Bhardavi Heaven – episode22


The pairs come out after the bath.Kaushalya says-after a lot of days,we all are happy.Kaikeyi says-yes.Mandavi signals her abbout the letter.She agrees.She comes with letter.Mandavi says-ma,read the letter.Kaushalya reads followed by others and are shocked.Sumitra says-didi,you have hidden a bitter truth just to get insulted,why.Kaushalya says-forgive us,plz.Ram says-ma,I knew that my mother can’t do this.Sita says-you are great.Lakshman says-ma,you bear all grief without telling. Urmila says-ma,we all are your criminals.Shatrughn says-plz forgive us,we insulted you.Shrutakirti says-we have done wrong with you.Bharat is quiet.Mandavi ssays-if ma didn’t told anyone of us as if anyone sat on the throne,he might have die.Ram says-Bharat,plz forgive your mother.Bharat says-but,you had to suffer.Ram says-but it was for dharm.Bharat is in tears,says-ma.Kaikeyi cries,says-I had no complain with you all,I am happy that our family is back together,i don’t want anymore tears.
In rajyasabha,Ram calls someone,it was Manthara.Everyone looks on.Manthara is in tears,says-I have done bad,but you are great.Ram says-Its not you but fate which is responsibles.She cries and touches his feet but he stops,says-ma,you are elder.plzdon’t.
Vashith and Arunadhati say-both Kaikeyi’s secret and Manthara’s grief is known,now be happy.Sumantra agrees
Kaushalya says-we should plan a trip for our children. The 2 queens agree.
The 4 pairs get ready for trip.

Credit to: Aman

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    Wow a nice epi nd happy ending…..

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