Bhardavi Heaven-episode3

Mandavi says-I am worrying for mother,wish everything is fine.Kushashwaj says-don’t worry,everything will be fine.Chandrabhaga cries in pain.Sunaina was sitting next to her all worried.Janak hugs her worried daughters and nieces.They are outside.Dai says-don’t worry,a son is born.Sunaina and Chadrabhaga got emotional seeing the baby.Janak and all rush inside.Kushadhwaj says-We never longed for a son,though we got.Janak says-it is aprasad offered to us by 4 laxmies of our house,we should be grateful to them.Mandaviasks to name her brother.Sunaina says,yes,,but which name.Mandavi says-Bhanuman,as it resembles my name Mandavi,Yagnavalkya and everyone praise the name.THE sisters started loving their brother,suddenlynews came,Sandhava, king of Sankashya attacked Mithila.Kushadhwaj asks for permission to leave for war from guru and Janak.They gave.7 days passed,everyone was worried.Finally news came.

Shatanad says-Kushadhwaj won.Everyone is overjoyed.Sandhava presented in court.Janak allows him to move back to Shanakya but as a commoner.Kushadhwaj king,Chandrabhaga queen of Shanakya but Mandavi AND Shrutakirti are not happy as they have to lave their cousins.Sunaina asks their parents to leave them in Mithila and move to Shankya along with Bhanuman as they can’t depart from their sisters.They agree and left.The sisters were sad.Their brother is away,Sunaina and Janak make them understand that as their brother is small,he needs to liv with his parents.They agree.

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  1. Padmaja

    The epi is nice.. Did the sissy’s have a bro???? I didn’t heard of that… Pls rectify my doubt…

    1. ya,in some versions,it is given .I found it on net and also in book-sita,devdutt book.Bhanuman got angry when Sita was sent to exile,Iread it onskr facebook page.I read that Sita gave boon to her sister,lakshman’s wife,urmila .She can do 3 works at same time,so she slept Lakshman’s sleep,pained Ram sita wedding scenes and visitingashrams gaining knowledge on ved etc.

  2. Ooo bhai….i do not know that they have one brother also..
    Thanks for knowing me.

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