Bhardavi Heaven-episode14


Its morning,the sisters are getting ready for prayer.They lit the diya and do the prayer.mothers are happy.Sumitra says that janak daughters are great.Our sons are lucky to get married to them.Kaushalya says-yes,i agree with you.
Urmila busy painting Ram-Sita wedding scene,Mandavi praises her for her devotion for Ram.She says-Kaushalya ma asked her but she is doing for her own selfish reason so as to get his blessings.They smile.

Shatrughn is getting ready.Shrutakirti comes.He says- I AM FEELING ACKWARD,i will not be able to look after kingdom.Kirti says-Have faith on yourself.Shat says-I am lucky,you always give me good advice.They hug.

Urmila busy doing meditiation.Kaushalya comes.When she finished,she asks politely-how you live without any worry.She says-Lakshman asked
me not to cry.An ideal wife is one who motivates her husband,doesn’t stops him to perform his duty.She remembers their meeting at Chitrakoot,his words and leaving her clothes wearing new clothes,she thinks i know he have got the clothes and kept with him for these 14 years.
Mandavi comes to Kaikeyi.She says-I am responsible.May i die.Davi holds her,says-ma,don’t say this,no one is responsible,its god’s wish.i know one day your son will forgive you.They get emotional.

Shatrughn is in court.a washerman comes to him,says-my daughter is been punished for only spending a night in oher man’s house,asit was a emergency and she got lost in forest.daughter’s father in law says-she has commited sin and should be punished.Shatrughn is sad.He asks-Sumantra ji,what punishment is there.He says-2 years exile.He says-as a king,i am giving this punishment but she will get every facility from kingdom.the father says in his mind-1 day,they have to bear the same.Shatrughn is sad.

At Nandigram,Bharat is praying.Mandavi comes.she says-I have came to meet you.He says-i am sorry,you are living a vanaprastha life.She recalls when she said-I will follow you living in Ayodhya,what you will eat,drink and how you sleep at Nandigram,Iwill follow the same,I will not use any item of luxury as you.They get sad.

Credit to: Aman

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