Bhardavi separation part 1


Acc to valmiki ramayan,i thk bhardavi were seperated for 14 years and never met in that time,though some say mandavi acc bharat or met her at times but i don’t think,it may be a later intrapolationnot in original text.i also heart bharat was living a life of celibre so never looked at any woman just like lakshman,so mandavi and urmila.

They lived in palace a vananapratha life just like their husband,the only difference i thk mandavi knows bharat stays in near by village and can get his news from shatrughn,so luckiest pair is shatrughn-shrutakirti as they were never seperated as Ram-Sita were also seperated for last 1 year of exile and may be thereafter if we follow lav-kush kandHere i am writing a short ff on bhardavi.
Bharat comes to Ayodhya by placing ram sandals on throne but disagrees to take this responsibility.He goes to his room,looks at his childhood paintings with Ram and Lakshman and is emotional.He thinks something.

he is in deep thoughts just then he is disturbed by something,it was the door opened and entered mandavi,he said-mandavi,i want to tell you something,she says-what,swami.he says-i am unable but,she says-tell i am your wife,i will always support you

he says-i don’t whether u will agree or not.she says-we are patni-patni,there should be no doubt or hesitation between us,he says-i want to stay at nandigram as a sanyasi for these 14 years till ram bhaiya returns,mandavi says-i knew,but i am sorry for the mothers who already seperated from 2 will seperate from 1 more.he says-shatrughn is thr to support them.

Bharat says-but u didn’t ask to accompany me,she says-i knew u will never allow to face the hardships and leave alone the grieving mothers,so i promise i will take care of them properly without sheding a tear and will patiently wait for u.

He says-but,mandavi.She says-u will kill yourself on funeral pyre,if they will not return on time.He says-mandavi,i am sorry but my decision is final.she says-that’s jijaji will return on time,he respects his words and the parampara.they hug.
Bharat is wearing valkal vastra,mandavi is sad seeing him.

he comes out.Kaushalya says-whr r u going,he says-ma,sry but i will live in nandigram like a celibre.Sumitra says-but what about mandavi,will she suffer the same seperation just like her sister urmila.

Urmila,Shrutakirti and Shatrughn are also sad,Kaikeyi is crying at the doorstep.Mandavi comes holding an arti.Everone is shocked.Urmila says-didi,you have also wear valkal vastra just like me.Shrutakirti says-didi,answer..Mandavi says-yes,i will answer,she moves ahead.
Mandavi puts her hand over diya and says-i promise,swami without u this palace is foret,i will follow u in evry aspect,what u will eat,i will,what u will drink,i will,u will sleep 1 feet below the ground,i will sleep 2 feet below the ground as my place is at your feet.i will live a vanaprastha life like you.

Bharat says-no,mandavi your palace is not at my feet but in my heart,we will never be seperated from heart.He takes his her hand in his hand and bows down to her and let her hands touch his forehead,mantra plays.just to honour her respect,tears fall from his eyes,she says-swami,promise me you will never cry for these 14 years.He promises.Everyone is emotional.
Kaushalya says-earlier,we thought that those girls will be lucky,who will marry our sons,but our sons are lucky to have such dutiful wives,janak-sunaina,kushadhwaj-chandrabhaga get emotional.

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