Bhardavi Heaven-episode2

Mandavi comes to the room,sees Sita looking over a box in which the respected shiv bow is kept.Noone can lift it,but what is this,her didi lifted it up.She is amazed and thinks how could she.Sita put it down without any problem and asked to play.Mandavi says nothing and follows her.

Janak says-The time has came,we should send our daughters to devi Gargi for attaing knowledge.Mandavi recalls when Sita rejected to get knowledge from rishi Gautam.She supported her as a person who could punish his wife without asking her once,how can he trat himself as knowledgable.

The sisters went to Mata Gargi for knowlege gaining,they are curious and keep questions till doubts are cleared.

In evening,Mandavi sees Sita planting.When she asked she told that they are lifegivers and increase beauty of nature.Mandavi says-so,now we 4 will plant 1 plant each daily to increase beauty of nature.All 4 started planting.

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