Bhardavi Heaven- Introduction

In Mithila, SeeradhwajJanak -The king of Mithila,is a person of knowledge,a great SCHOLAR,well versed in shastras, vedas, puranas and upnishadas.He had full control over his mind, for this reason known as VIDEHA which means-no body attachment,21st king of Videha dynastyand most famous king in his dynasty. Even rishis respect him and the favourite disciple of YAGVALKYA, HIS GURU,kind hearted,generous ,brave ruler.

Sunaina- Seeradhwaj Janak’s wife,queen of Mithila, lady of wisdom and character,a true Dharampatni,followsas well as gives good advice to his husband,cousin sister of rishi Rupaka,rishi Durvaka and rishi Shalaka.A great COOK.
Kushadhwaj- Younger brother of Seeradhwaj,ideal brother and great worrior.
Chandrabhaga-Kushadhwaj’s wife,a sister-alike to Sunaina ,follows and respects her.
SHATANAND- an ideal and knowledgable minister of Janak,son of Rishi Gautam and Ahilya
YAGNAVALGA-a grat Scholar,RISHI.kULGURU OF Mithila,his wives are devi Katyayani and devi Maitreyi.
Gargi-A SCHOLAR, Competetor of yagnavalkya in Janak’s court.
DASHARATH-king of Ayodhya,humble and generous ruler.A BRAVE WORRIOR.
Kaushalya- sweet, eldest and chief queen of Dasharath,an obedient wife ,daughter of king Sukaushal and queen Amritaprabha of south Kosala,sister of queen Vershini,wife of king,Rompad, king of Angadesh and FRIEND OF Dasharath.Mother of SHANTA(Foster parents were Rompad and Vershini) and Ram.
Kaikeyi- brave and beautiful,middle queen of Dasharath,daughter of Ashwapati,king of Kaikeya,sister of Yuddhajit,mother of Bharat.
Sumitra- Intelligent, youngest wife of Dasharath,princess of Kashi,mother of Lakshman and Shatrughn.
Shanta-Sister of RAM,WIFE of Rishyasringa

Rishyasringa- Husband of Shanta,rishi,conducted putresthi yagya in Ayodhya.
Vasishtha- Kulguru of Ayodhya,scholar.
ARUNADHATI-Vashishatha’s wife.
Manthara-Kaikeyi’s maid and mother-alike.

The above was a short discription of characters of ayodhya and mithila .Hope it will give you a hint and might enhance your knowledge.

Credit to: Aman Singh


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