Bhardavi OS

Yuddhajit comes to Ram. He greets him. He say – we are happy to see you here. He gives gifts to everyone. Ram says – mama ji, why are you so tensed. He says – putra, actually The gandharvs are creating a lot of problems. Ram says – please tell, how can I help you. He says – we need you to help us in defeating gandharvs. Ram says – I will be greatful. He asks Bharat to go for the war. He says – as you command, give me blessings so as to return victorious. Ram says – my blessings are always with you, I have full faith on you.

(this story is from valmiki ramayan I think or maybe some other version, I think it was after the death of mothers, not sure, don’t know if Skr will show this or not)
Mandavi comes with the arti, she does arti and tilak and says – return victorious. He says – as you are with me, I will always suceed. He goes.

The battle is fierce. Bharat uses a special weapon and kills the gandharvs. He comes back. Everyone is overjoyed.
Bharat hugs Mandavi. He establishes his two sons as rulers there in two different parts.

Lakshman establishes his two sons as rulers in Karupadh in two different parts,Angad at Angdiya and Chandraketu at Chandrakanti.

Both Lakshman and Bharat returned to Ayodhya to serve Ram.

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