Bhardavi Heaven-episode13

Mandavi tries to make Kaikeyi change her decision.She says-ma,think if the son,you are doing all this will not like it then.As far as Iknow him,he can’t think to to take his brother’s right,never.Plz ask him once.I know,he will not like it.I don’t want that my husband is blamed for the sin,he can’t commit.Plz ma.Kaikeyi doen’t listen to her.She gets sad.

15 days later
Dasharath has passed and everyone is getting ready for performing his last rites.Janak-Sunaina and Kushadhwaj-Chandrabhaga have arrived.Janak consoles Bharat-SON,NOTHING IS IN OUR HANDS,its all god’s wish.No one is responsible for this tragedy,don’t blame your mother for this.God has made a definite time for everthing.Being a son,perform king’s last rites so as his soul rests in peace.He agrees.Kushadhwaj also consoles them.
Sunaina says-Mandavi,being an elder sister,yours responsibility is the most.Look after your younger sisters and 3 of you together take care of your 3 mother in laws and 2 brothers.
Chandrabhaga says-remember,earlier Sita was there to guide you 3,but as she is not here,you have to take this responsibility.
Sunaina says-We are happy,that you have grown so mature.She says-Urmila, you have done a big sacrifice,I am proud of you.

3 days later
Mithila people left. Bharat is in van vastra.Mandavi comes.Bharat says-Mandavi, i am sorry,i will leave Ayodhya right now.Mandavi is dazed.She says-Why you want to leave,mothers and all need you.Ayodhya needs you.
He says-Shatrughn will look after kingdomand i will live as a hermit in Nandigram.Mandavi gets sad.She says-I can’t ask you to accompany you.I have responsibilities here.I will wait for you.He leaves.
Now along with serving 3 mothers, the 3 sisters have decided to spend their time in their own way-
Shrutakirti busy advising and helping her husband in affairs of state.
Urmila busy in painting Ram-Sita wedding scenes and visiting ashrams gaining knowledge on ved etc. after liting a diya in name of Lakshman.
Mandavi busy in embroidering.
Half of the time 2 sisters are outside the palace,one with husband and other in ashram,Mandavi is left alone in the palace.Sometimes,she sits with mothers and sometimes remembers the memories.
She remembers when Bharat breaks bonds with Kaikeyi.
When the sisters return,they again become the childhood sisters.

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