Bharosa ~ RagSan – Few Shots : Shot 3

Shot 3:

(Sanskar was lost smiling looking at Ragini’s retreating figure.. He came back to senses when Viren called him)

Viren: Sanskar?

Sanskar(smiles): Hi Bhaiya.. Kese ho aap?

Viren: Am all fine.. You tell

Sanskar: All good.. How is buddy and bhabhi my bade bhaiya

Viren: Well why don’t you come in and see chote bhaiya (smiles)

Sanskar(laughs): Haha.. Sure sure.. Isi liye toh aya hu (winks)

Viren: Come

(Sanskar came in ward with a bouquet and chocolates)

Sanskar(goes to Aarav): How is my lil buddy?

Aarav: Chachuuu! (Hugs him) i missed youuu

Sanskar(smiles and hugs back) Me too woh bhi bohat sara

Aarav(smiles and forwards his hand): Gimmmeeeee

Sanskar(places chocolates in his hand): Here you go buddy

Aarav: Yayyy! I love you Chachu!

Sanskar: I love you too buddy

Jiya(clears her throat): Well looks like i am invisible for someone

Sanskar(laughs and hugs her): How are you Bhabhi?

Jiya(hugs back): Good.. We missed you

Sanskar(breaks the hug): Me too bhabhi..

(All of them started enjoying talking with eachother and pulling eachother’s leg)

(Sanskar after sometime stood up and after bidding bye to all left for home as it was getting late.. Aarav was sad but Sanskar promised him that he would come tomorrow morning)

~~~~~~Kapoor House~~~~~~

(Ragini was sitting on sofa thinking about Aarav’s case.. Nani was sitting watching TV.. Suddenly someone from behind closed Ragini’s eyes)

Ragini(shrieks): Ah! Who is it?

(Nani looks at the person and smiles)

Person: Pehchaan kaun?

Ragini(smiles widely): Bhaiiii!

(Person removes his hand and pouts)

Person: You always guess correct

Ragini(stand up and hugs him tightly): Rishiii Bhaiiii!!

Rishi(hugs back): How is my lil sis?

Ragini(breaks hug and pouts): Not good

Rishi(pulls her cheeks): Why so?

Ragini : Cause my bro has no time for me!

Rishi(smiles and holds his ears): Am sorryyyy.. Please maaf kar de na

Ragini(smiles): Its okay.. Aap agaye, mere liye itna kaafi hai

Nani(smiles): Rishi Beta

Rishi(hugs her): How are you Nani

Nani: Am fine.. Tu bta.. Itna dubla ptla hgya hai.. Khata wata nai hai kya

Rishi(laughs): Hahah! Nani aap bhi na

Ragini(teases): Nani! Why don’t you make those ghee wale Parathe for bhai

Rishi(widens his eyes): Ghee wale Parathe! Nai Nani-

Nani(cuts him off and immediately stood up): Arey haan! Ragini thanks for reminding me.. I’ll make it now

Rishi: No Nani.. Iski zaroorat nai hai

Ragini: Zarorat kese nai hai? Nani you na make atleast three to four parathe for him.. Look na how slim he got

Nani: Yes you are right

Rishi: Nani aap bhi kis ki baaton mai aa rhe ho.. Ye Ragini aise he bol hi hai.. Mai itne kese khau ga?! I’ll get Fat!

Nani: Chup! I dont wna listen anything.. First toh you don’t come home for months and then you worry about getting fat! I wont listen anything now .. Go freshen up and come down for dinner.. Bhai behen dono ko dieting krni hai huhh!

(Nani leaves)

Ragini(laughs): Hahah! Bhai aap toh phas gye!

Rishi(narrows his eyes): Ragini ki bacchi! Ruk tujhe abhi btata hu!

Ragini: First catch me na

(Ragini laughingly runs and Rishi runs behind her)

~~~~~~~~Next Day~~~~~~
~~~~~~City Hospital~~~~~~

(Sanskar was in Aarav’s ward.. Viren and Jiya went home to bring few things.. Sanskar and Aarav were talking when Ragini came in)

(Sanskar was again lost in her.. She was wearing red shirt and black jeans .. Her hairs were tied in a fishtail.. She looked at Sanskar who was wearing a Red shirt, Black coat and blue jeans.. Both had a small eyelock which was broken by Aarav’s shriek)

Aarav(smiles widely): Pariiii!

Ragini(smiles): Good Morning Aarav

Aarav:Good Morning Pari

(Ragini checks him and reads his reports and reads the name “Aarav Saxena son of Viren Saxena” )

Ragini(in mind): Saxena? (Thinks something) But maybe i am wrong.. There are many Saxenas.. (shrugs her thoughts)

Ragini: So Aarav,How are you feeling now?

Aarav: Good

Ragini: Hmm thats nice.. But why are you sitting?

Aarav: I was talking with Chachu that’s why

Ragini: Chachu?

Aarav(points to Sanskar): He is my Chachu

Sanskar(smiles): Hello

Ragini(nods and gives a small smile): Hi Mr-

Sanskar: Sanskar.. Sanskar Maheshwari

Ragini(in mind): Maheshwari? But Mr Viren is Saxena.. Then why Aarav is calling him Chachu

Sanskar: And your name?

Ragini: I am Doctor-

Aarav(interrupts her): She is Pari

Sanskar: Pari?

Aarav(nods): Yup! She looks like a fairy na?

Sanskar (smiles and looks at Ragini): Yeah.. Just like a fairy..

Ragini(feels a bit uncomfortable): Umm Aarav.. Sitting for long is not good for you.. Please lie down

Aarav: Okay!

(Ragini made him lie down, she was going but Aarav insisted her to stay.. Ragini could not refuse seeing his innocent face.. She and Aarav both started talking and laughing forgetting Sanskar who was busy in admiring Ragini and her way of talking)

Sanskar(in mind): She is so pretty.. But whats her name..

(Jiya and Viren enters)

(Viren was in his uniform)

(Sanskar noticed that after seeing Viren, Ragini was not comfortable and her expressions were indicating she was not liking Viren’s presence.
Sanskar was highly confused but kept quite)

Jiya(smiles): Hello Dr Ragini

Sanskar(snaps his head at Jiya and says in mind): Ragini? So her name is Ragini.. Wow..It suits her..

Ragini: Hello Mam.. How are you

Jiya: Am good.. You checked? All fine?

Ragini: Umm yeah.. All good..

Viren: Nothing serious right?

Ragini(looks at him but then looks away): I can’t say anything clearly Sir.. We will do a few tests today and then inform you about the situation.. Now please excuse me.. I need to see other patients

Viren: Yeah sure

(She leaves)

(Sanskar made an excuse and left)

(He was walking through the corridor lost in Ragini’s thoughts when suddenly he fell down due to slippery floor)

Sanskar: Ahh Maa!

(Ragini who was passing by there got confused and came to see what happened and who shouted)

(When Ragini came near Sanskar, She suddenly burst out laughing as Sanskar was sitting on floor in indian style pouting and rubbing his arm childishly)

(Sanskar after listening to the sound of laughter snapped up his head and saw Raginj laughing)

(Sanskar smiled seeing her laughing and was a bit embarrassed.. His cheeks flushed a bit)

Ragini(controls her laugh seeing him getting embarrased): Mr Maheshwari.. What are you doing on floor

Sanskar(embarrased): Sorry.. Woh.. I fell

Ragini: Didn’t you notice the board down there on which it is clearly written “ Wet Floor, Be Careful”

Sanskar(Rubs back of his head): Umm.. Yeah.. That.. Woh..

Ragini(smiles a bit but controls): Its okay (forwards her hand) Get up now

(Sanskar looked at her hand then at her face and smiled and gave his hand.. when their hands touched,Both felt as if electric current passed through their body and both were looking in eachother’s eyes.. The eyelock was broken by Ragini herself)

Ragini(takes her hand back after making him stand up): Umm..

Sanskar(smiles): Thank you

Ragini: Its fine.. Are you you alright? Got hurt anywhere?

Sanskar(looks at his hand and rubs it with other hand): Uhh.. No no.. Am fine

Ragini: Sure?

Sanskar(smiles): Yeah

Ragini(smiles back): Okay then.. Take care.. Byee

Sanskar: Byee

(She left.. Sanskar also left towards his car)

~~~~~~ At Night~~~~~~~

(Sanskar was going in his car when he noticed a girl standing beside her scotty.. It was drizzling a bit.. He looked carefully and saw it was Ragini)

Sanskar(smiled brightly): Kya baat hai Bhagwan Ji! Aap toh khudi green signal de rhay ho

(He stopped his car beside her and slide down the window)

Sanskar: Come sit Miss.. I’ll drop you

Ragini(looks at him): No its fine Mr Maheshwari.. I’ll take a taxi

Sanskar: Its drizzling now and i don’t think you will get a taxi at this time.. Please i insist

Ragini(looks at him for a second and then at her scooty and sighs): Okay thanks..

(She sat in his car.. Sanskar then drove)

Sanskar: What are you doing here at this time?

Ragini: Woh.. I got late as there was an emergency case and now my scooty broke down.. i was waiting for taxi

Sanskar: Hmm..

(There was silence between them.. Sanskar saw Ragini rubbing her hands and arms)

Sanskar: Feeling cold?

Ragini: Umm yeah.. A bit

(Sanksar switched on the heater of the car and took his coat from backseat)

Sanskar: You can wear this

Ragini: No no.. Its fine

Sanskar: You are shivering and you might catch cold

Ragini(hesitates but finally takes his coat and wears it): Thank you so much Mr Maheshwari

Sanskar(smiles): No Problem


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