Bhardavi Heaven-episode15

Urmila busy painting Ram-Sita wedding scene,she remembers when Sita was not able to garland Ram,he signals Lakshman,he lifts that part of land whers Sita was standing as she can garland Ram.She remembers-,once,in mango ochard,she was not able to take mangoes from tree,Lakshman shot an arrow and mangoes fell down,she asked-who attacks demons first,you or Ram.He says-Ram,as he doesn’t allow me.She says-Its a duty of younger brother to serve elders,you should attack first to serve and save him.He promised.

5 years later
Urmila is sleeping on her husband’s behalf for these 14 years to keep him awake and asked nidra devi to give her a boon that Lakshman forgets her for these 14 yearsto serve bro-bhabhi.Shrutakirti is more busy serving her husband and Mandavi is left alone in palace.She says-3 sisters are serving their husbands,1 by acompanying him,1 by taking his sleep and 1 by advising him.Sumitra says-you are also serving him by allowing him to performing duty of a brother,you haven’t met him for 5 years as you both have decided to stay away from each other.

4 months later
Its Ram’s birthday,Kaushalya says-I will prepare every type of food which Ram likes.Sumitra says-but he likes every type of food.Kaikeyi says-so , we will make every type of food.They smile.
Mandavi comes,says-I have packed the gifts.Kaushalya says-wher are Shatrughn-Shrutakirti.She says-They are coming.

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    The epi is nice and waiting for next epi

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