thank you so much dear ?
      Happy New Year to you too❤️?

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  14. Very Very happy new year . Fabulous update. Waiting for ur ragsan stories.

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      Thank you so much dear ?❤️
      Actually, i am fully committed due to my studies and i hardly get time to write.. That’s why i’ll first complete “Bharosa” and then update other ffs.. I hope you will understand ?

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